Monday, July 3, 2017

Dominican Republic // Me freaking out + Amazing Beaches + Being in a wedding + A million other exciting things

Oh hi. Hello. I'm finally doing that post I said I would do. So I went on vacation recently to as you can see from the title to the Dominican Republic which is a super cool country that shares an island with Haiti but it has much better weather. I was super excited for the vacation for various reasons which you can find out if you keep reading. I took way too many photos not to share so I will tell you guys what I did and maybe share a million a couple photos. Alos just note that this is not me trying to brag or anything. I was so so lucky to get to go and this is just a fun post talking about what we did and some photos.

I had to wake up at 3:30 in the morning because the flight was at 7:00 and we had to be there two hours early and it takes about an hour to get there. That was very fun.

The sole reason we went was for my super cool aunt's wedding who was getting married there. My mom was asked to me a bridesmaid so she kind of had to go and then my aunt asked me to be a junior bridesmaid but we weren't sure if we would be able to go but as you might have guessed we got to. The annoying thing was that our flight was the day of the wedding so we weren't sure if we would make it to the wedding so we were all stressed out and everything

Overall though the flight was really smooth and there were no delays or anything so we got there on time.The flight was about 4 hours and we arrived at 12 and the wedding was at 3 so we had to take a taxi to the hotel and then the wedding ended up being late so we made it with time to spare. 

The wedding was absolutely beautiful. Everyone and everything looked so pretty and I think it was a Greek Orthodox service or something like that (I don't know these things) and it was super romantic and pretty and my aunt and my new uncle looked adorable together. That was probably a run on sentence. It was outside on the beach on a platform so it was like a dream wedding. I didn't take any photos of the wedding or anything else that day because I didn't have my phone and also many other reasons. 

The next day I was so tired because I had stayed up super late the day before because of reception stuff. The hotel was so cool though. I mean there was a humongous tub. It was very fancy and I was so lucky to be able to come. Like seriously. Thank you, everyone, who made that possible. 

It is an all exclusive resort so we could eat whatever we want whenever we wanted. I was pretty much in paradise. There was a restaurant right on the beach so we ate there for breakfast.  

Then we explored the beach. 

There were these cool bed things so I tried to take a nap but I kind of failed. 

I got a drink because you could also have unlimited drinks. There was this one called a majestic (no alcohol of course) but it basically tasted like a really sweet frozen popsicle drink thing. It was kind of amazing. 

Then lunch. 

And some healthy fruit drinks because I needed to make myself feel better. 

I made this photo the background on my phone because I liked it so much. We pretty much just spent out time at the beach the whole time. Mt mom has a humongous family and I got to hang out with some of my family that lives in Canada that I didn't really know so that was so cool. 

There were a bunch of restaurants so with two of my mom's cousins (who are very cool by the way) we went to the steak restaurant. I realized that I had never been to an official steak house. Is that weird? Probably. Then just because we could we went to get sushi after. 

They have shows every night so we went to go see that after.  

The next day I was again tired. I was basically never not tired on this trip. 

Because I could and because my parents were letting me do whatever I wanted I got bread and then I ate the inside and then I filled it with Nutella. It was a Nutella volcano. I was basically feeling like a little kid in paradise even though I was really an older kid in paradise. 

There was a super cute cafe place with fancy coffee and freshly squeezed juices so I went there a lot. 

This is called a star fruit. It literally looks like a star but it is kind of sour. 

There were like ten million pools and they were beautiful. 

It was my dads birthday so one of my other aunts (who has a much better memory than I do) told the resort and they put this on our door. 

We ate and then some of the family had a reservation to go to the hibachi place. We were all already full but we said yes anyway and it was really good. 

Pretty much my breakfast every single day including whatever day I took this photo. 

I definitely didn't put one an outfit and made my dad take photos of me all day. Definitely didn't do that.  

Walking around. 

 The shadowing is kind of bad. 

There were a bunch of activities at the pool so we did a bunch of those. I forgot which day but one of the day there was a foam party and they filled one of the pools with these bubbly foam stuff and that was actually kind of fun. 

