Monday, July 10, 2017

We Live in A World......

We live in a world where awkwardness and being relatable online can make you popular
But in real life it makes you an outcast
We live in a world where evil can hide in plain site 
But good is almost always pushed into the shadows 
We live in a world where the smart people are called nerds
While the others are called cool
We live in a world where we are destroying our home  
But the people who are doing it the most aren’t doing anything about it
We live in a world where a world leader can say horrible things about people
And no one cares  
We live in a world where online friends can be easier to talk to then real ones
Because things like apearence don’t matter
We live in a world full of amazing dreams 
But also unfulfilled potential 
We live in an amazingly beautiful world 
That seems to be slowly dyeing 
We live in a world where the hashtag #NoPicsItDidn’tHappen
Is an actual thing 
We live in a world full of what can you do for me
And not what can I do for you
We live in a world almost all about the wants of an individual
But not the needs of the poor
We live in a world where judging a person by their cover is done way to often
For things like your skin color, how you dress, who is holding your hand, and so many other things 
We live in a world where most thoughts aren’t original 
And where people copy

I’m like not even sure what this is. Don’t ask. I thought it was a kind of cool post idea and then I looked it up and found out it was already a thing that people said. Like a lot. Most thoughts just aren’t original. Oh I should add that *goes and adds it*. Well, hi. Whats up with you wonderful people? If you have like any thoughts at all comment them down below because I want to here them. 


  1. This is EXCELLENT. I hate to ask this, but the last words are "And where people copy". So is this original? It's brilliant and I strongly suspect you wrote it.

    This has already been the kind of day that makes me say "DON'T GROW UP!!!" Ever. Just stay a kid. Watch cartoons. Look at the sky. Play a game. The future can wait.


    1. Thanks! Yeah yeah it is original. Sorry it was confusing. :)

  2. *applauds* Just found your blog and I agree wholeheartedly with this post. This is brilliant.

    -Gray Marie

    1. Thank you so much! It always makes me happy when I get a new reader. :)

  3. Amazing. I relate to every word of this.


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