Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Letter To My (Future) High School Self

I have been trying to come up with a blog post idea for like ever. Like since I woke up 4 hours ago. I have also been watching youtube but that is besides the point. As you can tell from this post I did come up with an idea and I like it. I think. Kind of. I love to read posts with either letters to your older/younger self so I though I would do one myself. This is a letter to My High School Self so me in about 3 years. Wow. I will be in high school in 3 years. That is so weird! My mind is going crazy even thinking about it. Lets get started!

Hey Nabila a couple years from now.  I hope you are doing well. 

If you remember (which you probably won’t unless you have a better memory then me) you will be reading this your first day of high school. 

You will be about 15 and a teen which I can’t currently say. 

You will have been through middle school. That time that is supposed to be awkward and weird and crazy. I hope it was good. I’m currently excited for the school year and I hope all that works out. 

By that time you would have taken all of the 8th grade tests (and hopefully passed) and you have perfected that whole test taking thing. 

By now you probably know a little bit more about what you like to do and say and maybe what you want your job to be. 

You will have auditioned for high school already and probably written a bunch of stuff for it. I wonder what High School you will be at. I’m pretty sure I know and I’m fine with that. 

So. Has any thing big happened in your life yet? If everything goes according to plan you will have been to Egypt which is crazy to think about.

Maybe if you are lucky you might have been to some other cool places as well. Like New York for your birthday one year. Now that would be cool.

Have you been in a relationship? Probably not. That is weird just to think about. You are going to be one of those people who is not going to kiss anyone till your like 25 and you know it.

Is the family ok? I hope so. They are literally one of the most important things ever and even if you are mad at them go give them a hug.

Tata Negma (or however you spell her name) is 100 by then. Wow. Having an 100 year old great grandmother must be cool (unless you know, something happened and if so I’m sorry).

If you followed my goals you will have participated in some kind of play in a lead role and entered some kind of video/talking competition. If so well done. Give yourself a pat on the back because that is cool. 

If you are not still blogging then go get on the computer and write an apology/explanation post and and keep writing. Unless of course you have become a youtube star and in that case its fine.

You are probably even more awkward now that you are an official teenager. I even feel awkward talking to you which is me because I’m not sure what to write. 

Just advice. I can see myself as that person who puts school over everything else even things like friends and family. That is ok in moderation but remember the people who love you.

Oh wow how was your 13 birthday? I hope it was fun. It is in like 3 months for me so I’m excited. 

Oh you must be excited to turn 16. The whole sweet 16 thing. That's cool. Don’t be cliche though. Do something cool and hang out with friends.

Speaking of friends you have probably made new friends by now. I wonder if you are still friends with your elementary school friends like Emma, Alyssa, Lydia, and kind of more recently Isabel. If you are still friends with them that's cool. If not then that's ok too. Friends grow apart.

If you are stilling blogging (which you better be) you will probably have 200 followers by now. That must be cool. And you have probably done something super cool blogging related like go to some event or met someone cool. Also you might have changed the blog name.

Has Taylor Swift released a new album yet? If so did you happen to go to her concert because if so that would be cool. Like super cool. Like amazingly cool. 

I wonder how technolagy has advanced. Probably not majorly but something like google glass or stuff like that might be a thing by now. If so I predicted it.  

If you are reading this then write a letter to your graduate self like the day you graduate high school or your middle school/kid self. It could be an interesting post.

Remember though that you are cool and awesome and amazing and if you try really hard and give it your all you might just get somewhere in the world. 

How was that? Should I do a letter to my younger self? I love reading posts like this for some reason but I wasn’t really sure how to write one so sorry if it is very confusing. If you are a blogger feel free to do a post like this and link them in the comments down below because I would love to read them. Do you ever think about your future self? Do you ever think about your younger self? If you could give your future self one piece of advice what would it be? Do you like reading posts like this? Do you like my blog? Remember my high school self will be reading these comments so say something cool. Are you following my blog because if not then you totally should. It makes me happy every time someone does. 


  1. I liked reading posts like this. I think it'll be fun to go back and read this when you're older to see how much your thoughts have changed.

    1. And here's mine:

    2. Yeah! I will probably be laughing at myself when I read this in a couple years.

      Yay! You did one. I will definitely go check that out. :0

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. I like open letters like this :) It's very meaningful for oneself. Hope everything goes fine when you reach that certain stage. I bet you'll become more amazing Nabila :)

    Homed: Life in Sugar & Spice

  3. If one of your older selves writes about me, DON'T BELIEVE A WORD OF IT! I'm really a wonderful guy. Besides it was ... er, uh ... will have been ... at least half YOUR fault anyway. It ... will have been ... a good thing I ... will have ... remembered to bring a shovel!

    --Ray (seeming "more engaged" since the procedure)

  4. This is a lovely post idea, Nabila! I hope your high school years are awesome and enlightening and fun. :) I actually do sometimes think about my future self and IT LOWKEY SCARES ME??? lol mostly it scares me to think about things I might not do until yeeeeaarrrrs from now. BUT WHY AM I BEING SO PESSIMISTIC. *tosses confetti* THIS WAS GREAT.

    rock on,

    1. Thank you so much abbiee! YES! IT SCARES ME TOO. Same same same.Yeah I’m always pessimistic for reasons no one knows. *tosses more confetti* THIS WAS VERY GREAT.

  5. NABILA! Do you know how worried I've been?! For pity sake! You just disappeared without a word.

    The good in this World is far too little and the bad far too much. Don't go far without letting those who care about you know. And DO NOT DARE make fun of me for wanting to hear from you. If you don't feel like posting, just put up a random picture or drawing.

    --Ray (Were you waiting for your future self to answer?!)

    1. I’m sorry! I went on a little trip where there was literally no internet connection whatsoever. Like at all. Like my phone didn’t even work. I should have said something but I didn’t know I would be gone for so long.

      I was very waiting for my future self. Lol. :)

    2. It's never a good idea to tell people you're going on a trip. Or that you leave a spare key under the WELCOME mat. BUT, for those of us with only a tenuous hold on sanity, it would be nice to hear you're going to be "busy" for a few days or something like that.

      NOTE TO SELF: I need to take a break from work occasionally too. And I need to stop injuring myself exercising before I can get completely over the previous injury.

      --RAY!! (STOP YELLING! ... Oh, that was me, sorry)

    3. You are incredibly confusing but I will make sure to say I will be “busy” for a few days the next time that happens.

      NOTE TO RAY: Listen to yourself

  6. This has kind of inspired to write a letter to MY future self too, I've always wanted to do something like that but I never got round to it, maybe I'll write it soon! :)

    1. You so should! I would love to read it. :)


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