Wednesday, July 5, 2017

4th of July Photo Diary // Outfit, Ribbon Braid, and Explosives From 50 Years Ago

Oh Hi, peoples. It is like a bixxilion a clock (well actually it is 8:57 as I type this but I am tired from fishing) and I need to go to bed soon but I need to post. I said I would post every single day this summer and I will. Today annoyingly there were some setbacks with storms and no internet but it worked out in the end..... Hopefully. If you are reading this it worked. So yesterday was the 4th of July. My last two posts have been 4th of July themed and I am not breaking that now. I will tell you about my day and maybe how I did my hair and stories about blowing things up. All very good.

I did at first have my oddessy of the mind Captain America shirt on but I decided the colors were a bit much with the poke dot pants. So for my outfit, I paired my white bubble shirt, with my red and white poke dot pants, some converses with drawings on them, a blue necklace, and a cute braid. 

This is not related to anything but I saw this leaf when we were playing some game in what seemed the middle of nowhere the other day and I thought it was pretty. 

I just realized that both the pants and the shirt used to be my moms. Is this a bad thing? Like I can fit into my mom's clothes. 

So I went to my friend's house a couple days and she is super into doing nails (It is kind of weird but she is good at it and I am not so I can't talk) and she did this cute red, white, and blue pattern on my nails. The necklace is actually new and I absolutely love it. We went to a cool rock type museum (I forgot the name) with facts about fossils and different kind of rocks. Rocks kind of bore me but it was pretty interesting. They had a gift shop and one of the things in it was this necklace. Because I have like the best grandmother in the world she bought it for me. 

My grandmother is one of the most creative people on the planet so I just showed her a picture and she did this with my hair. Basically what you have to do is get 3 pieces of string and tie them at the top and then braid it along with your hair. I love how this turned out. Just look up ribbon braid to find out more about it. 

On the 4th of July (I am staying at grandparents house) we didn't do much but we had dinner (that I forgot) and then we went outside and sang songs until our lungs died. And you know... It got dark. Then we did sparklers. I would have liked to see fireworks but I have seen that before and my grandfather told a bunch of stories about when he was a kid (including one where he destroyed like the whole front of his house) and I kind of loved listening to him. 

Then he got out this really old box and I soon realized it was full of firecrackers and explosive type stuff from when my dad was a kid. There were a lot fewer regulations when my dad was a kid, to say the least. So he got one of them out (I am not sure what it was) and lit it and it basically exploded. It wasn't like big or anything and it didn't hurt anything but it was very cool.   

My dad is forcing me to go to bed. Annoying dad. Tell me in the comments if you liked my outfit and also what you did for the 4th of July! Goodnight. :)


  1. Looks like you had an amazing night! There was a storm when we had fireworks on 4th July and someone captured a photo of a firework and a lightning strike at the same time :)

    nicole |

    1. Yeah I did! Oh my gosh that sounds amazing. :)



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