Saturday, August 12, 2017

Back To School Supplies Haul 2017

Video version if you want

Hi, peoples! I'm back with a post after like 3 days. I said I would post every day and then every two days and so I'm kind of failing. Right now I don't have much of schedule but I will have an official schedule in a week or two. I just need to see what time I will have with school and everything coming up. Speaking of school it is coming up soon so I thought I would do a fun little school supplies haul. I did one last year and it did really well plus I just like doing them. Haha. All of this stuff is from Office Max (I think). So this is my 7th grade back to school supplies haul.

Here are just all of my supplies in a picture because of reasons. 

A red 5-star red binder and some binder dividers to try to be organized. I am not exactly sure where the binder is from (like store wise) because my tata gave it to me (I think) but I like it. 

Some notebooks because notebooks are highly needed. I got a blue one, a red one (to go with my binder) and a blue one. I love purple so I would have gotten all purple but my dad said that would get confusing so I got this instead. There are so many super cute notebooks that I want but I just got some plain ones. 

 Folders are important! For things. Like you know. Folding stuff. Haha. So I got these two plain purple folders that I really like because they are purple and purple means awesomeness. 

I'm happy about this cause I didn't get anything for my locker last year.  It is a magnetic white board so I can just put it in my locker and write stuff on the white board. Of course, it is purple because PURPLE. 

The purple continues...... 

  doom the croods dun dun dun dun dun dunnn GIF

Haha. I got this plain spiral notebook. 

More purple! A purple USB drive because I might have possibly lost my one from last year. Maybe. Then some colored pencils and post it notes. 

I have gotten better at this. I think I truly have. Kind of. I am like kind of proud of this photo. There might not be anything to be proud of but still. 

Paper! Paper is important. 

 All of the stuff in the pile

So that was fun. I like taking pictures like that for some reason. Haha. Also yes I do realize that all of the photos seem to be sideways. I'm not really sure why. If you know why then you can tell me.  Sidenote this post is not me bragging or showing off. It's just me showing you what I got. Also also feel free to follow my blog cause that would make me happy if you did. Have you gone school supplies shopping yet? When does/did school start for you? What is your favorite thing about school? What is your must have thing for school? Do you like haul posts? Should I do more haul posts? What is your favorite thing I got?


  1. Since I don't go to public school, I don't really go "back to school shopping" but I did stock up on pencils and binders, which was fun.

    I agree with you, purple is so pretty! And those notebooks are gorgeous and fun!!! <3

    1. Cool!

      Oh my gosh I love purple! Awww thanks!

  2. The proper name of that color is PINKLE, not to be confused with pickle which is usually more green (and crisper). Now your average, uneducated buffoon will tell you pinkle is a contraction of pink-purple. Of course, we all know that's absurd. The truth provides a fascinating glimpse into military history.

    The color is actually named after its inventor, German scientist Heinrich Pinkle, who came upon it in the darkest days of the second World War. Pinkle, driven mad by years of Nazi propaganda, believed his new color to be bullet-proof and that it would decide the outcome of the war.

    Without any prior testing, he somehow managed to arrange a demonstration of his "Krieg Farbe" (war color) before Hitler, Göring and the general staff. A company of some 200 elite Waffen SS soldiers were dressed entirely in pinkle, with matching guns and field equipment, and a battery of heavy machine guns was set to spray the assembled men with fire. Alas, the test did not go well. Pinkle was executed the next day.

    In a perverse addendum. as Göring awaited his own execution by allied forces, he made a final request of his captors. He asked to be buried in a pinkle ball gown and matching shoes. I for one would like to believe his wish was granted.


  3. i went back to school shopping like two weeks ago even though my school doesn't start until after labor day lmao.
    purple is a pretty color!! my bedroom walls are painted this lavender-ish color.
    i kinda want to so one of these but i broke my phone so i can't take photos ugh. oh well xD

    1. Cool. Haha.
      Purple is a very pretty color.
      That's so annoying! I'm sorry. :(

  4. LOVE THE PURPLE. I hope you're excited for the new school year because I most definitely am! Also, I created a new blog that I would love if you would check out if you have a moment! <3

    1. PURPLE IS AMAZING! Yeah I am super excited for school this year which is not usual for me. I checked our your blog and it looks so cool!

  5. Even though I'm graduated and basically an old lady now I LOVE ME SOME NOTEBOOKS <333 Like, all the notebooks. Even if I barely use them. NOTEBOOKS. :')

    Lovely post, Nabila!

    rock on,

    1. NOTEBOOKS are amazing. Like always. No matter what age you are. NOTEBOOKS!


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