Saturday, July 22, 2017

What I Love And Hate About Blogging

I will explain why I haven’t been posting for a whole week in my next post so stay tuned but before I do that I’m going to write this post mostly for reasons like photos not loading and being bored. So I was reading Steph’s blog (her blog is so cool and she recently updated it and now she is like the most professional blogger in the whole world and she is very cool so you should check out her blog) recently when I came across this post of hers where she listed things she loves and hates about blogging. I really liked reading it so I was like why don’t I do one of my own? This post idea is all hers but she’s awesome so I don’t really care. Read on if you want to hear about some of the things I love but also hate about blogging and being a blogger.

-All of the wonderful people I have met 
-Taking photos
-Just learning so much about the world
-Playing with my blog's design
-Talking with other bloggers
-Reading your comments 
-Reading other peoples blog posts
-When I get new followers
-Bragging about my blog to other people
-Thinking about how my blog can grow
-How blogging is kind of like an outlet to me 
-How this blog has helped me learn that I actually do have a couple skills that people might even appreciate
-Practicing and exploring things I probably wouldn’t have like writing and photograpghy
-That it gives me confidence
-How I am never “bored”  
-That I am more organized 

-Having a schedule and sometimes feeling like I need to write and it being annoying and not fun like it should be
-Spam comments that make no sense
-How there are all of these bloggers working with brands and when I try to do the same they either ignore me or I can't sign up because of not having social media accounts or my age
-When something goes wrong related to coding that I can’t figure out how to fix
-When I tell people I have a blog and they either don’t know what blogging is or think it is like Tumblr (which I don’t have anything against but you get what I mean)

I love blogging and I do not want to ever quit. It makes me really happy and I have realized that a little bit more while writing this post. I’m sorry for not posting for a whole week and I promise tomorrow I will tell you guys what I was doing but as I said none of my photos will load. It’s extremely annoying. If you liked this post and you want to see more content from me but you are not subscribed make sure to go do that by pressing the follow button on the sidebar to the left of this post.  Soooooooo did you like this post? Should I do more blogging related posts? What do you love or hate about blogging? Do you agree with anything on my list? Do you have a blog (if so comment the link down below because I very much want to go check it out)? Are you awesome (the answer is yes if you are still reading this)?


  1. I hate it so much when I tell people that I blog, and they automatically assuming that I'm Tumblr blogging. Tumblr blogging is an entirely different species to how we regularly blog... Also, if you need help with coding, let me know! I don't mind figuring out coding problems and I actually love designing others' blogs.

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. I hate it too! Like Tumblr blogging and blogging blogging is so diffrrent and it would be wonderful if people actually notice that. I will make sure to take you up on that. :)

  2. Lovely post Nabila!
    I'm so glad you took my post as a source of inspiration; We have many commonalities under both 'love' and 'hate'.

    I definitely see your passion for blogging! Keep at it! It's inspiring.


  3. This is honestly so relatable. My first blog ever was when I was about twelve, and I remember the feeling of being looked down upon simply because I was younger. :( Also, I'd love to help with coding if you ever need any assistance!

    1. Haha well I am happy I could be relatable. :) It is quite annoying when people do that also so cool that you were my age when you started blogging. I find that incredibly cool for some reason. I will make sure to ask you if I need any help!

  4. This post is so true! I don't get people who look down on people because of their age on here, it's maturity, writing skills, and kindness that really matters!

    1. Oh, and if you need any help on coding, I found this awesome website with tutorials for different things, it's called if you want to check it out, it helped me a lot. :)

    2. Yes! People should judge people because of those things and not just age. You are basically saying what I am thinking with just bigger words. Haha.

      Thanks! I have actually gone on that site a couple times and it is really helpful and all of the tutorial turn out pretty well.


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