Wednesday, June 14, 2017

7 Things That Need To Exist

If you think hard enough I bet every single one of you guys reading this can remember a time when you wanted something invented. Maybe never melting ice-cream or some other thing that is a lot cooler. I certainly have. In this post, I am going to list 7 Things That Just Really Need To Exist. These aren't that like extravagant or anything and are possible (or most of them). If you want me to make a post with stuff I think should exist that probably isn't possible then comment down below saying so.

1. Group photos where everybody's eyes are open 

Seriously! This is a real problem. Like whenever you want to take a cute group photo with someone one person's eyes are closed and it ruins everything. So you take another picture but then someone else's eyes are closed. It just never works. This is a real problem ok (not really). 

2. A quiz that accurately says what job you should have

There are millions of quizzes online from what Hogwarts house you are in (I am Ravenclaw) to what your spirit animal is (I think when I took a spirit animal quiz I got some kind of squirrel). I admit I love taking random quizzes like that. Like I could seriously just do that all day but I fear I wouldn't get anything done. The sad thing about these quizzes though is that most of them are absolutely wrong or just not 100% accurate. I want a quiz (specify one centered about what job you should have and maybe your personality type) this is 100 % all the time accurate and correct. 

3. A public pool in my neighborhood 

I love swimming. This is a true fact. The thing is there is not one public pool in my neighborhood and sometimes it really annoys me. A lot of my friends have pools but one that I could go to anytime would be extremely nice. 

4. A way to tell someone you are annoyed at them without seeming rude

This should not be a problem of mine but it is and I am pretty sure it is also a problem for the rest of the world. Sometimes someone is doing something you don't like but maybe they don't realize it so you want to tell them without seeming rude. Like for me I absolutely hate the sound of flour or hands rubbing against each other. If you are not close to me though you won't realize this. So how in the world do I tell someone to stop? There probably is a way to do this but I would like an easier one. 

5. Clothes that when you put them one they change to fit you

This is a problem for a lot of people who are not of ordinary weight and size (what really is ordinary weight and size though I have no idea) where they find something cute but it just doesn't fit them. It would be so cool if all clothes and shoes and accessory type stuff just changed to fit you when you put it on. This means that they wouldn't have to make as many in so many different sizes and it wouldn't take up as much space on shelves at stores cause it could be one pile per clothing item instead of like 6 for six different sizes. 

6.  Cheap wireless earbuds for all phones 

Yes, wireless earbuds are a thing. But are they cheap? No. And are they available for all phones? I think not. The wireless earbuds seriously seem just so cool to me. It is like sound traveling and like so many other stuff that I really want to learn about but don't understand at the moment. 

7. Also, you know world peace and a perfect life for everyone

Stuff like everyone gets enough to eat and no wars or fighting and everyone just lives in perfect harmony with each other. Doesn't that sound just wonderful? There would be no famine, no poverty, no anything that is is bad. Something that is absolutely impossible but would be pretty cool.

And that is it for now! Comment down below something that you think would be super cool if we had it and also what kind of blog posts you would like to see from me in the future. Bye and make sure to follow this blog!


  1. Never-melting ice cream? Got it! Check out Mountain House freeze-dried ice cream at Amazon. PLEASE do not blame me if it's horrible.

    Number 4 is another easy one. Say "Everyone who isn't annoying the hell out of me take one giant step forward ... Not so fast, Ray!"

    Happiness is never an accident. It's intentional. It's an attitude adjustment.


    1. Freeze dried ice cream sounds interesting but not the most appetizing.

      That could work but again the whole rude thing.

      I agree. :)


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