Tuesday, August 22, 2017

My Post About Marfa Including Hiking In A Hail Storm And Actual Artists And Some Pretty Pretty Pictures

If you have been with me for a while you might remember last year I went to Marfa for the first time ever and it was kind of awesome. 

I also did a little vlog that you could check out if you want to. 

Marfa is a super cute little artsy town literally in the middle of nowhere/the desert/both. A bunch of famous people have also been there. For example Beyonce. Like that's freaking cool. We also were born in the same place. Like we are pretty much the same people. *laughs awkwardly* Haha yeah.

My parents have some friends who have a house there so of course, we had to go. We means like me and my parents and sisters. All cool peoples. So last time we went I posted around 10 million posts on it. That is the estimate. No, but like actually. I have 5 (I thought 6 but the 6th disappeared into oblivion) posts talking about Marfa. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5,. They are not like the coolest things on the planet but still very cool so you should check them out. 

This time though I didn't use my computer much so I'm just going to do this wrap-up post. First there house is amazing. It is like their vacation house but just the sheer style of the place will blow you away because of awesomeness. 

Thank you, mom, for taking this photo of me because I like really like it. 

So it took about 9 hours to drive there from our house. Yes, and it is in the same state as where I live. Texas is that freaking big. 

We left around 7 and got there around 4 so we just explored Marfa a bit and settled in. 

The next day we started our official trip with a hike at one of the nearby nature centers. 

It is called the Chihuahuan Desert. I think. Maybe. *hides in corner* I went there last year and this time it was just as cool. 

We walked like for a while. I'm not exactly sure how long but I think about 3 miles or something. That might not seem that much to people but it freaking hot and also I am not an athletic person. 

It was a legit desert though so there were cactus and everything. 

And dead trees.

And an actually really pretty cactus. This one is called queen something. I forgot the exact name because my memory is questionable but you know. It's cool. *hides in corner again*

*starts singing* Standing on a rock, standing on a rock, standing oooooonnnnnnn aaaaaaa rooooooooccckkkk. Yeah! *hides in darker corner*

This is some kind of plant. Probably. It might be an alien. Haha. *laughs awkwardly*

I don't know why my dad thought of this but on the way back he asked us if we had ever had a root beer float and I kind of exploded. It was dangerous to be in like a 5-mile radius of this explosion. It was that bad. *laughs at my bad jokes and then realizes no one else is laughing and goes back in the corner* Why? You ask. Oh, I don't know. Maybe because I HAD NEVER HAD A ROOTBEER FLOAT BUT I LOVE ROOTBEER. It was a real problem. Also for people who don't know root beer is not actual beer. It is a type of soda. I am not that weird. Maybe. *hides in the corner again* So we stopped at the store and got ice-cream and root beer and made root beer floats and can I just say THAT IF YOU HAVE NEVER HAD THIS MASTERPIECE YOU MUST BECAUSE IT IS AMAZING. Like I might like these things just as much as brownies. If you know me you know that that is pretty serious.

 television celebs tonight show justin timberlake nod GIF 

Even Justine knows. So yeah try it if you haven't. Or don't and just get some for me. That is even better. 

The next day was the real thing though which we had to wake up at like 6 for. Kind of annoying but worth it.

The next day we went to Big Bend National Park!

I had never been to a national park so you know I was pretty excited. It was absolutely beautiful! 

Plus there were a bunch of humongous and really pretty colored grasshoppers so that was pretty cool. 

We arrived there at about 9 and started hiking at around 10. We hiked up a mountain which is like so cool to say. Nabila has officially been on top of a mountain. That is how cool she is. Kind of. Haha. *hides*.

It was about 5 miles with both the up and down combined so I was pretty impressed with myself. It was seriously the most beautiful thing I have ever seen though. 

It was cloudy so it wasn't that hot and we got to see mountains and they just seemed to go on forever. It was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Like actually awesome using awesome as it was intended to be used. 

Me in my hat and my shirt staring out into the distance all dramatic. I'm a very dramatic person. 

