Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Ultimate Photography Challenge

Hello, peeps! I'm doing a challenge today! And I am pretty excited about it. One because I just made it up and two because it has to do with photography which I love. The challenge is to get someone or something or the internet to come up with 10 random words. Then you have to take 10 pictures, one based off of each word. I got my wonderful little sister to say the words for me. Feel free to do this challenge yourself as it is super fun but also pretty easy. Sadly the day I was doing this it was raining so the pictures aren't like the best in the world. Ok, let's get started!

This is a painting of my mom and dad in college. I think one of their friends painted it and they look pretty excited to me. Fun fact my dad did use to have glasses but he doesn't anymore. 

These are some really pretty white flowers growing in my backyard. I love the contrast of the yellow and white. 

This is me when I was 4. I look pretty sad in my opinion. 

The roof was hard so I decided to take a photo of a small part of the roof where it looks like there is mold of some sort. 

This is probably my favorite picture in this post. There is this absolutely beautiful tree in the front of my families house and I noticed this plant growing on one of the limbs. It is probably not good for the tree but it looked kind of cool in the picture. 

The majestic wave light. My mom has like the best taste in lights so there are like a million super cool lights around the house. This is one of them.  

Not the most creative or visually pleasing picture in the world as it is just my one pair of tennis shoes and the picture is blurry but I couldn't think of much else at that moment.  

The door used to be a cool blue color but now it is this white with the cool wreaf on the door. 

I couldn't figure out how to make the tv look cool. 

It looks just amazing doesn't it (that was sarcasm).

That was so fun, wasn't it? Like those pictures. Some of my best work (this is more sarcasm). But if any of you guys are bloggers I nominate you to do this challenge but say that I was the one who thought of it. There is probably something already like this floating around the internet because almost no ideas are original at this point. So did you like this challenge? Should I do more challenges? Which photo was your favorite? Do you like photography? If so what is your favorite type of photography? Should I do a post rounding up my favorite photos I have ever taken? Also just how has your day been so far? As I was editing this post I realized how much I used the word cool. Count how many times I say it and comment down below the amount. 


  1. this challenge is so creative!
    Your child picture looks so cute! <3

    1. Ahhh thanks! I just thought of it randomly when I was thinking of post ideas. Thanks again. I was a kind of cute kid (key words kind of) according to my parents but also according to my parents I was stubborn and cried all the time so there is that. Also I love your name.

  2. This is an awesome post! I love the idea of going down memory lane. :)