Friday, June 2, 2017

29 Things You Can Do/Say To Make Your Siblings Like You More

Hello peoples! Today I am back with another post this time related to siblings. Most people have a sibling of some sort expect for only children but even then there is proably a sibling figure. I personally have two annoying but wonderful little sisters. They get on my nerves quite a bit and sometimes I want to strangle them but I still love them very much, Sometimes though they get super annoyed at me (I have no idea why). So in this post I am going to be listing 29 things that you can do or say to get on your siblings (most of these apply more to girls) good side. Enjoy!

1. Compliment them
2. Do the dishes
3. Do there chores
4. Just talk to them
5. Play the game
6. Give stuff
7. Give money
8. Give toys
9. Give dolls
10. Give a new outfit
11. Ask if they want to come with you when you do cool stuff
12. Let them use your stuff
13. Don't ignore
14. Don't argue
15. Hang out with them
16. Notice something particular pretty/handsome about them that day and compliment that
17. Bring up their skills/accomplishments when you are getting complimented on your skills/accomplishments
18. Congratulate them if something cool happens
19. Encourage their dream
20. Ask them questions about their life
21. Actually help with homework if asked
22. Say how awesome they are online or to someone else when they are in the room
23. Make/bake/cook/create them a treat
24. If you have a special talent use it, for example write them a song if you are a songwriter or bake them a cake if you are into baking
25. Overdo the birthday and make them feel special
26. Tell them stuff about you
27. Include them in activities you do with friends
28. Participate in family stuff
29. Just be kind

And that is all for now! If you have anything to add to the list or any post ideas for me please comment down below. Also if you have a sibling I would love to know how you deal with him/her because sometimes I have a hard time dealing with my siblings. :)


  1. Oooh, I may just have to apply some of these techniques to my younger sister...

  2. I don't have a sibling, but these are good suggestions!

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    1. Thanks for choosing me Samantha! It seems really cool. :)