Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Light And Dark

Light and Dark
Love and Hate
Happiness and Sadness
Kind and Mean
Whole and a Part
Done and Still in Progress

The thing about light
Is that it cannot exist
Without darkness
A world of just light
Or just dark
Would be emotionless
But with both
We have the world we have now
It is the same for every single thing

Love cannot exist with hate
Happiness cannot exist without sadness
Kindness cannot exist with meanness

Evil will always exist
People who seem to think killing is something that is acceptable
We can't totally erase evil
But we can try to be good ourselves
By helping a cause
Or just talking to someone you wouldn't usually talk to


  1. These seem like very serious thoughts for a girl who's out of school with a whole carefree Summer ahead of her. Why not turn your thoughts to lighter fare, at least for a while?

    Have you ever seen "The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack"? Or "Teacher's Pet"? Have a look, but avoid the "Teacher's Pet" movie. It was bit of a disappointment.

    --Ray (living proof there's always time to be miserable later)

    1. Well I am a very seriously girl.

      No I haven't seen either of those movies. I will check them out.

    2. Not movies, TV shows(check YT). And both are brilliant. Make sure you see a few episodes of Flapjack BEFORE you see the people behind it. Trust me, seeing Flapjack's creator doing the character is hilarious.

      Teacher's Pet is voiced by Nathan Lane, Jerry Stiller and David Ogden Stiers. That's an amazing cast. It's for everybody and great fun.

      Word to the wise(girl): Develop your sense of humor. There will be days it can save your life.


    3. Those both sound super cool!

      Ok actually I have like no sense of humor and I have been trying to work on it but I am kind of failing. Like this is a real problem.

  2. THIS! I love this poem so much! <3


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