Saturday, July 1, 2017

Bye June and Hello July

Most of you guys probably haven't realized but this is my first time sitting down at a computer in I think 7 days (all of the posts you guys have seen have been scheduled). What have I been doing those seven days you ask. Oh, you know. Just hanging with my family and celebrating my aunt on some random island in the Caribbean called The Dominican Republic. You know. Nothing big. I will have a photo diary type travel post in a couple days but as of right now I can't write it because my photos are being annoying. So since today is the end/beginning of the month I decided to do my monthly wrap up post.

-Seeing family
-Meeting family
-Meeting more family
-Going to a resort
-Seeing a beautiful beach
-Eating lots and lots of food
-Seeing sunrise
-Just summer
-Seeing lots of rainbows because rainbows are amazing

 rainbow GIF

-Texting with friends
-Talking with online friends
-Seeing actual fish in the ocean

I am not exactly sure. 

Obama michelle obama oprah own flotus GIF

-How to snorkel
-That my dad hates the beach
-That my geto (grandfather) actually has two brothers
-That people seem to do this whole resort thing a lot
-A little more Spanish 

My goals for June were to:

-Get all of my summer reading done 
-Post everyday
-Make a youtube video
-Hang out with some of my new friends 
-Sign up and or volunteer for something 
-Exercise everyday
-Buy my sister something for her birthday (preferably camouflage because she is obsessed with that right now)

I completed more than half of my goals. That's pretty good. Kind of. The green means that I did it. 

-Eat lots of brownies (brownies are one of my favorite desserts and my grandmother is the best brownie maker in the entire world)
-Have fun at my grandparent's house (I will be staying at my dad's parents house for the next 3 weeks)
-Go tubing
-Go to a blogging thing I am not sure if I will be able to go to just yet
-Post everyday
-Get more comfortable when wearing a bathing suit
-Say sorry only when I really mean it
-Make a plan to hang out with friends
-Meet someone new
-At least start my summer reading for school ( I am way too behind)

What have you guys been doing this month? Anything fun? What is your favorite thing you did? Do you like these posts from me at all? If you are reading this comment down below rainbows. What are your goals for the month?


  1. I hate your posts! That's why I read them. It gets me good and mad that you're having such an amazing Summer. In the Caribbean! With family! AWFUL! You should be ashamed.

    Meanwhile back in the Pit of Despair, I sit alone connecting pipes, building worms and weaving NURBs. OH! Woe is me!

    Seriously, I love that you're out there LIVING! Being FREE! Being HAPPY! Do more of that for me, please.

    --Ray (on a half shell with a creamy butter sauce)

    1. That makes so much sense. Like so much. I totally understand your logic.

      I hope you have a better week than it seems like you have had!

      Haha ok.

    2. It occurs to me that I may be difficult to understand. Therefor, let me follow the advice of a long ago professor to "Mean what you say and say what you mean".

      I like you. I like your blog (very much). It makes me happy to hear that you're doing fun things with your family and enjoying life. That may seem odd. It does to me, I admit. But that's the way I feel.

      Personally, I'm doing fine. I have a strong heart. My kidneys are improving and should be normal soon. So no sympathy required. I'm just a complainer, that's all.

      Do this easy task for me. Listen to one song from "Dear Evan Hansen" on YT. Try "Waving Through a Window". I promise it won't hurt, honest.


    3. It makes me very happy to hear that my blog makes you happy.

      Haha I'm a complainer as well. Aren't we all?

      I will go listen to that.

  2. You sound like you have been having an AWESOME time on holiday Nabila!
    Skye // A little inkling//
    PS O have nominated you for the Charcter Battle Tag!

    1. Yeah I have had a really good time!

      PS Thanks! I will go check that out.