Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A Letter To My 10 Year Old Self

Hello peoples! This is my first scheduled post in like forever. I’m getting back on track. Hopefully.... Maybe... I don’t know. I will try which is better then not trying and yes I have heard that Yoda quote. So two days ago about a week ago I did a post that was a letter to my 8th grade/about to start high school self and I think some of you guys liked it. A couple peoples said it was a good idea and there was a lot of comments on it so why not do it again? Also not related to the post but all day today I have been walking around the house dancing and singing (in my head because reasons) and thinking how fun it would be to be in a musical and I don’t know why I’m telling you this but whatever. Now back to the post! So in this post I am going to do a little letter to my 10 year old self. I am 12 now so I would have been 10, 2 years ago. This might not seemed like a long time but I have changed a lot these past two years so it makes sense, ok. Don’t question me.

So hi Nabila, two years ago. So if you are 10 that means you are in......... Ummmmmm. 4th grade I think. Yeah. I’m pretty sure that's right. *nods head* 
So first congrats and getting through school so far. I mean it hasn’t really been that hard but you did take you first big standardized test which is a pretty big accomplishment I must say. Let me just say it gets harder. Like way harder. Like you won’t think your the smartest person in the world anymore harder. I think I might be going to hard on you. Sorry
So blog wise your blog kind of sucks. Like big time. I’m being harsh again. Sorry. Yeah I need to stop. But like seriously. Change your blog layout. It looks really bad.
Also you need to ask or give attribution if you are going to use photos from the internet. It is like a law. Just saying. It's a thing.
You very much have talents. You might not think so at the current moment but you do. You are a pretty cool person and you don’t have to be the best at anything.
Oh and be kind to your sisters. This something that I also need to tell myself but still its always good advice.
Reading is really really important. You’re just discovering this but it really is and reading will help in so many aspects of life.
Drama is always horrible but elementary school drama is even worse because it is fake. Like seriously. It’s entertaining but it can also get you in trouble.
Your friends and family love you and don’t ever take that for granted.
You are smart enough for all of those clubs you think you won’t get into. There’s no chance of getting in if you don’t at least try.
Right now you think the world is so small. You have yet to truly explore the world and the internet. You have only ever lived in one place and you have the same friends you had in kindergarden. The world is so big and wonderful and amazing. Try to learn.
I know there are a couple girls in your grade who aren’t every kind and might comment on your fashion sense and how you do your hair and it will get to you. DON’T LET IT. You are amazing and beautiful.
Do not try to be the boss of everyone. People will hate you for that and you should probably start working on it now. It is fine to be a leader but don’t tell people what to do
Also don’t label people. You have a habit of doing that and it can sometimes offend people even though you are not trying to be mean.
Just because you are going into 5th grade doesn’t mean you are better then any of the younger people at your school. It is not age that matters but the things you do and say.
You are gong to have a little conversation with a friend of yours where that friend says something extremely racist that’s not very kind and instead of not saying anything, say that they are wrong because they are. Like seriously.
You are going to try to become friends with a certain popular person because of this persons popularity and I want to tell you know that first it doesn’t work and second seriously. 
Just to crush your spirits early so that you don’t bet on it and lose I think 5 dollars you don’t get onto the student council. A certain other person gets on instead and really he’s better at it and you still have a good year so don’t be so annoyed about it.
Next year you will be in 5th grade and although there will be a couple downs it will absolutely be shadowed by all of the amazing things that happen to you. You have amazing times with your friends and you make some new ones. You are finally the oldest on campus. Make the most of it. 
After that you will be in 6th grade. Its pretty far away from you know but I know your scared of it and when it comes time you question the school you decided to go to. The school you chose? Yeah you absolutely love it and it isn’t so scary.
You are amazing and wonderful and you need to always always remember that.

I feel like I’m mean. Am I mean? I feel like all of the other posts that I read to get inspiration for this one were all love dove and sweet and I am over here acting like a really bossy person which is what I just said not to do. I really need to work on that. So what did you think of the post? I hope you liked it and if you did feel free to follow my blog by pressing that follow button to the left of this post. If you want to see my letter to my high school self you can go here if you want to check it out. How old are you (this sounds creepy but I want to know how old my readers are)? Should I do more posts like this (like when I am older)? What would you tell to your 10 year old self if you could? Are any of you guys 10 and if so what would you tell to your 12 year old self? Do you like open letter like this? How amazing are you? The correct answer is very amazing because one you are reading my blog and two lots of other reasons. Ok bye peoples! Have an amazing day/night/afternoon/morning!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Time- A Poem