This is where the story goes a bit sour. When we get to the top we notice how some of the clouds were getting like really dark. This when I start getting scared but I think nothing of it. Then it starts thundering and I see lighting so we start walking really quickly down the mountain because we don't want to get rained on. What happens you ask? Oh, you know. IT STARTS RAINING. 

 why but why GIF

Like seriously. Why do you have to be so annoying weather? We try to hide under a tree before we remember THAT IT IS A FREAKING DESERT AND THERE AREN'T TREES IN THE DESERT. Such fun. So we are all wet at this point and we try to wait it out but it just keeps going and then the rain starts like really hurting and we figure out it is also hailing. Like seriously peoples. 

Debby Ryan seriously actions debby ryan GIF

The hail wasn't like that bad but I was getting really annoyed at this point. I was starting to get scared that I would get hit by the hail in my head and blackout and no one would notice and I would be left there. Yeah. I have dark thoughts at times. I then, of course, fell to make things better. We make it down pretty quickly so we all run to the car and it ends up being fine it was just like every annoying. 

We had lunch in the car because we were all hungry. By then our clothes were dried although our shoes were still absolutely soaking. It had also finally stopped raining. We had planned to go a little drive around the park and we still had time before we needed to get back so we just decided to ignore our wet clothes and do that. 

There were a couple places where you could stop and so we got out and figured out that this white stuff was actually hardened white ash from volcanoes. I found this very cool. 

Then we drove all the way to the Rio Grande which is a super long (or big, you know, Grande, big/large, it's a thing) river that also works as a natural border to Mexico. 

The water was really fast and it kind scary but also super pretty. I liked seeing it. 

We drove back around 7:00 and we got back around 9:00. We had dinner and then headed to bed.

The next day we just stayed in Marfa and walked around and explored it. This is probably my favorite fence just about ever. 

A cool little art space. 

I'm obsessed with these plants although I'm not sure what they are called. 

For lunch, we went to this cool burrito place. 

Like a bunch of famous people have been there. 

I also love burritos and the food was super good so it made me happy. 

This is pretty much the best gas station ever. I'm not sure what it is actually used for as it looked deserted but it was cool. 

We went to the courthouse and went to the top and there was a pretty cool view. 

Then we had dinner and went to a cool hotel type place called El Cosmico. It is seriously so cute and they have hammocks which makes it a million times cooler. We watched a singer sing a couple songs as well and her voice was super pretty. 

The next day was our last day there so we went on a little hike. 

There were a couple streams that we had to cross and I was kind of scared I would drop my phone. Thankfully I didn't. 

When we got back we had dinner and then went back to the same artist place we had gone earlier. This time though there were a lot of people there because I think it was an art opening (not sure if that is the right wording). There were a bunch of photographs of people at this state fair (which fun fact I have never been to). The photos were so cool and the color contrast looked amazing. 

Then hot chocolate because hot chocolate is amazing. 

The next day we left and I think it took us about 9 and a half hours to get back to our house. 

If you liked this post make sure to follow my blog. Also I might have started a youtube channel recently (I did a vlog about this trip on there) that I have been uploaded on that I would love for you guys to check out. Also the Charlottesville thing. Like seriously people? Have you ever been to Marfa? Have you ever been to Big Bend? Have you ever been to Texas? Have you ever been to a national park? have you ever been hiking? Have you ever been to the top of a mountain? Do you enjoy walking/running/hiking outside? What is the prettiest thing you have ever seen? Do you want to go to Marfa? What was your favorite photo in this post?


  1. That looked like it was fun, except for the fickle weather! XD

    I live in Texas, so yes, I've been to it!!! You know what they say, if you don't like the weather in Texas just wait a minute. :)

    1. Yes! The weather is always annoying. Besides that though I did have a lot of fun.

      Yeah the weather changes so easily. Every time my grandpa visits us he always says that if you don't like the weather wait 10 minutes and it will change. This is good at times but then if it is cold in the morning I will put on jeans and long sleeves and go to school but by the end of school I am sweating which is never fun.

  2. Hey Nabila! I commented this same thing on my blog but it's not necessary that you saw it otherwise you would have replied. So I will just copy and paste the comment here.

    "Are you free to give the answers to the interview swap questions? I saw you comment so I did have to ask. If not, then that’s fine! I just wanted to know. ��"

    1. Saanvi! Sorry for not replying earlier. I answered your questions?

  3. Excellent video. Looks like a wonderful trip. I'm glad for you. --Ray


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