Saturday, August 12, 2017

Back To School Supplies Haul 2017

Video version if you want

Hi, peoples! I'm back with a post after like 3 days. I said I would post every day and then every two days and so I'm kind of failing. Right now I don't have much of schedule but I will have an official schedule in a week or two. I just need to see what time I will have with school and everything coming up. Speaking of school it is coming up soon so I thought I would do a fun little school supplies haul. I did one last year and it did really well plus I just like doing them. Haha. All of this stuff is from Office Max (I think). So this is my 7th grade back to school supplies haul.

Here are just all of my supplies in a picture because of reasons. 

A red 5-star red binder and some binder dividers to try to be organized. I am not exactly sure where the binder is from (like store wise) because my tata gave it to me (I think) but I like it. 

Some notebooks because notebooks are highly needed. I got a blue one, a red one (to go with my binder) and a blue one. I love purple so I would have gotten all purple but my dad said that would get confusing so I got this instead.

 Folders are important! For things. Like you know. Folding stuff. Haha. So I got these two plain purple folders that I really like because they are purple and purple means awesomeness. 

I'm happy about this cause I didn't get anything for my locker last year.  It is a magnetic white board so I can just put it in my locker and write stuff on the white board. Of course, it is purple because PURPLE. 

The purple continues...... 

  doom the croods dun dun dun dun dun dunnn GIF

Haha. I got this plain spiral notebook. 

More purple! A purple USB drive because I might have possibly lost my one from last year. Maybe. Then some colored pencils and post it notes. 

I have gotten better at this. I think I truly have. Kind of. I am like kind of proud of this photo. There might not be anything to be proud of but still. 

Paper! Paper is important. 

 All of the stuff in the pile

So that was fun. I like taking pictures like that for some reason. Haha. Also yes I do realize that all of the photos seem to be sideways. I'm not really sure why. If you know why then you can tell me.  Sidenote this post is not me bragging or showing off. It's just me showing you what I got. Also also feel free to follow my blog cause that would make me happy if you did. Have you gone school supplies shopping yet? When does/did school start for you? What is your favorite thing about school? What is your must have thing for school? Do you like haul posts? Should I do more haul posts? What is your favorite thing I got?

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

I'm THAT Person

I'm that person
I'm the person who loves new experiences
I'm the person who always raises my hand in class
I'm the person who will try to take control of most situations
I'm the person who loves getting attention
I'm the person who will watch people and try to figure out what they are thinking
I'm the person who is always thinking about the future
I'm the person who has to understand everything and everyone
I'm the person who will say hi to a stranger but doesn't know what to talk about with her friends
I'm the person who smiles at inspiring quotes even though most of the time I don't believe them
I'm the person who wants to be something and actually changes someone's life
I'm the person who has so many dreams that seem quite impossible
I'm the person who wants many things but is almost always too lazy to go the extra mile to get them
I'm the person who takes things just a bit too seriously
I'm the person who always wants to be the queen when we play make believe
I'm the person who will tell you what you are thinking
I'm the person who needs jokes explained because I never get them
I'm the person who wants to know exactly what will happen that day
I'm the person who tries to not expect too much so that I'm never disappointed
I'm the person who thinks about things so much that I will confuse myself over a simple equation
I'm the person who will try to correct a teacher every chance I get
I'm the person who always seems happy even if I'm not
I'm the person who lives off people complimenting me
I'm the person who thinks of random questions about everything
I'm the person who writes songs in my head but never writes them down
I'm the person who loves social activities if I know people there
I'm the person who would also love just staying at home all day with a computer and headphones
I'm the person who when music is playing will sing my heart out
I'm the person who will nudge you if you are doing something embarrassing
I'm the person who won't ever cry in front of people but my eyes are always watery (no seriously this might be a problem)
I'm the person who loves proving people wrong
I'm the person who is happy when I get things done
I'm the person who will always try to find the easiest and fastest solution to a problem
I'm the person who wants to travel the world
I'm the person who will nod my head and say cool even if I have no idea what you are saying
I'm the person who will just start laughing for no apparent reason
I'm the person who realizes I'm not perfect but still wants to be
I'm the person who is always saying sorry
I'm the person who will make a not awkward silence awkward by saying something weird
I'm the person who doesn't really talk about my feelings
I'm the person who needs something to do or else I'm bored
I'm that person

I haven't had much inspiration these last few days so I think I will be posting every two days for the next 3 weeks until school starts. So that was pretty deep. I've been thinking of doing a post like this for a while and I don't know why I haven't yet. If you are a blogger I challenge you to do a post like this on your blog. Did you like this post? Should I do more posts like this? Can you relate to any of it? When does/did school start for you and are you/were you excited? 

