Thursday, June 22, 2017

My Summer Morning Routine

Hello peoples! Good morning/night/evening! I have seen morning routine videos all over youtube but I haven't seen them that much on blogs. This might be because they don't work in word format but I think it would be cool so I'm doing it and I challenge all of the bloggers that read my blog to do a morning routine as well.

1. At around 8-9 I wake up and lay in bed for a few minutes to fully wake myself up (this might sound early to some people but my sisters always tease me about how "late" I wake up).

2. At this time I then try to make my bed but that rarely happens because I am bad at making my bed ok. The last few days I have made my bed though and I am pretty happy about it.

3.Then it's time to head into the bathroom. The first thing I do is usually splash my face with water because I am not really a morning person.

4. I then dry my face and put on some lotion that I really like although I am not sure where it is from.

5. If my face is being extra annoying I will put on some more face stuff. I didn't realize this because my parents just gave me the stuff but proactive is also pretty popular and it is a top pic for which is a cool site that lists and reviews a bunch of different stuff.

6. Then it is time for hair. My hair is so annoying in the morning so with hair products and water and a brush I try to put it into a nice ponytail but I usually fail so it is more of a messy ponytail.

7. After I do my hair I brush my teeth. My teeth are extremely annoying because it seems that no matter what kind of toothpaste I use or how much I brush them they will still be this yellow color and I slightly hate it. Just a bit. I also have that annoying gap in my teeth. This is why I don't show teeth in photos.

8. Once that's done I will put on deodorant and some chapstick if I remeber/if my lips are dry before heading back into my room.

9. In my room I will make my bed if I haven't already and pick and change into my outfit for the day.

And that is my morning routine! I don't really have a solid routine so I might skip something one day or do it in a different order. Comment down below your morning routine. :)


  1. I'm a morning person so I also think that 9 is kinda late (but a reasonable time to get up). These days, I usually wake up at 5/6am. Sometimes it's because of my medication (I'm diabetic) that makes me feel hungry in the morning.

    I never make my bed, to be honest. I just don't see the point xD

    It's good that you're taking care of your skin at a young age. I wish I did the same :( At least I'm taking care of it now!

    You seem to think your features are annoying xD Don't worry, you'll like them when you get older.... I think xD And as for your teeth, gaps are actually pretty cute! Hopefully you'll like it one day ^^


    Wake up. Stay in bed for a while daydreaming.

    Get up and go downstairs to refill my water bottle. IF I'm hungry, I'll get something to eat as well.

    Read my Bible before reading a book.

    I'll either pray with my family or shower first.

    Then apply my toner (rosewater) and moisturiser after showering and then I dress up. And then I brush my teeth.

    1. 5 and 6 seem so early to me. That is like the times that I wake up if I have to get to school super early or something like that.

      For me I make my bed because it is a really big part of my room and it looks messy if I don't make it.

      Haha yeah.

      I'm happy you think gaps are cute. :)

      Cool routine!


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