Sunday, July 30, 2017

July In Review

Hi! Hello! What's up? What's happening? Awesome. So I haven't been on this computer in literally more than a month. Plus, I haven't been online at all in I think 5 days and I haven't posted for 4 days (I had a scheduled post. I was trying to post a lot this summer and I half failed and half succeeded and it is literally almost August. I am starting school in a couple weeks. So my excuse this time was for the first two days I was on a road trip driving 10 hours each day with my grandparents. Such fun. Then the next day after we got back to my house (they were driving us back from their house) we were doing stuff all day and then I had a sleepover. The next day I had to wake up super early and do something all day which I will tell you about tomorrow. Boom. *insert funny boom gif that I can't find*I have actual excuses for not posting. Kind of. I just realized I am literally more consistent during the school year. I am so weird. So now to what the post is actually about. Because it is the end of the month I'm going to do my monthly round-up post the same thing as others I have done but with a different name. I think I like this title better.
-More brownies

 brownies GIF

-Other desserts
-Spending time with my grandparents 
-Seeing family
-Eating ice cream
-How nice my grandmother is
-Having a sleepover
-Doing another thing related to blogging
-Getting a new necklace
-Going to two museums
-Hanging out with my aunt and two of my uncles one of whom I almost never see

-Exploring Charleston
-Beating people in board games
-Hanging out with friends
-The Gender Games
-The Gender Secret
-The Gender Lie
-Warriors Don't Cry

Pretty much a little bit of a weirdly long series and I book I have to read for school. I'm not doing very well reading wise this summer. 

SoulPancake books chase study soulpancake GIF

I want to use this gif even if I didn't read a lot. 

If you want you can totally check those out and comment "future Nabila sent me".

-Eat lots of brownies (brownies are one of my favorite desserts and my grandmother is the best brownie maker in the entire world)
-Have fun at my grandparent's house (I will be staying at my dad's parents house for the next 3 weeks)
-Go tubing
-Go to a blogging thing I am not sure if I will be able to go to just yet
-Post everyday
-Get more comfortable when wearing a bathing suit
-Say sorry only when I really mean it
-Make a plan to hang out with friends
-Meet someone new
-At least start my summer reading for school ( I am way too behind)

I think I did pretty well. I completed most of my goals and the ones I didn't complete were kind of impossible.
-Finish my summer reading project
-Post at least 3 times a week
-Start school successfully
-Post a certain book tour post on time
-Write a back to school haul post 
-Email two people I met yesterday about an interview
-Do a collab post
-Try to be more healthy
-Sign up for student council if I can at school
-Just try to be nicer
-Eat fewer sweets and unhealthy things
-Be open to new ideas and people
-Hangout with friends 
-Post a youtube video
-Make a good first impression on my teachers
-Help my sister start middle school  

Bye! I need to start writing tomorrow's post and then start editing another thing and then have dinner and then read some stuff. I am weirdly busy for a kid in the summer. Comment down below what you guys did this month and what you are excited about for August. I would love to hear what the awesome people who read my blog are up too. Have an amazing day/night/morning/afternoon!


  1. Ooh, when are you heading back to school? Also, that GIF of the books stacking up is awesome.

    xoxo Abigail Lennah

    1. I'm going back late August so pretty soon. And I so agree. It is a very awesome gif.:)


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