Thursday, July 13, 2017

12 Things You Should Do Right After You Start A Blog

In this post I am going to list 12 Things You Should Do Right After You Start A Blog. I did a post yesterday about how to start a blog so this is the second part and I might do more if you guys want. When I started my blog I knew absolutely nothing. Like at all. I was also 9 so I’m not going to go so hard on myself. I did almost none of these things after I started my blog and I kind of suffered because of it. You wonderful people will not have to go through. This is aimed for people who have started there blogs recently but it can also help seasoned pros. Also because there are almost no posts like this out there for people my age (aka teens and tweens) all of this can work for you as well. Lets get started!

Choose your colors 

For example if you haven’t noticed already my color is purple. Most sites and companies and basically everything has about 1-3 colors that they use for everything. Think of any of your favroite restraints or bloggers or YouTubers. They all have colors that make it easy to identify them and know who they are. This is very important for a blog as well. Pick about two colors that you like and that go together but are also pretty original and use them on pretty much everything. 

Make sure you know what you will post about 

True some people don’t have an actual niche but if that is so then know that beforehand. If you are going to be posting recipes and having a cooking blog know that and take that in mind. If you are just going to post about everything then know that and don’t tell your readers you will be a writing blog when you really just post a bunch of random photos. If you aren’t sure what you will write about then think about things that you like to do, your hobbies, and just things you know a lot about that you think will be interesting. 

Make an about page 

About pages are important because that is where people go to find out more about you and your blog. This is where people go if they are interested in you and want to find out more about you. Its like a first impression so it is always a good idea to have a good about page. There are a bunch of articles online about how to write a good about page. 

Make an intro post

Your intro post and your about page can pretty much be the same thing. It states what you will post about, a little bit about you, and should also show some of your personality. 

Design your blog

Depending on what platform you are using you almost have to change the original layout especially if you are using blogger. Personally I am horrible at coding (although I am learning and getting better) so I got a person to design my blog for me. There are a bunch of people who you can find who will do it for free. I just got someone I knew to do it. There are also a bunch of professionals with reasonable prices. If you don’t want to have to deal with an annoying unreliable human being there are a bunch of templates that look super good that you can buy online as well. 

Make a contact page

Yep another page. Pages are actually like very important. If your lazy then you can combine your about and contact page but if you are on summer break and you are bored then I recommend you do it. On your contact page you want say who can contact you (other bloggers, companies, etc) and at least two ways to contact you. I recommend getting a contact form, a blog email, and also listing a form of social media where you can be contacted. 

Set up social media accounts 

And speaking of social media it is extremely important if you want your blog to succeed. It is a good idea to set up things like twitter and Instagram and Facebook and all of those things and link them to your blog. 

Set up google analytics 

Google analytics  is a super cool google feature that you can sign up for that monitors things like page views and how many people look at your site and stuff like that. Unlike the blogger stats it doesn’t include things like computers and people who aren’t actually people so it gives you a more precise look at who is looking at your blog. 

Organize your sidebar

Most bloggers when they first start blogging fill their sidebar with all the gadgets that they can. Like I had that fish gadget on my blog up until about two years ago. It was cool but it cluttered up my blog and did not make it look professional at all.  You should have a way for people to follow your blog, a search bar, a list of your posts, an intro with your picture and maybe a popular posts widget. It depends on you and what you will blog about but I would say those are a pretty good idea. 

Write about 10 posts 

Most people make the mistake of sharing their blog when they only have like 1 post or even 0. Although ten might be a bit much write some posts before you start sharing your blog. This gives potential followers a little taste of what your blog will be abut and your writing style and personality. 

Brainstorm some blog post ideas 

If you have done all of the other things you are probably in the blogging mood and filling with ideas. Write them down! It is always a good idea to have some blog post ideas so that when you have no ideas you can look back on it. I have a cute journal that I use for all blogging things and it keeps me super organized. 

Tell everyone! 

And now that you are well prepared it is finally time that you can tell everyone. This is probably already a thing but whatever. You can tell the 3 fs. Your friends, family, and followers on other social media sites. Aren’t I so creative? Right? I mean of course your I am (not).
This post makes me sound like a 30 year old blogger who has been blogging like forever but do I care? I mean kind of but not like that much. Kind of. I should stop. So did you guys like this post? Did it help anyone? Maybe? Maybe not? Should I do more blogging related posts like this one? What kind of post would you like me to do? Do you agree/disagree with anything on this list? If you are reading this and you are a blogger comment bloggers unite. Do you have anything to add to the list? Do you have a blog? If so did you do any of these things she you started? When did you start blogging? If not do you want to start a blog? If you just started a blog was this post helpful to you?


  1. what a great tips from the girl nine years old, amazing :)

    1. Haha thanks! I’m currently 12 but I do act like I’m 9 (or 90 I’m not really sure) and I did say 9 in the post so its fine. Thanks for commenting. :)

  2. Replies
    1. I’m happy I could write something helpful. :) Thanks Bubbles!

  3. I wish I saw this when I started my writing blog (Please Just One More Page) but I'm using these on my new MSP blog! Thanks for the tips. :) And we're the same age! 12 year olds unite! :D

    - audrey

    1. Totally Audrey! I hope they help. :0 We are the same age! That is very awesome. 12 year olds unite! Haha.

  4. This is super useful! I had the fish gadget to when I started my blog. xD

    1. *too (please forgive my horrendous typing) :')

    2. Yes! The fish Gadget! And someone complimented me on it too and so I thought I was like so cool and then I realized it made me look like I was 2. Haha.

      You do not have to apologize I can like never type or spell which you have probably realized if you read my blog. :)

      Thanks for commenting!

  5. These are really good ideas. I may suggest using Grammarly is a cool app to check for misspellings and such. Really easy to use, some people really cares about grammar... not me since English is my second language and I'm forever learning.

    1. Thanks! I actually just recently downloaded Grammarly at the computer I use at home but I’m currently not at home so I can’t use it. I am trying to pay more attention to grammar mistakes and editing though. :)