Wednesday, June 28, 2017

6 Super Cool 4th Of July DIYs

Hello, peeps! Soooooo....... It's 4th of July soon!! For some people, this could mean absolutely nothing. Actually, for all people not living in the US, it doesn't mean much. For people living in the US though it is fireworks and barbecue and watermelon and red and white and blue. It is about being proud to be an American. We are probably too proud though. Like I am not very proud to be American at the current moment. I mean if you listen to some of those songs about being a proud American and really look at the lyrics you will realize what I am talking about. Anyway, that is not the subject of this post. To be even more festive a lot of people decorate and make cool outfits and stuff for the 4th of July. What better way to do that then to DIY? In this post, I am going to list 6 Super Cool 4th Of July DIYs. This list will include food, decorations, and maybe a couple of cool hairstyles. Let's get started!

*note that none of these are mine and to figure out how to make then go to the site it came from.

I am seriously the worst person at nails like ever but these 4th of July inspires nails are so cute! For this, all you have to have are the 4 colors and then a star or two.


Mason jars are pretty much always cute. You can just put a simple sticker on it and it will be amazing and super easy. Mason Jars that are flag inspired though are even cooler. 

White Chocolate Dipped 4th of July Ice Cream Cones by Amy Miller Designs

This makes me want ice-cream so bad like I can't even describe how much I want ice-cream right now. These super cool ice-cream cones will definitely show how much you care and they also look absolutely delicious.

Clothespin Wreath

The first thing people see when they look at a house beside the actual house is, of course, the door and in consequence, the beautiful reef hanging there. This one looks super cute and easy because it is basically just paint and clothes pins. 

DIY July 4th Banner

I love banners as you can see here. They are a perfect way to decorate any bland space. These super cute rustic ones are adorable and easy. 

ribbon braid for patriotic hair

I said I was going to add a hairstyle so here it is. I am definitely trying to do this one this year. It is cute but actually super easy. All you have to do is get some kind of material with the colors and braid it with your hair. 

Did any of you guys like this post??? Should I do more Roundup DIY type posts? Are you guys excited for the 4th of July? Any fun plans? Any traditions you do every year? What is your favorite holiday? Have you done any DIYs for the occasion? 


  1. Sooo cool!!! I love the hair idea a ton. I always paint my nails and wear the festive colors on the 4th. How about you? What traditions do you have? I have a parade to march in ( and am looking forward to that!

    1. Thanks Paige! Yeah the hair idea sounds so cool. I'm going to try to do when I get the chance. I try to paint my nails (and usually fail) but I usually succeed in wearing the colors. I don't really have many traditions but my family usually tries to see fireworks somewhere. Marching in a parade sounds so cool! I hope you have fun. :)

  2. Hi Nabila! I left a comment on one of your pages earlier about working with you. I'm open to doing an interview swap, a blog feature, a collaborative post or anything you'd like to do. Unfortunately, I don't really want to give out my email address, but I love your blog and if you want to work together, I can give you a link to my Google + account if that works.
    Lemme know!

    1. Hey Saanvi! Sorry for not replying earlier. I would love to work with you. Although over email would be easier we could also talk over Google+. Thanks!

  3. These ideas are really interesting!

    1. Yeah I think so as well and I am happy you agree.


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