Thursday, August 3, 2017

What A Real Life Blogger Party Would Look Like (Pretty Much Me Screaming A Bunch About Bloggers And General Bloging Awesomeness)

I am like the best at making long titles. It's just a talent of mine. Soooooo...... I came across this wonderful post by the amazing Abigail (or morning as she used to be known). It was kind of amazing. She is seriously so creative and cool and smart and she is making a blogger yearbook. Like what? She did one last year as well and it was awesome and I'm hoping to maybe help this year. So she came up with this super cool tag where you pretty much describe what your dream blogger party would look like. I loved reading her post on it so I have decided to do one of my own.

-Thank the person who nominated you
-Answer the questions
-Tag 5 other people

It would have to be somewhere pretty because pictures are pretty much everything. The weather would also have to be good because I will pretty much not step outside otherwise. I'm just like that. The place would have to be cute and artistic because this is bloggers we are talking about. I could so see a blogger party in some old but really cool library with a lot of picture opportunities but then where would you eat. Maybe like an art studio. Place wise a popular city so that a lot of bloggers could come and it would be easy to get too. Oh and good wifi and the internet. Also very important.

-Brownies and other pretty desserts. This is mainly because I love brownies but I added other desserts at the end so it's justified. Kind of. Also key word pretty. If the food doesn't at least look half good in the first place is no way that we can get good pictures which as I have said is very important
-Milkshakes. I realize this isn't a food but how cool would it be to have like a milkshake bar where you could get an endless supply of milkshakes in like whatever flavor you wanted.  
-Some meal type thing. Pretty much I couldn't choose. What should happen is we should get a food/cooking blogger to come up with the menu and everything. Now that would be an amazing idea.

I'm bad at questions like this!
-Ed Sherren 
-Harry Styles
-Selena Gomes
-Justine Timberlake 

I literally just thought of random artists that have pretty good songs. I can't just pick. It's actually kind of hard.

-Taking pictures as I have stated a lot recently. Taking pictures with friends, of food, of the scenery. We must have proof for things like social media and our blogs. Very highly important.
-Being awkward for lots of reasons. First, a lot of bloggers are introverts. Even I kind of call myself an extrovert (sometimes although one of my friends said I was on that line between being and extrovert and introvert) but even I would probably be pretty awkward. Second, almost none of us would know each other. Some of us might have known each other in real life but most of us would have met online and this could be the first time meeting face to face. That is highly scary at least for me.
-On a happier note just lots of talking and giggling and dancing and singing. Aka amazingness. We would talk about our blogs and things we are trying to do and everything. There would be a lot of conversations where people are thinking things like "Oh my gosh you so get me" and "Same!".  

I don't know! I think a really cool at least video idea would be to get a bunch of different bloggers to say like advice either about blogging or just life. That would be very cool. What would also be very cool is a massive contest with everyone. Oh, I just got an idea that sounds kind of kiddish but I think would be so fun. There could be a scavenger hunt with like clues all around the place but they would be on your phone and then whoever finds it first would get like featured on another person's blog. It isn't really a collab but it would be highly cool. 

 I tag every single blogger reading this because this is such a cool tag and I would love to see your answers.  If you do end up doing one of your own then comment the link down below because I would love to read your post. 

 Fun fact this is my 400th post. If you liked this post make sure to follow my blog if you haven't already by clicking that follow button to the left of this post. I am almost to 80 followers which means I might just reach my goal of 100 by the end of the year. That was fun. Kind of hard because I am bad at answering questions like that but still fun. I kind of love this tag. If you don't feel like doing a whole post I would still love to see your answers in the comments. Do you think a blogger party like this would be just as fun as I think it would be? What would your dream blogger party look like? Have you ever met another blogger in real life? Are you a blogger? Are you going to do this tag (you totally should)?


  1. Nabila, I am so happy that you did this tag!!! I have to agree a ton about the milkshakes-- I don't know if any major milkshake shops in cities, but they have to be present. I also agree that food bloggers will need to just plan on what and where we'd eat at, since they'd have a good taste as to what is good to have catered.

    I never thought about the scavenger hunt blog idea, but it would honestly be super cool! I kind of imagine it more like a photography scavenger hunt, though, where we'd have photo prompts like, "Play leap frog in the middle of a mall," things like that. It'd just be very exciting (and while everyone is all super awkward with one another, at least we're having fun)!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. It was so fun to do! Yes. Milkshakes are amazing.

      Ok that would be majorly cool. Like a big picture scavenger hunt with really interesting and sometimes weird prompts.

  2. Petition for someone to plan this because it sounds awesome.
    You're probably right about the awkwardness XD. And also that we need a milkshake bar. An old library with a milkshake bar sounds just about perfect.

    1. Yesss! This needs to be an actual thing.
      Right! I feel like everyone would be awkward. Oh my gosh a library with a milkshake bar would basicly be paradise.


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