Sunday, July 23, 2017

South Carolina Photo Diary // Catching A 45 Pound Fish, Pink Houses, And Most Importantly Brownies

Hi! What's up peoples? Having a good day? Maybe? Maybe not? I hope you are but if you are not that's ok too. Smile and make tomorow a good day. Soooooooo....... In my latest post I said I would explain why I have only posted two posts this week when I am supposed to post every day. So pretty much I am staying with my grandparents right now and they are incredibly awesome but that is not part of the story. So for a couple days we went down to this motorhome rv park type thing with a lake. I am not sure the actually name but you can like put your motorhome there and stay there for a specific time and you can have your boat and go fishing and it’s a thing. Anyway so we stayed there for a week and it was fun. The thing is the wifi and internet connection there is questionably as in there is none. I could have scheduled some posts kind of like what I did for when I went to the Dominican but I was lazy and I didn’t so overall it was my fault so sorry for anyone who was annoyed by that. So in this post I am going to show you guys some photos and tell you a little bit of what I have been doing while hanging out with my grandparents these past few weeks. I usually do these kind of wrap up posts after I arrive home but I have decided to do it today because I am leaving in a couple days and I don’t think we are going to do anything and I have no other posts ideas to be honest so let’s get started!

So the first week my dad stayed with us as well so that was fun and we went to this cool rock geology museum and all of the rocks were so beautiful. 

The 4th of July! We had fun and there were sparklers and it was awesome and if you want to find out more about that you can go to this post. 

Then for the weekend me and my sisters stayed with my aunt and uncle who live right by my grandparents. This is a picture of me when I was like two that I feel like I have to include because I was very much one of the cutest two year olds on the planet (don’t question me).

I got this bracelet made out of bottle caps for a dollar from a thrift shop we went to for a reason I now forget but I love the bracelet. 

Downtown Greenville.

I am a weird kid and some of my favorite games are risk and monopoly so when I found out that they owned a game of risk and that my uncle liked the game I kind of had to play and he for some reason agreed. It was mostly luck rolling wise, but I won and I was pretty happy about it. I’ve never won before mostly because no one has ever played a full game with me before but still.

More pictures of me when I was younger because it is needed.

We made strawberry shortcakes for dessert one of the days and although I think I ate it incorrectly it was amazing. It was almost amazing as the brownies my grandma makes.

And then I beat everyone in monopoly too. I was having a very good day.

The next day right before we left they took us to see the new despicable me movie and it was pretty good. If you want to see my review of it you can go here. 

As I said (I think) my grandparents are super into fishing so we went fishing a couple times.

Then as I said we went to the rv plac and it is right near Charelston so we explored that the first day we were there. My grandfather was in the air force so we visited a cool military base near Charleston and there were some planes on display. 

Him posing for a picture in front of a type of plane he used to fly.

This is the church my parents got married in. I had never seen it before but it is supposed to be really famous and beautiful and it was really pretty from what I could see.

The doors!

Walking near the ocean.

There was a pink house! And a green house! And a yellow house! And they were all old and pretty so I got my grandma to take a picture of me.

The lake near where we were staying was so pretty.

It seemed to go on forever.

Fanta is amazing ok. Don’t judge.

This is the 45 pound fish. Like it was almost bigger then my little sister which is who caught it (although my grandfather might helped). 

Ice cream! 

The boat.

A feather. There were a bunch of birds around but I sadly didn’t get any good pictures of them because they kept flying away from me. I feel like they didn’t like me.

I was trying to take a good picture but it looks really blurry. Comment down below if you notice how a lot of these picture just look a little bit off. I think I might have done something to my phone camera. 

The bird sitting in the tree.

My sister hates when I take pictures of her so I have to be sneaky but she is so pretty so I couldn’t help myself. I think this one turned out ok.

Sunset on the lake.

This post was kind of confusing and all over the place but I hoped you liked it. The next time I disappear I will make sure to say something first. So did you like this post? If you did I would love if you could follow my blog by pressing that follow button to the left of this post. Have you ever been fishing? What is your favorite thing you have done/you remember about your grandparents? Have you ever ridden on a boat? Have you ever been to a lake? Which picture in this post is your favorite? Should I do more posts like this? What is your favorite type of post on this blog? What kind of posts should I do more of? Are you already following my blog because if so you are awesome. 