Fruit! There was this one fruit that they used that was like an orange but the outside was green and it was a little sourer than an orange. It looked like a big lime but they called it Naranja which is orange in Spanish. My dad says they have those in other countries as well but it was new to me. 

I was trying to get a rustic looking photo and this is what happened. 

I got a sandwich at the cafe place and it was actually kind of good. 

Now that looks pretty professional. Do you know how awesome my dad is? Well, he is very awesome. He puts up with me asking him to take pictures of me all the time. 

I look like I am in an abandoned courtyard on some European country.  

This photo doesn't do it justice mostly because I am in it (kidding) but there was this really pretty thing and they did special dinners in it. 

These walls were so colorful and I loved them.

It was my sister's birthday the week before but one of my uncles thought it was her birthday that day so he told the people to do something and then we told him her actual birthday but they did it anyway and even if it wasn't on her birthday I think it made her really happy which was cool.  

They had a Michelle Jackson show that was actually really good. 

Oh, look it's me. Squinting, in a bathing suit, in a heart, looking weird. Wonderful. 

Everything I want in life. 

The groomsmen in the wedding all wore these hats so afterward they had an extra so I got one and I wore it the whole time. 

How pretty is this???!

He is actually making a drink that ended up being pretty good. There was a Dominican night and they had some really good Dominican food including this drink. 

The next day my parents decided to go to the Italian restaurant which was adults only so we went to a different place and I just filled my plate with carbs.  

This is me trying to take a nice picture of a drink and mostly failing. 

The majestic staircases. 

The majestic princess on the majestic staircase.

The majestic princess on the beach. 

The majestic princess changed into her majestic dress and went to the beach. 

Then her hair died and she decided to make a weird face. 

The day before we left we got a reservation at the super fancy French restaurant so we went there and although the food wasn't great I had a really good time cause the food just looked so cool. 

I got up at 5:00 to see the sunrise. It wasn't really that worth it but I think this picture is pretty. 

 On my todo list was to order room service so we did that just before we left. 

It was then time to leave. We went to the airport and flew home. The flight went well and we got to Houston at around 7 and then got home at around 9. 

I'm pretty sure no one actually read this whole post I didn't expect you to but if you did like props to you because you are amazing. Like seriously. This post was way too long for its own good. I probably should have made it shorter. Anyway if you did read the post did you like it? Like at all? Tell me how to improve it and my blog in general because I need advice. So are any of you guys on vacation or going on vacation soon? What is the favorite place you have ever been to? Have you ever been to a resort? Have you ever been to the Dominican Republic? Have you ever been to an island? What was your favorite photo in this post? Should I do a how to photography type post? I am not that good or anything but I think it could make a cool post. 


  1. I think I've learned my lesson about being playful/silly/sarcastic in comments. Without the clues provided by intonation it just doesn't work. So I'll say what I think sincerely.

    The photo on the beach "Then her hair dried ..." may well be the most beautiful face I've ever seen. Beyond that I can hardly say more about the post. That's just too powerful an image not to overwhelm everything else. But I'm very glad you had some time to be a kid and enjoy the feeling.

    --Ray (GREAT POST!)

    1. Ahhhhhhh thanks! I'm happy you liked the post and yeah I did have a lot of fun. :)

  2. Hiya! You're invited to my blog party and to join in my blogging project, if you like. Check out my latest post for details of both. Hope to see you there! Thanks,
    Gracie xxx

    1. Hiya! Oh thanks for inviting me! I will definitely go check that out. :)

  3. The pictures are beautiful and looks like you had a great time! I'm going away too this summer to see family on an Island! Lovely post don't worry about it being too long!

    1. Thanks Laila! Oh cool. I hope you have fun. :)

  4. Great pictures and looks like you had fun! Just came across your blog, it's lovely!

    Stella xx

    1. Thanks Stella! I did have a lot of fun. :)

  5. That sounds amazing! All of your pictures were really pretty.

    1. Yeah it was really amazing! Ahhh thanks. :)