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Nabila Went To A Baseball Game And She's Going To Tell You About It Because Reasons

Nabila also felt like writing in 3rd person for some reason. I'm not exactly sure why. She might be crazy. Just a little bit. Haha. Hi! Nabila in 3rd person is back. First sorry for not posting yesterday. I had a post I wrote but I didn't feel that great about it so I just didn't. So I went to something sports related today.
 shocked pixar brave gasp merida GIF

Right! It's weird. I am kind of into sports. A little bit. Actually not really. I am into sports like I wouldn't mind watching a soccer or football or some other sports game every once in a while but I am not going to ask to do that and I definitely don't play any sports. I would much rather stay inside with my computer all day. I'm just stating facts here. I had a lot of fun though because I had never been to a baseball game before and I love new things so I thought why not share it with you guys. 

Some of our neighbors who just moved in are super nice so they gave us all tickets to the game. The husband gets them for free from work. 

The game was at Minute Maid Park which is like the main baseball stadium in Houston. 

Because I'm me I didn't even know who the Astros (the Houston team) were playing but after some very deep investigating aka the loud speaker screaming I figured out they were playing the Blue Jays who are from Toronto. They sang the Canadian National Anthem (I think that's what it was) and I got so confused. Then my mom explained that they always do both teams anthems and I figured out who they were playing. 

Before they started playing there was a bunch of baseball stuff like ceremonial first pitch and some person saying let's play ball and more things I didn't know was a thing until I went. There were a couple of super cute little kids who I guess are part of a baseball program who did some stuff and that just made me smile. 

I also learned the game really starts 30 minutes before the game starts. It makes sense if you have been to a game. 

How artistic does that photo look? I mean I like it. Comment down below if you do as well because I want your opinions. 

When you try to take a selfie and absolutely fail. 

The Astros mascot is the weirdest thing in the entire world. It is literally an alien. When I saw it I thought it was some animal that I just didn't know of and my dad said "Well they are the Astros. You know. Like space". So I was like "Wait so they are literally aliens???". He just nodded. It's kind of cute though. 

When the baseball game started I realized how different it is from other sports because It is so slow. People get up in the middle of the game, they talk, they leave before the game is even done and stuff like that. You don't really see that in other sports. It is not a very popular sport and I think that is mainly because it is so slow. 

A cool thing about baseball that sets it apart from other sports, is that families can still afford tickets. We got them for free but if we were like super into it, we might actually go because it is not that expensive. It is different from like football which any regular person can't really afford anymore. Another thing that sets it apart is that most people know most of the rules. Even I knew the basic rules which really means something. 

The stadium is really cool both from the outside and inside. There is glass on the sides and the top can open up. There is also this weird train thing on the side that I am not sure why it is there but it is. Plus there really aren't any that bad of seats. You can see at least a little bit from any of the seats. 

Popcorn. Glorius glorious popcorn. The people who we got the tickets from also gave some tickets to another one of our neighbors that my younger sister is really close too and they bought popcorn and I pretty much stole it. I love popcorn. 

So pretty much how the game went was the first few innings were very boring and annoying and nothing happened. Then I think maybe 4th inning the blue jays scored two points from a home run which surprised me because the Astros are supposed to be really good and I think the best in there league. Then I think the next inning the Astros scored 3 points so we thought they were winning. Then the blue jays scored 4 points so it was 3-6 with the Astros winning. I, of course, thought the Astros would win. 

Then, of course, just when it got interesting my family decided we had to leave. Oh so fun but my sisters were getting bored and the other family was leaving. I wanted to stay though. Like you don't leave in the middle of the game. 

Me trying to take a good photo as we were walking out and making everyone wait on me. 

The building is interesting because there are different levels, and it is kind of confusing. 

I saw this as we were walking back to our car so I had to take a photo. H-Town is a name for Houston. 

So when we got home, we had dinner with my teta and gedo (grandparents), and I didn't bring my phone because it was charging. Do you see where I am going here? My mom walked home (we live right next door to them) to do something while we had dessert. After that, I walked home because they were talking and it was getting boring. When I walked in the door my mom told me................................................................................................. Can you guess?????? Well, the Astros won is what she told which made me pretty happy because I was sure they would not win. So I ran over to my dad and told him, and it was cool. I looked it up and they somehow got four points at the very end of the game which is super impressive. 

