Tuesday, June 6, 2017

21 Things I Am Afraid Of

Hello peoples! My question of the day is what scares you? What keeps you up at night? What do you shudder when you think about? In this post I am going to be answering my answers to those questions. I was inspired by this wonderful post. 

1. Death

OK the rest of the list won't be so sad but seriously. Death is freaking scary. People dying in general, family dying, friends dying, it all scares me. I am so lucky because one close to me has ever died but the prospect scares me.

2. Crazy leaders

Hint hint.

3. Bad grades

I that know that either sounds nerdy or stuck up but grades mean a lot to me.

4. Sometimes people

People can be extremely harsh sometimes.

5. Wasps

I have never been stung by a wasp which almost makes it worst.

6. Growing up

I did a post on it here but the future and just becoming an adult scares me. I don't know what I want to do and there are so many variables and things that can change and things that are uncertain.

7. Bees

Again never been stung by one but still extremely annoying.

8. Freezing on stage 

It doesn't matter if I am acting, singing, or just giving a speech freezing up scars me so much. I absolutely hate the thought of ruining something I worked so hard on my just stopping or doing something wrong.

9. Losing friends

First I did a post on friends which you can find here, second drama is annoying and friends can sometimes cause drama. This is just a fact of life.

10. Not living up to my potential 

And just not doing what I am supposed to do. Maybe going down the wrong path in life or just not putting as much good in the world as I can.

11. Embarrassing myself 

This goes along with freezing up on stage. I like to stay I have a lot of self-esteem but that is not really true. I care about what people think of me probably way to much than I should.

12. Teachers 

They are extremely scaring beings most of the time.

13. Nightmares 

I am so so so lucky that I don't have nightmares that much but off and on I have this nightmare type dream where there are just a bunch of ants crawling on me. I'm not sure if that means something cause I'm not really that scared of ants.

14. Auditions/interviews

I am a kid so I haven't really had to go through many of these but still.

15. Hurting myself or others 

Like me breaking my hand forever or not being able to talk or accidentally hurting someone else really badly.

16. Technology and social media 

And being embarrassed online.

17. Driving 

I am of course not old enough to drive (I'm 12 if you don't know) but the thought of driving and the having an accident or driving of a cliff is something I think about way to much when I am in a car.

18. Drowning 

And being lost in the ocean with no one able to see my body. 

19. Going up to people and talking to them for the first time 

I am not the shyest person in the whole world but stuff like making the first move to be friends with someone or to ask someone I don't know a question is something I am very bad at.

20. Being caught in a lie 

I admit it. Just like everyone else I lie sometimes. I'm not proud of it. I should probably feel worse. Someone proving my lie incorrect though sometimes stops me from lying people I hate that feeling.

21. Rejection

And not getting in to something or just people saying no.

And that is all for now. If you liked this post it would make my day if you could follow my blog! Comment down below one of your fears.


  1. I'd have to agree with most of these!

  2. Wouldn't it be interesting to incorporate all of these fears into a short story? Perhaps you could create an extreme parody of yourself, a "Crazy Nabila", as the main character. Sometimes a little dark humor can be therapeutic. --Ray

    1. That would be really interesting. I might just write something based off of that. :)