Saturday, June 17, 2017

Photo Diary // Cirque La Vie + Things To Do In Houston

I have not done a photo diary in so long guys. It has seemed like forever. If you are new to my blog in my photo diary posts I basically just put a bunch of photos of a place I went to/anything I did. I like doing them and I think you guys like them too. Maybe. I don't know. So a couple days ago my family and I went to Discovery Green which is an urban park downtown (it is so cool) and we saw this circus thing. It wasn't an actual circus but there were acrobats and contortionists (which is like bending in weird ways) and a bunch of stuff like that. It wasn't professional but it still looked so cool. I think the company that put it on has a school who offers classes to teens and adults. They are doing it every Friday this month so if you live in Houston you should totally go!

Before it started the artists we walking around and getting people to come up and dance and one of them chose me and it was kind of embarrassing cause I can't dance but it was fun. 

I told you it was cool. 

They are literally off the ground holding themselves up with one leg and they are also doing the same thing as each other. Like what. 

I definitely cannot do that. I have trouble doing normal stretches. 

And think the called the rope part "the web" or something like that. I'm not sure. But the person liked climbed up and did cool tricks and only used one hand and spun and it was extremely impressive. 

But what makes it even cooler to me is that they also had to dance and perform and act (facial expressions and that kind of thing) while doing these amazing things. Plus they probably have actual jobs or some of them almost looked like they were still in school.  

It lasted about an hour and they took pictures with people afterward. 

So I got a picture. Kind of. 

Another super cool thing about it is that it was right in front of a convention center and it was basically on a street (that was, of course, blocked off). 

The pink lights are amazing. 

I saw this heart as we were walking back so even though I wasn't wearing something that flattering I still asked my parents if they could take a picture of me. 

And that is it for now! If you liked this post and want more photo diary type posts them comment down below. I would also love to know if you have ever seen anything like this or have been to an actual circus.

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