So lovely :) 
Time is the culprit of everything. It changes appearances, wilts flowers, and brings life. We wish we could hold on forever, but that isn't how this cycle works. It takes away just as much as it gives. Sometimes, that is hard to understand. It causes pain, and even when it feels like it's the end of the world, nothing stops. The clock keeps ticking and soon, years pass by. In your heart, you can still feel a stain. A space that could never quite be filled. The chilly wind comes back, and I shiver. Even my jacket and your hands can't keep me warm. Red, orange, and yellow leaves drop by me and I seem to be living in a dream. Just for a moment then, my heart beat stops for just a second. I see a single brown leaf, and cup it with both hands. Night comes. Strangely, only one star seems to shine. It's been 30 years now. I still remember that stain in my heart that hasn't been completely filled, but I always think of everything I've lost. I can see it in my heart, all those faces, all that laughter, all those smiles. The first time I had grown up into something my parents could be proud of. Maybe, just maybe, it's not all over just yet. I'm happy just knowing that. 
I hope that you enjoyed that poetry piece! It really means a lot to me because although I'm young and have yet to go over all these experiences, it just shows how the little things in life can make all the difference. You can always find a light in the darkness.

a girl whose only language is music, whose soul is made of words, and who is trying to live, laugh, and love life
Find more here at her personal blog.

A huge thanks to Nabila for letting me guest post <3

Sunday, July 23, 2017

South Carolina Photo Diary // Catching A 45 Pound Fish, Pink Houses, And Most Importantly Brownies

Hi! What's up peoples? Having a good day? Maybe? Maybe not? I hope you are but if you are not that's ok too. Smile and make tomorow a good day. Soooooooo....... In my latest post I said I would explain why I have only posted two posts this week when I am supposed to post every day. So pretty much I am staying with my grandparents right now and they are incredibly awesome but that is not part of the story. So for a couple days we went down to this motorhome rv park type thing with a lake. I am not sure the actually name but you can like put your motorhome there and stay there for a specific time and you can have your boat and go fishing and it’s a thing. Anyway so we stayed there for a week and it was fun. The thing is the wifi and internet connection there is questionably as in there is none. I could have scheduled some posts kind of like what I did for when I went to the Dominican but I was lazy and I didn’t so overall it was my fault so sorry for anyone who was annoyed by that. So in this post I am going to show you guys some photos and tell you a little bit of what I have been doing while hanging out with my grandparents these past few weeks. I usually do these kind of wrap up posts after I arrive home but I have decided to do it today because I am leaving in a couple days and I don’t think we are going to do anything and I have no other posts ideas to be honest so let’s get started!

So the first week my dad stayed with us as well so that was fun and we went to this cool rock geology museum and all of the rocks were so beautiful. 

The 4th of July! We had fun and there were sparklers and it was awesome and if you want to find out more about that you can go to this post. 

Then for the weekend me and my sisters stayed with my aunt and uncle who live right by my grandparents. This is a picture of me when I was like two that I feel like I have to include because I was very much one of the cutest two year olds on the planet (don’t question me).

I got this bracelet made out of bottle caps for a dollar from a thrift shop we went to for a reason I now forget but I love the bracelet. 

Downtown Greenville.

I am a weird kid and some of my favorite games are risk and monopoly so when I found out that they owned a game of risk and that my uncle liked the game I kind of had to play and he for some reason agreed. It was mostly luck rolling wise, but I won and I was pretty happy about it. I’ve never won before mostly because no one has ever played a full game with me before but still.

More pictures of me when I was younger because it is needed.

We made strawberry shortcakes for dessert one of the days and although I think I ate it incorrectly it was amazing. It was almost amazing as the brownies my grandma makes.

And then I beat everyone in monopoly too. I was having a very good day.

The next day right before we left they took us to see the new despicable me movie and it was pretty good. If you want to see my review of it you can go here. 

As I said (I think) my grandparents are super into fishing so we went fishing a couple times.

Then as I said we went to the rv plac and it is right near Charelston so we explored that the first day we were there. My grandfather was in the air force so we visited a cool military base near Charleston and there were some planes on display. 

Him posing for a picture in front of a type of plane he used to fly.

This is the church my parents got married in. I had never seen it before but it is supposed to be really famous and beautiful and it was really pretty from what I could see.

The doors!

Walking near the ocean.

There was a pink house! And a green house! And a yellow house! And they were all old and pretty so I got my grandma to take a picture of me.

The lake near where we were staying was so pretty.

It seemed to go on forever.

Fanta is amazing ok. Don’t judge.

This is the 45 pound fish. Like it was almost bigger then my little sister which is who caught it (although my grandfather might helped). 

Ice cream! 

The boat.

A feather. There were a bunch of birds around but I sadly didn’t get any good pictures of them because they kept flying away from me. I feel like they didn’t like me.

