Monday, June 19, 2017

3 Trends Right Now That When You Think About It Are Just Weird

I am the boss of this whole make the title as long as you possibly can thing. I mean I feel like I should get the award for making my post titles so long. Truly. OK now on to the post.

Trends. It doesn't matter if you love them or hate them. They will always be there. The things that are popular that everyone has. The things on Instagram that look so cool. The things talked about in that article in that magazine. A couple years ago things like (at least for me) rainbow loom and those bracelets that made shapes (I was obsessed with those things). A lot of times trends can be quite weird. Not that anyone really notices. In this post, I am going to round up 3 trends/things that are super popular at the moment that when you think about it are quite weird. Note this is not be hating on any of these things because I love them as well just pointing out there weirdness.


Just the name. Like chokers? I feel like it would choke me. Let me remind you to choke is supposed to be bad. Like extra bad. Like you can die from it bad. Like hands around neck suffocating bad. I mean think about it. If you don't know chokers are basically necklaces that go really lightly around your neck. They are very adorable I must admit but also kind of weird.

I legit only have one/kind of two chokers and I am kind of annoyed about it. 


If you asked anyone 10 years ago what they thought about slime they would say how disgusting it is. Slime is supposed to be that icky stuff that you find on animals skin or in other parts of nature (I think). My sisters are seriously obsessed with slime. I guess I kind of get it. It is fun to make and then fun to play with. But it is also very messy and gets stuck like everywhere. A better thing would be to get some thinking putty from the store and play with that. 

This is my sisters and their friend making slime.


You know that prickly stuff you find in the desert that you are not supposed to touch? Yeah, people really love those things. Like in their homes. I love the little succulent plants as well. They are cute and look nice. They can grow pretty much anywhere and multiply really fast and they need almost no maintenance. They are the perfect plant is our world where people want fast and easy plants to make a place look good and green. Yes, they are cool and practical but still weird. Although not all of these plants are pokey a lot of them are and you could literally get hurt. 

My mom loves all of these types of plants so we have like ten million of them. 

This post was so short. Sorry. Like I thought it would be cool post idea but then when I went about writing it I had fewer ideas of what to put in the post but because I am me and I lazy I just went with it. Sorry. Comment down below a trend as of right now that you find really weird or peculiar or just a trend that you are super excited about/like at the moment. I'm excited to read your comments!


  1. I don't understand the fidget spinner craze. I mean I understand that it helps people with adhd focus but what about the people who aren't adhd or anything like that?
    -Dani Jones

    1. Yeah for people without ADHD it is really just a toy.

  2. you're right, trends are really weird. especially fidget spinners and bottle flipping and dabbing. hopefully they will die out soon.

    i usually stay away from trends just because i'm stubborn, but chokers and cacti are two that i've embraced. i have a choker with a (fake) turquoise pendant and one with a tiny elephant charm, and i have three cacti (though i almost killed two of them).

    i remember that everyone loved slime/flubber when i was in elementary school. that one hasn't died out yet, clearly. but all those videos on instagram of people playing with slime can get pretty annoying.

    xo loren

    1. Some trends are extremely weird.

      Yeha I must admit I love chokers and cacti as well. They are just kind of amazing. Those sound so cute!

      Maybe it is just more popular now? It can get very annoying.

      Thanks for commentong loren!

  3. I know everyone has said this in the comments already but definitely fidget spinners. Also, I get what you mean about the slime. I swear every instagram account has turned into just playing with slime...

    - Fifi

    1. It is like everyone is making/playing/doing something with slime. It is a little much.


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