Monday, June 12, 2017

Speak Up

Speak Up
Sometimes you feel like you have no choice
But to stay silent
And not say anything
Sometimes that is true
Sometimes it might be a life or death situation
Or a situation where you could get hurt
When that happens
Ask for help
And then
Speak Up
For most of us though
That's not true

Most of us have a choice
And we choose to say nothing
Nothing about the things that are happening
To us
Around us
And everywhere in between

If you don't agree
Then say so
If you don't want to
Then say no
Speak up

You were given a voice
So that you could use it
Use it to express yourself
Your ideas
Your feelings
Being able to talk and communicate is a gift
And amazing privilege that we must use to help

Sometimes people use their voice on other things though
Things like hate
Things like creating fear
Things like arguing
Things like putting people down
Things that wreck havoc
We all do this
Even if we don't realize it

Words are powerful
They are one of the most powerful things on the planet
It doesn't matter what language you speak
One word can break someone
Or make them the happiest person in the world
One word can change a person's life forever

Think about what you are going to say
For one word can change almost everything
Be careful
And precise
Use your words with a purpose
Do something that only you can do

When you see something happening
Tell someone
Maybe a friend
Who needs help
Or maybe a person in the hall who is a stranger to you
Who is being bullied
Or maybe yourself
A person who is not perfect

Don't ever be silent



    The best among us will follow your words. Whether they fail to stop a wrong or succeed, they deserve our respect. Hillary Clinton could not overcome a combination of misogyny and an international criminal conspiracy with treasonous collusion. Reality Winner could not avoid arrest. But each of them told the truth. Each of them tried in their own way to protect our country.


    1. Thanks Ray! Yeah sometimes I feel like a lot of times when people do something good even if it doesn't make something start or stop we should still remember the good that they did.

  2. Interesting post Nabila :) I agree with your words. They are indeed a gift for expression.

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  3. I love this! Great poem :-)