  1. Wonderful photos! I'm surprised to see that you seemed to have blond hair as a small child. My mother had blond hair when she was small too.

    Your grandfather was in the Air Force and so was my dad. He was a fighter pilot and later an intelligence officer. "Nothing'll stop the U.S. Air Force!"

    Did I detect an interest in geology? Really?! Then again it isn't a REAL science. If I could only get you interested in STEM! Remember that being beautiful isn't a dependable life skill. Haven't you ever seen good sci-fi and thought "Wouldn't it be cool if that were real?" Everything starts with desire, not ability. Want something strongly and you'll find a way.

    --Ray (I miss getting an ice-cold Fanta orange at Wendy's!)

    1. Yeah my hair was lighter when I was younger. Both of my parents had blond hair when they were younger and they both have brown now.


      Ok actually I kind of hate (hate might be a strong word but highly dislike) geology. Like earth science related to rocks does not interest me at all. We were learning a lot about that in science this past school year and it was extremely boring. I almost always enjoy learning, museums, and pretty rocks though so thats why I said it was cool. Also geology is so a real science or else our definitions of science must be different. STEM is cool as well. I am really interested in technology and social science (like how people think) if that counts. I actually have thought that before. There are some really cool gadgets and stuff in a lot of sci-fi-fi movies that would be so cool if they were real.

    2. My geology comment was a "Sheldonism". an often repeated slur from Big Bang. Again I try to make you laugh. I try. I really do.

      You sound (I'm only half-kidding here) like you'll just be beautiful and guys will buy you pretty stones, diamonds, rubies, emeralds etc. It wouldn't surprise me too much if that happens. BUT ...

      Think of this. Twelve is too late to begin gymnastics. However, it is the perfect time to learn programming. I know it's pointless to push you on this. So IF you take a notion to try java ... or scala ... or you name it. Ask me. Nuff said.


    3. *frowns* This keeps happening doesn’t it. Sorry! If its any concilation your comments do make me laugh a lot of time I just don’t know how to respond to them. Also I have never watched Big Bang so there’s that.

      I’m pretty sure your all the way kidding because seriously I don’t think anyone sees me like that. Hopefully, although getting free pretty things never hurt anyone.

      Is this another one of your “trying to make Nabila laugh with something that Nabila doesn’t get” things again because I feeI like it is. I have actually tried to learn programming and I am trying to learn more even though sometimes it annoys me to no end. There was an hour of code thing at my school a couple years ago and it was so fun and there was a technology club that I signed up for. There are some cool lessons on Khan Academy (I know I spelled it wrong) that I want to do but I forgot about it until now.

    4. NEVER let my nonsense make you frown. Nothing I say is worth that.

      You know something? I do have a sort of prejudice against beautiful people. I admit that. In my own defense, I've known too many girls who were beautiful on the outside and ... uh ... not so much.

      Excellent! Programming is a fantastic way to learn problem-solving and research techniques (looking for prior solutions) as well as the domain-specific information required to build a solution in code. And you can get some great tools for free! I'm delighted to hear you're interested. I'll bet your school has something to offer. GO FOR IT!


    5. Yeah programming is super cool. :) I’ve heard that! It is supposed to be super good for your brain and problem solving as you said. This coming school year I’m going to see if my school has something to do with programming and computer stuff. They have a computer elective but I wanted to do yearbook instead

  2. omg that honestly sounds like fun! and i'm here in australia freezing my butt off even in three hoodies and about seven blankets xD
    if your photos are blurry, just say the photos are 'aesthetic' or something lol.
    fanta is actually a gift from god like seriously. i love all of the fanta flavors except for grape (*cringes at the thought of grape fanta*)

    1. Yeah it was a lot of fun! Ahhhhh thats annoying. It will be the other way around soon though.
      Oh my gosh yes. They are absolutely aesthetic. I am so saying that from now on.
      Fanta is very much a gift from god. I love fanta. Noooo. Grape is literally my favorite flavor. *turns and walks away*

  3. The sparkler photo is particularly beautiful. Nice work.


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