Friday, July 14, 2017

3 Movies In Theaters Right Now That Are Very Much Worth Watching + 3 Mini Reviews!

Hey peoples! Whats up with you guys? Awesomeness? Not so awesomeness? If so tomorrow is a new day. Make the most of it. Soooooooooo I am in a very good mood because I just went to see the new spider man movie and I liked it. Like a lot. But then I also like every other movie I watch pretty much so I don’t think that means much. But it was good! I also realized interestingly that I have actually seen now 3 of the movies in theaters right now. Like thats insane. At least for me. Like that never happens. And since I liked all of these movies I thought I would take advantage of it and make this post. In this post I will list 3 movies in theaters right now that are very much worth watching and some spoil free movie reviews so that you can get the general gist of what they are about. Lets get started!

My aunt and uncle took me and my sisters to see this movie which I didn’t think would actually happen but I have awesome aunts (and uncles) so it was bound to happen. 

-It was kind of hilarious.
-All of the songs! They were all like 80’s themed and even though I know basically nothing about the 80’s it still made me happy.
-The villain was very much amazing. It is like a kid actor gone crazy (does that remind you of anyone?) but it was again 80’s themed and he stole stuff with gum and it was cool.
-There were spies (or spy type people) and I love everything with spies. Like I literally played with all of my friends the head leader of a special spy network when I was younger. 
-Some of the lines were actually really smart which is weird in a kids movie but still cool.
-There was a unicorn goat and an adorable little kid with the unicorn goat. Aka enough cuteness to pretty much make you explode. 

-Some of the jokes (like the other movies) were very body oriented (like about your body) which I know like young boys would find funny but I very much don’t. 
-The girls ages haven’t changed at all in these 3 movies. It is like kind of creepy. Only slightly.
-Overall its just kind of less good then the others but I would say it is still worth watching. 

As I said, I saw it today. My wonderful grandmother took me and my sisters to go see it because my grandmother is awesome. 

-At the beginning I was confused because I had watched the last movie so long ago and I didn’t remember it much but they cleared everything up and I loved the way they did it and made almost everything less confusing. 
-Stark was amazing and sarcastic as always and I felt like he was actually trying to be kind and also he said something about bloggers. True this thing was not the most kind thing but it was still something. 
-There were Captain America videos used in the schools and I thought it was funny because first he is like a criminal now (or maybe not I’m not sure) but also cool because he is like the poster person for being good.
-Some parts of the movie just made me smile. Like actually smile. Which is cool. I won’t tell you what because I am trying to make this spoil free but like watch out if you are emotional.
-I am not sure if this is a pro or a con but there were multiple places it could have ended but the ended it had was better. 
-Zendaya. Enough said. 
-He was only 15 in this movie which is a lot younger then all of the other movies so it made it more reliable I guess

-The timeline makes no since! Like at all. If the other one was in 2016, 8 years later (when the movie is supposed to take place) would be 2020 which doesn’t work age wise and because the next avengers would be before that. The marvel timeline is confusing! 
-There were two end credit scenes which I didn’t realize so I missed the last one. Aren’t there usually only one end credit scene? Like seriously. If you do end up going to watch it don’t get up until you see two end credit scenes (the scenes after the credits).
-Some things were not appropriate (language wise) which I get but these things could have been changed easily to make it better for people younger. I’m just saying. This is true for a lot of movies.

I saw this movie a little while ago and if you are a dedicated reader and read most of my posts you might have come across this one where I basicly freak out about the movie and do a full blown review so you can go here if you want to check that post out.  
-Everything. Haha no but seriously.
-It was a kick butt feminist movie about girl power which is usually awesome.
-The camera work was amazing.
-It was like super emotional.
-I was surprised to learn who the villain was which doesn’t happen much.
-Oh and you know I wrote a whole review on it which I liked so there is that.

-There was lots of love stuff which annoyed me. Also like kissing and stuff like which took away from the feminist thing which is not cool. 
-There was so many things that were not realistic at all. Like at all.

Hi! So how was that? Did you like it? Maybe? Like how I listed pros and cons? I like writing reviews like that. Should I do more mini reviews? Should I do more reviews in generals? Have you watched any of the movies on this list? Do you want to watch any of the movies on this list? What is your favorite movie on this list? If you have seen any of these movies what was your favorite thing about it? Do you like movies? Like at all? What movie coming out soon are you excited about? What is your favorite movie of all time? 


  1. I've seen Wonder Woman and Spiderman: Homecoming, both of which I really liked! Great reviews :-)

    1. Cool! I really liked them as well! Ahhh thanks. :)

  2. I've only seen Wonder Woman, but I want to see the other two as well!

  3. I absolutely loved Wonder Woman! I usually don't like superhero movies all the much, but I really enjoyed it.
    Amy xx

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