Monday, July 24, 2017

Time- A Poem

So lovely :) 
Time is the culprit of everything. It changes appearances, wilts flowers, and brings life. We wish we could hold on forever, but that isn't how this cycle works. It takes away just as much as it gives. Sometimes, that is hard to understand. It causes pain, and even when it feels like it's the end of the world, nothing stops. The clock keeps ticking and soon, years pass by. In your heart, you can still feel a stain. A space that could never quite be filled. The chilly wind comes back, and I shiver. Even my jacket and your hands can't keep me warm. Red, orange, and yellow leaves drop by me and I seem to be living in a dream. Just for a moment then, my heart beat stops for just a second. I see a single brown leaf, and cup it with both hands. Night comes. Strangely, only one star seems to shine. It's been 30 years now. I still remember that stain in my heart that hasn't been completely filled, but I always think of everything I've lost. I can see it in my heart, all those faces, all that laughter, all those smiles. The first time I had grown up into something my parents could be proud of. Maybe, just maybe, it's not all over just yet. I'm happy just knowing that. 
I hope that you enjoyed that poetry piece! It really means a lot to me because although I'm young and have yet to go over all these experiences, it just shows how the little things in life can make all the difference. You can always find a light in the darkness.

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A huge thanks to Nabila for letting me guest post <3


  1. Thanks for guest posting Saanvi!

  2. Saanvi, what are you? After reading the remarkable poem here, I looked at your blog. I really can't tell whether you're adult or child. I'm half afraid you're a kid who writes like an adult. Tell me I'm wrong.

    --Ray(Twisted my ankle -- BACK IN A WHEELCHAIR! Pathetic!)

  3. Hey Ray. I'm afraid you're quite right. I am a child that writes like an adult because that's the way I think.
    (By the way, I know you as the person who leaves kind and funny comments on Nabila's blog!)

    1. You certainly have a gift for writing, Saanvi. Looking over the few things you've shared on your blog, I'm very impressed. I'd like to see what you do in a longer form i.e. 2500 words or so. Of course, only you'll know when the time is right to try.


  4. Sure, of course I'll try! Now you're making me blush ^-^
    Follow me if you want. :)


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