I was trying to take a good picture but it looks really blurry. Comment down below if you notice how a lot of these picture just look a little bit off. I think I might have done something to my phone camera. 

The bird sitting in the tree.

My sister hates when I take pictures of her so I have to be sneaky but she is so pretty so I couldn’t help myself. I think this one turned out ok.

Sunset on the lake.

This post was kind of confusing and all over the place but I hoped you liked it. The next time I disappear I will make sure to say something first. So did you like this post? If you did I would love if you could follow my blog by pressing that follow button to the left of this post. Have you ever been fishing? What is your favorite thing you have done/you remember about your grandparents? Have you ever ridden on a boat? Have you ever been to a lake? Which picture in this post is your favorite? Should I do more posts like this? What is your favorite type of post on this blog? What kind of posts should I do more of? Are you already following my blog because if so you are awesome. 

Saturday, July 22, 2017

What I Love And Hate About Blogging

I will explain why I haven’t been posting for a whole week in my next post so stay tuned but before I do that I’m going to write this post mostly for reasons like photos not loading and being bored. So I was reading Steph’s blog (her blog is so cool and she recently updated it and now she is like the most professional blogger in the whole world and she is very cool so you should check out her blog) recently when I came across this post of hers where she listed things she loves and hates about blogging. I really liked reading it so I was like why don’t I do one of my own? This post idea is all hers but she’s awesome so I don’t really care. Read on if you want to hear about some of the things I love but also hate about blogging and being a blogger.

-All of the wonderful people I have met 
-Taking photos
-Just learning so much about the world
-Playing with my blog's design
-Talking with other bloggers
-Reading your comments 
-Reading other peoples blog posts
-When I get new followers
-Bragging about my blog to other people
-Thinking about how my blog can grow
-How blogging is kind of like an outlet to me 
-How this blog has helped me learn that I actually do have a couple skills that people might even appreciate
-Practicing and exploring things I probably wouldn’t have like writing and photograpghy
-That it gives me confidence
-How I am never “bored”  
-That I am more organized 

-Having a schedule and sometimes feeling like I need to write and it being annoying and not fun like it should be
-Spam comments that make no sense
-Being looked down upon because I am younger 
-How there are all of these bloggers working with brands and when I try to do the same they either ignore me or I can't sign up because of not having social media accounts or my age
-When something goes wrong related to coding that I can’t figure out how to fix
-When I tell people I have a blog and they either don’t know what blogging is or think it is like Tumblr (which I don’t have anything against but you get what I mean)

I love blogging and I do not want to ever quit. It makes me really happy and I have realized that a little bit more while writing this post. I’m sorry for not posting for a whole week and I promise tomorrow I will tell you guys what I was doing but as I said none of my photos will load. It’s extremely annoying. If you liked this post and you want to see more content from me but you are not subscribed make sure to go do that by pressing the follow button on the sidebar to the left of this post.  Soooooooo did you like this post? Should I do more blogging related posts? What do you love or hate about blogging? Do you agree with anything on my list? Do you have a blog (if so comment the link down below because I very much want to go check it out)? Are you awesome (the answer is yes if you are still reading this)?

Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Letter To My (Future) High School Self

I have been trying to come up with a blog post idea for like ever. Like since I woke up 4 hours ago. I have also been watching youtube but that is besides the point. As you can tell from this post I did come up with an idea and I like it. I think. Kind of. I love to read posts with either letters to your older/younger self so I though I would do one myself. This is a letter to My High School Self so me in about 3 years. Wow. I will be in high school in 3 years. That is so weird! My mind is going crazy even thinking about it. Lets get started!

Hey Nabila a couple years from now.  I hope you are doing well. 

If you remember (which you probably won’t unless you have a better memory then me) you will be reading this your first day of high school. 

You will be about 15 and a teen which I can’t currently say. 

You will have been through middle school. That time that is supposed to be awkward and weird and crazy. I hope it was good. I’m currently excited for the school year and I hope all that works out. 

By that time you would have taken all of the 8th grade tests (and hopefully passed) and you have perfected that whole test taking thing. 

By now you probably know a little bit more about what you like to do and say and maybe what you want your job to be. 

You will have auditioned for high school already and probably written a bunch of stuff for it. I wonder what High School you will be at. I’m pretty sure I know and I’m fine with that. 

So. Has any thing big happened in your life yet? If everything goes according to plan you will have been to Egypt which is crazy to think about.

Maybe if you are lucky you might have been to some other cool places as well. Like New York for your birthday one year. Now that would be cool.

Have you been in a relationship? Probably not. That is weird just to think about. You are going to be one of those people who is not going to kiss anyone till your like 25 and you know it.

