Sunday, August 6, 2017

Nabila Went To A Baseball Game And She's Going To Tell You About It Because Reasons

Nabila also felt like writing in 3rd person for some reason. I'm not exactly sure why. She might be crazy. Just a little bit. Haha. Hi! Nabila in 3rd person is back. First sorry for not posting yesterday. I had a post I wrote but I didn't feel that great about it so I just didn't. So I went to something sports related today.
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Right! It's weird. I am kind of into sports. A little bit. Actually not really. I am into sports like I wouldn't mind watching a soccer or football or some other sports game every once in a while but I am not going to ask to do that and I definitely don't play any sports. I would much rather stay inside with my computer all day. I'm just stating facts here. I had a lot of fun though because I had never been to a baseball game before and I love new things so I thought why not share it with you guys. 

Some of our neighbors who just moved in are super nice so they gave us all tickets to the game. The husband gets them for free from work. 

The game was at Minute Maid Park which is like the main baseball stadium in Houston. 

Because I'm me I didn't even know who the Astros (the Houston team) were playing but after some very deep investigating aka the loud speaker screaming I figured out they were playing the Blue Jays who are from Toronto. They sang the Canadian National Anthem (I think that's what it was) and I got so confused. Then my mom explained that they always do both teams anthems and I figured out who they were playing. 

Before they started playing there was a bunch of baseball stuff like ceremonial first pitch and some person saying let's play ball and more things I didn't know was a thing until I went. There were a couple of super cute little kids who I guess are part of a baseball program who did some stuff and that just made me smile. 

I also learned the game really starts 30 minutes before the game starts. It makes sense if you have been to a game. 

How artistic does that photo look? I mean I like it. Comment down below if you do as well because I want your opinions. 

When you try to take a selfie and absolutely fail. 

The Astros mascot is the weirdest thing in the entire world. It is literally an alien. When I saw it I thought it was some animal that I just didn't know of and my dad said "Well they are the Astros. You know. Like space". So I was like "Wait so they are literally aliens???". He just nodded. It's kind of cute though. 

When the baseball game started I realized how different it is from other sports because It is so slow. People get up in the middle of the game, they talk, they leave before the game is even done and stuff like that. You don't really see that in other sports. It is not a very popular sport and I think that is mainly because it is so slow. 

A cool thing about baseball that sets it apart from other sports, is that families can still afford tickets. We got them for free but if we were like super into it, we might actually go because it is not that expensive. It is different from like football which any regular person can't really afford anymore. Another thing that sets it apart is that most people know most of the rules. Even I knew the basic rules which really means something. 

The stadium is really cool both from the outside and inside. There is glass on the sides and the top can open up. There is also this weird train thing on the side that I am not sure why it is there but it is. Plus there really aren't any that bad of seats. You can see at least a little bit from any of the seats. 

Popcorn. Glorius glorious popcorn. The people who we got the tickets from also gave some tickets to another one of our neighbors that my younger sister is really close too and they bought popcorn and I pretty much stole it. I love popcorn. 

So pretty much how the game went was the first few innings were very boring and annoying and nothing happened. Then I think maybe 4th inning the blue jays scored two points from a home run which surprised me because the Astros are supposed to be really good and I think the best in there league. Then I think the next inning the Astros scored 3 points so we thought they were winning. Then the blue jays scored 4 points so it was 3-6 with the Astros winning. I, of course, thought the Astros would win. 

Then, of course, just when it got interesting my family decided we had to leave. Oh so fun but my sisters were getting bored and the other family was leaving. I wanted to stay though. Like you don't leave in the middle of the game. 

Me trying to take a good photo as we were walking out and making everyone wait on me. 

The building is interesting because there are different levels, and it is kind of confusing. 

I saw this as we were walking back to our car so I had to take a photo. H-Town is a name for Houston. 

So when we got home, we had dinner with my teta and gedo (grandparents), and I didn't bring my phone because it was charging. Do you see where I am going here? My mom walked home (we live right next door to them) to do something while we had dessert. After that, I walked home because they were talking and it was getting boring. When I walked in the door my mom told me................................................................................................. Can you guess?????? Well, the Astros won is what she told which made me pretty happy because I was sure they would not win. So I ran over to my dad and told him, and it was cool. I looked it up and they somehow got four points at the very end of the game which is super impressive. 

So Nabila decided to be sporty. Ok, but a question for you guys. If you were reading my blog and just giving it a glance over, on a first impression, would you think I was super girly or maybe more tomboyish sporty? I would say I am a combination, but online, I think most people think I am really girly. Soooooooo.. Have you ever been to a baseball game? If so, did you like it? If not, do you want to? Do you consider yourself sporty? Do you play any sports? Have you ever been to a major league game?


  1. Awesome Pics!!! I have never been to a baseball game before but it seems fun :)

    xx Bubbles

    1. Thanks Bubbles! Yeah I had a lot of fun. :)

  2. I've been thinking about whether or not I should comment here. I really haven't been able to come up with a good reason why I shouldn't. So, as long as I'm welcome, I will. After all, there are few enough people in this World that I like and Nabila just happens to be one of them.

    I loved this post. I smiled all the way through. Thanks for that, Nabila. I needed it. Great selfie!

    I think many people see baseball as a bonding experience. They can bring a date or multiple generations of family and share an evening together. It's slow. It's a bit dull at times. That's part of the appeal. You can talk, eat or just relax. BTW, those electric train engines open and close the massive roof structure.


    1. I'm happy you liked my post. Yeah I feel like baseball is about getting to know people. Yeah ok that makes sense. Haha.


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