Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A Letter To My 10 Year Old Self

Hello peoples! This is my first scheduled post in like forever. I’m getting back on track. Hopefully.... Maybe... I don’t know. I will try which is better then not trying and yes I have heard that Yoda quote. So two days ago about a week ago I did a post that was a letter to my 8th grade/about to start high school self and I think some of you guys liked it. A couple peoples said it was a good idea and there was a lot of comments on it so why not do it again? Also not related to the post but all day today I have been walking around the house dancing and singing (in my head because reasons) and thinking how fun it would be to be in a musical and I don’t know why I’m telling you this but whatever. Now back to the post! So in this post I am going to do a little letter to my 10 year old self. I am 12 now so I would have been 10, 2 years ago. This might not seemed like a long time but I have changed a lot these past two years so it makes sense, ok. Don’t question me.

So hi Nabila, two years ago. So if you are 10 that means you are in......... Ummmmmm. 4th grade I think. Yeah. I’m pretty sure that's right. *nods head* 
So first congrats and getting through school so far. I mean it hasn’t really been that hard but you did take you first big standardized test which is a pretty big accomplishment I must say. Let me just say it gets harder. Like way harder. Like you won’t think your the smartest person in the world anymore harder. I think I might be going to hard on you. Sorry
So blog wise your blog kind of sucks. Like big time. I’m being harsh again. Sorry. Yeah I need to stop. But like seriously. Change your blog layout. It looks really bad.
Also you need to ask or give attribution if you are going to use photos from the internet. It is like a law. Just saying. It's a thing.
You very much have talents. You might not think so at the current moment but you do. You are a pretty cool person and you don’t have to be the best at anything.
Oh and be kind to your sisters. This something that I also need to tell myself but still its always good advice.
Reading is really really important. You’re just discovering this but it really is and reading will help in so many aspects of life.
Drama is always horrible but elementary school drama is even worse because it is fake. Like seriously. It’s entertaining but it can also get you in trouble.
Your friends and family love you and don’t ever take that for granted.
You are smart enough for all of those clubs you think you won’t get into. There’s no chance of getting in if you don’t at least try.
Right now you think the world is so small. You have yet to truly explore the world and the internet. You have only ever lived in one place and you have the same friends you had in kindergarden. The world is so big and wonderful and amazing. Try to learn.
I know there are a couple girls in your grade who aren’t every kind and might comment on your fashion sense and how you do your hair and it will get to you. DON’T LET IT. You are amazing and beautiful.
Do not try to be the boss of everyone. People will hate you for that and you should probably start working on it now. It is fine to be a leader but don’t tell people what to do
Also don’t label people. You have a habit of doing that and it can sometimes offend people even though you are not trying to be mean.
Just because you are going into 5th grade doesn’t mean you are better then any of the younger people at your school. It is not age that matters but the things you do and say.
You are gong to have a little conversation with a friend of yours where that friend says something extremely racist that’s not very kind and instead of not saying anything, say that they are wrong because they are. Like seriously.
You are going to try to become friends with a certain popular person because of this persons popularity and I want to tell you know that first it doesn’t work and second seriously. 
Just to crush your spirits early so that you don’t bet on it and lose I think 5 dollars you don’t get onto the student council. A certain other person gets on instead and really he’s better at it and you still have a good year so don’t be so annoyed about it.
Next year you will be in 5th grade and although there will be a couple downs it will absolutely be shadowed by all of the amazing things that happen to you. You have amazing times with your friends and you make some new ones. You are finally the oldest on campus. Make the most of it. 
After that you will be in 6th grade. Its pretty far away from you know but I know your scared of it and when it comes time you question the school you decided to go to. The school you chose? Yeah you absolutely love it and it isn’t so scary.
You are amazing and wonderful and you need to always always remember that.

I feel like I’m mean. Am I mean? I feel like all of the other posts that I read to get inspiration for this one were all love dove and sweet and I am over here acting like a really bossy person which is what I just said not to do. I really need to work on that. So what did you think of the post? I hope you liked it and if you did feel free to follow my blog by pressing that follow button to the left of this post. If you want to see my letter to my high school self you can go here if you want to check it out. How old are you (this sounds creepy but I want to know how old my readers are)? Should I do more posts like this (like when I am older)? What would you tell to your 10 year old self if you could? Are any of you guys 10 and if so what would you tell to your 12 year old self? Do you like open letter like this? How amazing are you? The correct answer is very amazing because one you are reading my blog and two lots of other reasons. Ok bye peoples! Have an amazing day/night/afternoon/morning!


  1. This post is so perfect! I love this idea!!! XD

  2. No, I haven't detected any meanness. You've been very kind to me and I appreciate that more than I can say.

    I'm ancient! I am O-L-D. Ooooooooooold. How old am I? I'm so old most of my memories are in black and white. And it's no picnic being old. I went to an antique auction and three people bid on me. They wouldn't let me leave without a receipt. It's tough I tell ya'! I go to Jurassic Park movies just to reminisce. I can't even enjoy eating out. When I order a three-minute egg, they ask for the money up front.

    You've been a great audience! Goodnight Everybody! Drive safely! Remember to tip your waiters!



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