Monday, June 5, 2017

Interview With TargetGirl

Today I have an interview with the wonderful person who goes by the name of TargetGirl. This was a interview swap so you can find me answering her questions here. Ok let's get started with the interview!


What is your name and what does it mean?

My blog name TargetGirl means to me being myself and caputuring every aspect of life and putting it into a new light almost

Ok that was really deep. What is your blog name and what does it mean?

My blogging goal is To Be Happy and Make Happy

Lots of happiness. I like it. How do you spend an average day?

Usually I go to school, And then after school I go over to my best friend/neighbours house

Sounds like a fun day. What are your favorite hobbies?

Reading, Writing, Karate and obviously blogging

Ok karate sounds awesome. I did not know you did that. For the longest time I wanted to do karate but I never ended up doing it. Where do you live and what is your favorite thing about that place? 

I live in New Zealand and I love the green and freshness of it. (If that makes sense....)

That makes total sense! How do you come up with blog posts?

Normally I either have a random idea and blog about it or get inspiration from other blogs

Same! What does your blog mean to you and why do you blog?

My blog in a way means freedom to be me, Not having to be someone I'm not.

That might be the best meaning of a blog like ever. If you could hang out/meet any living person for an hour who would it be?

Argh! I think I would have to Jacqueline Wilson, I loved her books for so long and she in a way helped me become the person I am today.

Cool! If you had to choose a career now what would it be?

I don't know! Probably something like a photographer or author!

Yeah both of those sound really fun. What are you super annoyed about right now?

Hmmm probably the fact that I am behind in school work! 

That is always super annoying. Ok that is it for now! If you enjoyed this post please follow and make sure to check out her blog here. 


  1. Nice interview! Will check her out one of these days ;)

  2. I've read a couple of Jacqueline Wilson's books. It's been a while since I last read one of her books, but I remember the narrative being memorable!

    I love this post. You should make it a series!


    1. I'm happy you like this post. I have done interviews in the past but I am going to be trying to do some more.