Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Steps Of Becoming Friends With Someone

Do you want to know how people make friends? Do you want to laugh at how hard I try to be funny sometimes and then fail? Do you want to read some stuff related to friends? Well then you have come to the right place. :)

Hello peoples! I'm Nabila and if you haven't followed my blog yet that would be cool. You know. If you wanted. So I have done stuff on friends (aka herehere, and here) and I liked doing that so why not doing another post centered around friendship? In this post I am going to be explaining the average steps one takes to become friends with another individual.

You find out the other person is alive 

Maybe through another friend or you just see them in school. You don't find the person that repulsing and you think they are at least semi cool. A little bit. The clothes look pretty good and the person has a reputation as being nice. 

You decide you want to be friends with friends

Then you are like "well you know this person is actually super cool. And the person as has the same interests. Ok I would love to be friends with this person. But how?? That is the question"

You think about how to become friends with the person 

*Note some people may skip this step if they are super outgoing. Not very common. 

So now you must figure how to become friends with the person. Ask them if they want to hang out. Team up with them at school. And then of course there are always the thoughts like "well wait what if the person doesn't want to be friends with me?" And also the dreaded the thought "what if I'm not cool enough?"

You finally talk to the person 

No more waiting. It is now time for action. It is time for the day we have all been waiting for. In reality though you probably go up to the person and say hi and they say hi back. Not all that exciting and actually kind of disappointing.

You make a plan

After the latest disappointment you have to have a plan. A plan that will blow all of the other plans out of the water. You could a) invite them to party or some social event b) you ask them to help you with something or c) you change seats and sit next to them in class.

You carry out the plan

You decide that inviting them to something is to much to soon so instead you sit with them/near them during class. It for some reason goes surprisingly well and you guys talk and at the end you somehow get the persons number.

You feel really good about yourself

You just basically almost became friends with someone so now you feel really happy and accomplished. You think about how awesome your social skills are. But then you realize that to be friends with someone you must keep up the whole being friends thing. 

You think about how to keep up the whole friend thing

Now that you are kind of friends you need to become official friends by actually spending time with each other. How to do that though is kind of hard.

You do some stuff

You text the person if they want to meet somewhere and then you guys go do something and then other stuff happens and then you are happy because you have made a new friend.  

And that is all for now! So. Did you like the post???? I had fun making it. Also a side this is not really that realistic and every friendship starts in different ways. Comment down below if I should do more "stages of" posts and also a cool way you became friends with someone. :)


  1. I think that sometimes becoming friends with someone feels natural and easy. But, when it comes down to it, this is essentially how one becomes friends with another.


    1. Yeah like sometimes it a natural easy thing but a lot of time it just isn't. Thanks for commenting!

  2. This is really interesting!
    Thanks for sharing!


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