Sunday, July 9, 2017

A Post In Which Characters Fight To The Death In The Ultimate Hunger Games

I have now been tagged for this two times by both Skye and Dani. And I also read the two original posts that introduced this tag type thing originally to this part of the blogosphere. I was destined to do this post. Destined. Now I know that you are thinking that tags are usually boring and you are just about to click off of this post but just wait one moment while I explain what this tag is because it is pretty amazing.

I am not sure what the exact rules are but pretty much you write down 30 book character names onto thirty slips of paper and then put them in a bowl. Then for each question, you draw two names and you basically just answer the question and pick one of the names. It sounds kind of complicated when I talk about it but you will get it once you start reading.

You have one more spot on your spelling team. Who gets it?

I actually have no idea. I don’t think Stanley or gale are very smart. Gale has no use for spelling and if I remember the book correctlly Stanley is not the smartest pea in the pod. I feel like gale would just sit there with a sad face so probably Stanley. 

Both characters want to kill you. Who would you kill first to have a better chance of survival?

Ok so both of these people have magic powers but Luna is just so kind that I feel like she would be less of a threat. Mare on the other hand has like lighting power so probably her. 

You've been chosen for the hunger games. Who is more likely to volunteer in your place?

This one of kind of hard. They are both kind. I guess it depends who I know. I feel like Hermione would be to smart to risk her life like that and if I was close to Jason he would want to be a hero and save me. 

You are the next Marvel superhero. Who is your sidekick?

Wow. Well neither of these people have special powers but Violet can fight. By the way probably none of you guys know what the gender games series is because I don’t think it is very popular but I started reading it on my kindle and I love it and I recommend to anyone who likes books like the hunger games. Ok now back to the post. So Alex is very smart and a bookworm while on the other hand violet is a fighter and is curious about everything and can hold her own in a fight. I guess it depends on what I could do as a superhero. 

You are stranded on a deserted island and you must engage in cannibalism to survive. Whom do you eat?

Apollo absolutely. He is a jerk and also he is bigger and has has more food on him (I’m just stating the truth). On the other hand primrose is small and adorable and also knows about medicine so she would be helpful on an island. Fun fact I named a cat stuffed animal I have Primrose for some reason. 

You're the manager of an avocado company. Who would you fire for poor communication skills?

I don’t know. Clara has experience with working so I feel like she would do just fine although she would have to learn english. Probably piper. 

You've just finished a book in which your favorite character dies. Which character would be more likely to comfort you?

This is hard. They are both very tough girls. Katniss does sometimes get emotional so maybe her but Tris also gets emotional when she is thinking about family. I think the likely hood of becoming friends with tris though is a a lot higher so my answer would be tris. 

Your birthday has finally arrived. Who would have the nerve to forget?

Oh I don’t know. They are both kind. Zero might not know because of reading problems so probably him. 

You have just found an upcoming youtube star. Who is it more likely to be?

Neither of these are very likely. Both of these people would rather just hide in the shadows. Cinder is super good with technology though so she could have a youtube account but she wouldn’t share her identity and it would be super popular but no one would know who she was. That would be very cool. 

You can only invite one person to your sleepover. Who would it be? 

Ugh. Auggie is shy and smart and sweet but percy is also funny and cool. Probably Auggie. I feel like it would be so cool to hang out with him and just talk to him. 

You have just woken up and it is time for breakfast. Your mom has been replaced by...... whom?

Ok well neither of these people are girls but if they were probably Ron and I know this makes no sense but if he was a girl and a mom age he would probably act like his mom and I basically want Mrs. Weasley as my mom. 

Bam, your pregnant. Who is the mother/father?

Well, I kind of half to choose Leo because of the whole boy girl thing. 

You have just written a super important text. Who would have the nerve not to reply?

Voldemort. Voldemort all the way. I feel like Peeta would be super considerate and then answer the text and then call me. He who must not be named would just laugh and then start typing so I know he got the message and then he would stop and not send anything. 

 You're on the bachelor/bachelorette and down to two characters. Who gets your rose?

Well, both of these people are girls so there is no boy to pick but this is seriously hard. Also because Malala has a book I am counting her as a character even though I know she is an actual person. They are both so smart and cool and amazing. I think Annabeth though. 

Cait from Paper Fury
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and anyone else who wants to do it!

That post was so time-consuming you guys don't even realize. Like I think that might have been the most time-consuming tag/challenge thing I have ever done. Just thinking of the names took me like 30 minutes and then I had to write them and then cut them and then write the actual post and now I am just complaining. But also I have been writing this post for literally 5 days. First the internet didn’t work and then it kept not working and then I went to my aunts house. I feel very happy now that I have it done. Also I am going to try to start posting everyday again this week so keep checking my blog for new posts. :) So did you guys like this post? Should I do more tags? Did you agree/disagree with any of my answers? What post should I next? Do you think everyone I tagged should go do this tag? If so then go tell them too because I want to see them do it as well. Bye now! I have to go eat more brownies. Have an amazing day/night/morning/afternoon. :) 


  1. This was super fun to read! I might have to do it.
    Real question: why are you texting Voldemort?

    1. Yes! You should so do this!

      Real answer: reasons, many reasons that I am not obligated to tell you at the current moment

  2. Ahh this is so fun! And I loved your picks between the characters.😂 I still don't...want to eat a character...but I couldn't eat Prim either.😂 Also I'd totally handle being stuck in the Hunger Games with BOTH Jason and Hermione. They'd make such a good team right?!?

    Thanks for the tag!

    1. Thanks Cait! Same! Eating a character would be very weird but eating prim would be even weirder. Yes! They would make an amazing team. Like if I had them as my allies I would have a much bigger chance of winning.



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