Is the family ok? I hope so. They are literally one of the most important things ever and even if you are mad at them go give them a hug.

Tata Negma (or however you spell her name) is 100 by then. Wow. Having an 100 year old great grandmother must be cool (unless you know, something happened and if so I’m sorry).

If you followed my goals you will have participated in some kind of play in a lead role and entered some kind of video/talking competition. If so well done. Give yourself a pat on the back because that is cool. 

If you are not still blogging then go get on the computer and write an apology/explanation post and and keep writing. Unless of course you have become a youtube star and in that case its fine.

You are probably even more awkward now that you are an official teenager. I even feel awkward talking to you which is me because I’m not sure what to write. 

Just advice. I can see myself as that person who puts school over everything else even things like friends and family. That is ok in moderation but remember the people who love you.

Oh wow how was your 13 birthday? I hope it was fun. It is in like 3 months for me so I’m excited. 

Oh you must be excited to turn 16. The whole sweet 16 thing. That's cool. Don’t be cliche though. Do something cool and hang out with friends.

Speaking of friends you have probably made new friends by now. I wonder if you are still friends with your elementary school friends like Emma, Alyssa, Lydia, and kind of more recently Isabel. If you are still friends with them that's cool. If not then that's ok too. Friends grow apart.

If you are stilling blogging (which you better be) you will probably have 200 followers by now. That must be cool. And you have probably done something super cool blogging related like go to some event or met someone cool. Also you might have changed the blog name.

Has Taylor Swift released a new album yet? If so did you happen to go to her concert because if so that would be cool. Like super cool. Like amazingly cool. 

I wonder how technolagy has advanced. Probably not majorly but something like google glass or stuff like that might be a thing by now. If so I predicted it.  

If you are reading this then write a letter to your graduate self like the day you graduate high school or your middle school/kid self. It could be an interesting post.

Remember though that you are cool and awesome and amazing and if you try really hard and give it your all you might just get somewhere in the world. 

How was that? Should I do a letter to my younger self? I love reading posts like this for some reason but I wasn’t really sure how to write one so sorry if it is very confusing. If you are a blogger feel free to do a post like this and link them in the comments down below because I would love to read them. Do you ever think about your future self? Do you ever think about your younger self? If you could give your future self one piece of advice what would it be? Do you like reading posts like this? Do you like my blog? Remember my high school self will be reading these comments so say something cool. Are you following my blog because if not then you totally should. It makes me happy every time someone does. 

Saturday, July 15, 2017

27 Things You Should Know Before You Start Middle School

Oh hi. I’m Nabila. I’m also a blogger. Oh yeah I’m also 12 and going into 7th grade. I bet you didn’t expect that. A 12 year old blogger? I know so weird. I’m a very weird person. So since I am going into 7th grade that means that last year at this time I was going into 6th grade which in the US means starting middle school. It is extremely scary. You are going from elementary which is like a little kid school to middle school where you are supossed to be all responsible and its hard. Somehow I actually survived and I am still here to tell the story. Although the story is not really that interesting since I don’t have that much of an interesting life but you get the point! Because the transition is so hard I want to make it a little less hard for all of you guys who are going into 6th grade this year by listing a couple things you should know/just advice . Lets get started!

1. Don’t be scared 
2. Summer reading assignments are a thing
3. Friends are one of the most important things on the planet 
4. First impressions are everything 
5. Just because it is summer doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn

6. Homework is important
7. The older kids aren’t crazy people (most of the time)
8. Trying to be cool is kind of stupid. Just being you is actually being cool
9. Some friends aren’t forever
10. Getting involved in drama (not the theater kind but the gossip kind) is never smart
11. If you have a hobby then sign up for a club or competition in something or get really involved in a class
12. Saying hi can sometimes do amazing good
13. Talk to people
14. Take classes that you enjoy
15. Whenever you can get ahead then do it
16. Most teachers aren’t idiots
17. So be nice to them
18. Middle school isn’t that horrible
19. It’s actually pretty awesome
20. Getting the correct school supplies is important

21. Actions almost always speak louder then words
22. Choose your friends wisely
23. Rules are there to protect you, not hurt you
24. Choose what you believe in not because it is popular, but because it is right
25. Don’t be afraid to reach out to new people
26. Don’t rely on one friend or teacher or person
27. Grades count

I originally was trying to list 100 and then 77 then 49 but I only need up doing 27 because why not. Sooooooooooo. Was that helpful to any of you guys? Are any of you guys starting middle school or 6th grade soon? If so are you scared? What are you most excited about? If not, what is your advice for people who are? Were you scared when you start middle school? Do you guys have any advice for me? If you are in school what grade are you in? Are any of you guys excited for school to start? If so why? I want to know!