So Nabila decided to be sporty. Ok, but a question for you guys. If you were reading my blog and just giving it a glance over, on a first impression, would you think I was super girly or maybe more tomboyish sporty? I would say I am a combination, but online, I think most people think I am really girly. Soooooooo.. Have you ever been to a baseball game? If so, did you like it? If not, do you want to? Do you consider yourself sporty? Do you play any sports? Have you ever been to a major league game?

Friday, August 4, 2017

13 Tips For Kid Bloggers Written By A 12 Year Old Blogger

Hi, I'm Nabila! I'm 12. If you are one of the people who read my blog you might know that but if not I'm guessing your maybe a kid (which is like under 18) who blogs who is kind of feeling not very important and hidden behind all of the more popular adult bloggers out there. If you don't feel that way but you still like under 18 and a blogger still feel free to read this post. I'm going to list 13 Blogging Tips For Kid Bloggers. If you are a bit older most of these will also work for you. 

If you are a mature person and you usually act older than you actually then absolutely go for it. That's fine. I struggle with this sometimes. When people older than me are talking about maybe High School or a job I want to be like "Same" even though I have no experience with that at all whatsoever. Be the age you are and the right people will except you. 

At least a lot of newer bloggers think that they can just get a blog, make a couple posts, and then be famous immediately. Sadly this isn't true. It takes a while to become anywhere near famous especially with blogging (at least in my opinion). 

When I first started blogging my blog was pretty much the most cluttered blog in the world. I had random colors everywhere and I had all of the gadgets I could. This was fun but not that great to look at. It is important not to clutter up your sidebar and to make your blog look nice and clean as that is the first way people judge it. Like a first impression. I say a bit more about that here where I explain what you should do right after you start a blog. 

As whoever takes care of you probably tells you, be careful. There are some bad people on that internet and it is especially worse when you are younger. If someone starts asking you for some personal information instead of answering make sure to alert your parents and block them if you can. If someone says something weird in the comments that you aren't comfortable with feel free to delete the comment. Make sure not to share things like where you live or where you go to school.  

Be friendly and interact with your readers. They are the people who actually care enough to read your stuff. Reply to people who comment on your posts and make conversation. Make friends with other bloggers. This way you can ask for help if you have questions and also just have someone to talk to when all of your other friends are asleep. 

Don't write about things just because they are in or popular. Write about things that interest you and that you enjoy writing about. 
This I something I haven't perfected yet but I am trying. Kind of. Posting every day or every two days is good if on each post you truly tried and you're proud of the content. If you are not proud of what you have written it's sometimes not really worth it to post it. Post regularly but don't write something boring just for the sake of posting. 

I definitely don't. For people who might not know what a niche is basically a category of what you blog about. It could be fashion or books or food. There is a big debate over this but as a kid, I don't think you need a niche. Being a kid is your niche pretty much. When you are younger you don't really know what you are interested in and that is absolutely fine.  

Of course, ask your parents first if this is ok but I would highly recommend either putting a contact form on your blog or making an email for your blog. This is so other bloggers can maybe collab with you and your readers can contact you and a bunch of other things like that.  

In most blogging platforms making pages is quite easy. About pages tell your readers a little about your blog and about you. Show what you are interested in. I did a post here where I basically say exactly how to make an about page.

Commenting on other blogs is a key way to both attract readers and meet other people. Everday I like to read the blogs I follow and comment on their posts. It is really important to do this plus it will probably make the other bloggers happy. About a year ago I did this post where I list 20 do's and don't and commenting that you can totally check out if you want to find out more about commenting. 

This is pretty much me talking to myself because I am horrible at spelling and grammar. I'm kind of the worst. Haha. Things like proofreading are so so important. Even though you think they won't notice, people find spelling mistakes all the time. RE-READ your posts before you post them. 
Last but not least actually tell people about your blog. If you don't tell people it will just be a tiny place in cyberspace no one ever knows about. That sounds depressing but it's true. Tell other people online and if you are comfortable tell your friends. Be proud of your blog because it's probably pretty awesome. 

If you haven't already make sure to follow my blog. I'm almost at 80 followers! How was that? Amazing? Is your mind blown? If you are a kid blogger make sure to comment down below because I would love to check out your blog. Also if you are new to blogging and have some questions or anything feel free to contact me. Soooooo....... Are you a kid blogger? Are you a blogger at all? If so when did you start your blog? What are your tips for all of the kid bloggers out there? What is your favorite blog (I need some recommendations)? How awesome are my new graphic things? If I hadn't told you my age how old would you think I was (this is random but I would seriously love to know the answer)? 

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