Saturday, June 10, 2017

8 Easy Ways To Relax And Destress

In our day and age, things are stressful. People are stressed out. Things just move so fast and there is pressure and in some rare occasions, this can lead to people exploding. This is a fact. More commonly this can lead to things like depression or anxiety. In this post, I am going list 8 super easy ways to relax or destress after a busy day.

Drink a warm drink

You can get some tea or some other warm drink and just hold it in your hand and drink. Being warm always calms you down, also just who doesn't like tea?

Get off electronics 

Things like social media and emails and just being online is a big point of anxiety for so many people. Just shut off your phone. They keep you awake and they probably annoy you as well.  

Go for a walk 

Exercise both makes you happy (with is actually scientifically proven) and clears your mind.  It gives you a few minutes alone to just think and is also physical activity.

Listen to calming music 

Sometimes I do this when I can't sleep. It calms you down and can easily clear your thoughts. Alternately you could also listen to your favorite song which will just make you happy. 

Read a book

At least for me when I read I get lost in the world and I don't think of anything else. If it is not the same thing with you then you could also watch a tv show (but make sure it is not scary as that will just make you more stressed). 

Take a bath

As I said above being warm calms you down so a warm bath can do wonders. Light a candle, add some bubbles and just relax. 

Meditate/Do Yoga 

Just sit in silence or you could look up some yoga poses online. Yoga both gives you a stretch and is also very relaxing. 

Do breathing exercises

When you are feeling really stressed or anxious the easiest thing  to do is just breath. I do this when I have tests or when I am really annoyed about something. My mom says that the best thing to do is to breath in for about 7 seconds, hold it for about 4, then breath about 8 seconds.

And guess what??? I have been actually uploading videos to my youtube channel and I will keep uploading over the summer (maybe). I would absolutely love if you could subscribe to my channel. :) Fun fact I made a video to go along with this post and I thought it was going to be so cool. I recorded (with my phone so it was never going to be that good) the talking portion and then all of the other stuff in between and I sat down to edit and realized that I didn't have an editor. The video editor that I used for my other videos kind of stopped working and then basically died. So for the next hour, I researched a bunch of video editors and I literally found nothing that was free, on windows, easy to use but was also kind of advanced. Then though I just downloaded iMovie on my phone and then I just edited the whole video. No it doesn't look professional and yes it looks like a 12-year-old made it but I still like it so deal with it.

And that is it for now! Comment down below your favorite ways to destress. Oh, also Paper Fury is having a super cool giveaway that you can check out here. 



  1. awesome post! i love going for a walk to clear my mind!

    1. Thanks Audrey! Yeah I also love going for walks. It just seems so calming. :)

  2. Aw, these are lovely tips! I'm all for reading and drinking tea to destress. ;) For sure and definitely.

  3. Thanks for this! These are lovely tips!

  4. I looked at some of your new videos. You're beautiful with a bright, sparkling personality. What you lack is a good microphone. Or perhaps the problem was in audio editing. Nonetheless the videos are impressive.

    If you're 4'11" at age 12 you can expect to be just about average height (5'4"). No, you're not done growing but, by 16, you'll likely be close.

    16?! Eeww, teenagers! ... Teenagers? HUMANS! Yuck!

    --Ray (Cats are MY people!)

    1. Thanks for looking at my videos. I am happy you like them. :) I do need a microphone though. I need to work on that.

      I think my doctor says I will be about 5" to 5'4".


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