Thursday, July 6, 2017

17 Fun And Easy Blog Posts Idea To Post This Summer

I did this post a while ago where I listed a bunch of blog post ideas about books and you guys maybe liked it. And someone said that it inspired one of their posts which honestly just made me feel good about myself so I have decided to do it again but this time with posts relating to summer. Tomorrow hopefully I will be posting a tag I have been working on and I have already written it but because of internet problems, the photos won't upload. So it is summer and that means summer blog posts. In this post, I am going to list some ideas and maybe possibly inspire you do do a summer blog post of your own.

  1. Summer essentials 
  2. Fun things to do during the summer
  3. Beach essentials
  4. Summer Bucket list
  5. Summer Clothing haul
  6. Summer anything haul
  7. Summer outfit ideas
  8. How to take perfect summer photos
  9. Summer diys
  10. Easy summer recipes 
  11. Summer tbr
  12. Cool books perfect for the summer
  13. A recap of a vacation
  14. What's in your bad summer edition 
  15. Any kind of routine but summer edition
  16. What you like to do during the summer
  17.  Goals for a month or for the summer of the day or the weekend of the holiday

Sorry for the short post. The next post might be longer. I don't know. I think I am going to stop doing this "post everyday" thing. It is probably annoying people and quality over quantity is a phrase that is used quite often. Comment down if you like any of these ideas and some of your favroite summer blog post ideas. :)


  1. Annoying?! Of course your posts are ANNOYING! That's why I come here, to be annoyed. I think this falls squarely in the "don't apologize" category. BTW, SNL did a great little sketch about women apologizing too much ... or was it Amy Schumer? And was it too adult? The point is ... STOP APOLOGIZING!!!!

    Have you ever had a parent tell an embarrassing story about you? Sometimes I feel a desperate need to tell stories on myself. Unfortunately I'm afraid they might be more horrifying than funny. "Hey, guess how I almost killed myself yesterday!" Yeah ... uh ... no. But I do have a powerful desire to tell the World what a fool I am. Isn't that sad?

    --Ray (Is this comment longer than your post?)

    Oh, I forgot to say - You're wonderful and I love your posts.

    1. Ok ok I should apologize less.

      I have definitely heard my parents tell a lot of embarrassing stories about myself. Like a lot. Its kind of annoying.

      I don't think the comment is longer then the post. Maybe. It might be. Maybe.

      Ahhh thanks!

  2. These are all great ideas! I could always use some post inspo :)
    Amy xx

    A Habit Of Solitude

  3. HEY! Texas girl! I have a comment and a DEMAND!

    Your photos from the other day were excellent. Yes, that was a nice outfit.

    Now my DEMAND! There's a new engineered meat substitute from Impossible Foods (go to their website and check it out). It's supposed to be healthy, taste exactly like meat and be good enough for restaurants to serve. But, they're not not here on the East coast. SO ... you need to go check this out for me and let me know how it tastes. There are multiple restaurants in Houston - Hopdoddy, Hay Merchant and Underbelly. C'mon! Have a burger! For pity sake, I gotta know!


    1. HEY Ray.


      Now for your demand. Ok so you want me to go to a reastraunt and see how a meat substitute tastes. Interesting. I sadly do not get to go out to eat much and when I do it is not usually for burgers (I would like this to change through). But if I do ever go to a burger place in Houston and if I can pick which place then I will definitely do that for you. :)

    2. I assumed you were going to be outraged and I had what I thought was a hilarious reply - a big routine about being a friend and what I'd eat for you - ah well. BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You had to go and be all nice about it!

      Seriously, this is a real thing being served by those restaurants. It's fake ground beef with chemical "blood" to make it look rare in the center and ... ugh ... "JUICY"! DO NOT EVEN THINK OF EATING IT!!! I don't want to have to read about you in the papers - "Girl Chokes on Fake Meat Dare"

      --Ray (100% US Prime Grade)

    3. AAARGH! If I didn't manage to get myself all worked up about food. Since a thought of that other reply, I haven't been able to get coconut cake off my mind. Coconut cake and ice cream! If you asked, nicely of course, I'd go right now and get it. All you have to do is ask ... Really ... I mean just say the word. Any old word will do. You don't even have to say a complete word. "Coco" would be sufficient. Or "ice".

      --Ray (Pizza and Coke, please!)

    4. Well I try to be nice about things. Sometimes.......

      That actually sounds kind of disgusting though. Chemical meat does not sound good or healthy.

      Coconut cake? Seriously? That actually sounds pretty good and ice cream sounds amazing. I said it.


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