Saturday, June 3, 2017

12 Things About Texas That Just Aren't True + I Complain Some About Stereotypes


Stereotypes are literally some of the most annoying things on the planet. Like seriously. The stereotype that all girls are weak and not fit to lead, or that all black people are dumb, or that all Muslims are terrorists, or that all guys are good at sports and so so many others. The thing about stereotypes is that sometimes yeah they are true. Yeah some girls aren't the strongest and there are some guys who are quite amazing at sports. But a stereotype means all. We humans are special snowflakes and no one of us are made alike. We can't be put into categories that define us. That just doesn't make sense. Stereotypes go hand in hand with things like prejudice and racism and sexism and all of the other annoying things. But in this post I am going to be talking about some stereotypes (that I looked up) about Texas and the people in Texas and also just some things people thing about Texas that are totally wrong! As you might of guessed I live in this beautiful state but sometimes it can be extremely annoying. Read on if you want to listen to me complaining and explaining or if you also live here and you can relate.

It is just desert

Some people seem to think that Texas is always sweltering hot (which is kind of true) with no vegetation whatsoever (which is not true at all). This is wrong. As I said above Texas is so so pretty if you go to the right places like the river near Austin is amazing and the hill country is absolutely gorgeous. Yes there are a lot of cactus but that's super in right now so deal with it.


Texas is basically known for this. The whole herd driving riding on horses ruffing it guys who did a bunch of stuff. Well if you must know actual cowboys were only a thing for not that long and they are definitely not a thing anymore. Also no not everyone is obsessed with the rodeo and cowboys hats and boots (I mean I am but not everyone).

Everyone's Republican

Yes Texas is a red state 
(which means most people either are or vote republican) but that doesn't mean everyone here is republican or that we believe in those values. My family certainly isn't and neither are most of my friends. Also Texas was almost purple (meaning half republican and half democrat) this election. Kind of. Or people thought it may be possible. So it's getting better!

We love guns

Again this is sometimes true but personally I feel like guns in civilians hands are not a good idea. There is so much research done on this subject that says a lot of stuff about how people having guns is a bad idea. My family definitely doesn't own one. 


When I was talking to an online friend about a year ago she asked me if I lived in Texas and I said yes and then she asked me if I had met any racist people. She doesn't live in the US but that was like the first thing she thought to ask me about my life. I said yes but I think that is the same with almost everyone. 

We only listen to country music

I actually hate country music. I mean not like hate hate but I never listen to it and I probably never will and for that matter neither do my parents. I like pop singers like Selena Gomez and I also really like Broadway songs. Country is no where to be seen. 

Oil oil oil

Yes we do have a big oil industry and yes it is a big thing here and yes a lot of people I know were hurt from the decrease in the price of oil. But no not everyone works in the petroleum industry or even wants to and not everyone just inherited a bunch of oil money. 

The only cool city is Austin

Wrong! Very very wrong. Yes Austin is a super cool place but there are also other super cool places in Texas. For example. You know. Ummm Houston where I was born and still being raised. Aka one of the best places ever (kind of). Who hosted the super bowl this year? Houston. Who was named the next big food city by multiple chefs? Houston. Who has a super cool art car parade? Houston. Who has me? Houston. Places like San Antonio and Dallas are also super cool and fun. 

We all ride horses

I have literally only rode a horse twice and both times were with school. A lot of people haven't even ridden a horse and almost no one owns them. Horse aren't really a thing here unless you live on a farm or ranch or something.

Football is life

Yes a lot of people in Texas like football. But do all of us?? Absolutely not. Personally I am not a sports fan. I watch the occasional football game if I am visiting my grandparents or if  it is like the championships or something but other than that not really. I don't even watch sports. Like I have never seen an actual live football game in my whole life. 

The only thing we drive is trucks

Like seriously. Just no. My family doesn't own a truck and neither does any of my friends. 

We are all ignorant and think Texas is the place ever

This actually is kind of true. I mean Texas is a pretty awesome place. Like what is not to like (this was rhetorical question that you don't have to answer)? I would rather live in New York or California or somewhere like that but other than that Texas is amazing.   

And that is it for now! Did you enjoy that post? At all? Kind of? Maybe? If it just came across as me complaining, sorry. Comment down below some stereotypes or things that aren't true about where you live. Also if you live in Texas definitely tell me so that we can scream about how annoying these things are in the comments. And make sure to follow if you enjoyed. :)


  1. I suppose that the first thing that comes into my mind when someone says 'Texas' is cowboys but I do love those boots they wear.....

    1. Well I mean cowboy boots are quite adorable so it is not so bad.

  2. This is a very nice and interesting post Nabila! Now I know a bit of Texas. Movies are really a great influence to make someone to stereotype about places. I have seen movies where they feature Texas like this. This is also similar to Egypt. A lot of people imagine Egypt nowadays as desert and pyramids, but people should be aware that places also change as we are in the modern era now :D

    1. Thanks Fiona! Yeah movies do seem to picture Texas like this which is what cultivates and makes people think Texas is only what you see in the movies. Oh my gosh yes it is so the same with egypt (although probably worse). I absolutely love egyptian culture (since I am half egyptian myself) but a lot of movies show egypt with mummies and not the advanced modern culture that it is starting to become. Thanks for commenting!

  3. This was such an interesting post! Thanks for clearing up these stereotypes!

  4. This was a really great read! I'll admit that as a British person who's never been to America, I definitely had a few of these stereotypes in mind thinking of Texas so it's interesting to see they aren't actually right. Stereotypes really do suck x

    1. Thanks Cara! I am happy that I could show you that a lot of these aren't true. Yeah stereotypes are quite annoying.

  5. I can't believe people still believe the cowboy thing xD

    And you hate country music? Country music is such a superb genre! I only listen to country music when it's Christian, though. I don't care for mainstream country music.

    Stereotypes about Ireland?

    EVERYONE DRINKS. Lies. ALMOST everyone drinks. I don't wanna drink as I don't see the point of risking getting drunk even though I'm the legal age (18 here).

    Everywhere is just grass. Nope.

    1. Yeah it's weird!

      Ok well I don't like hate hate country music (the christian country music is kind of cool) but I just don't listen to it.

      Yeah stereotypes are going to be annoying no matter where you come from. :)

  6. Some of these stereotypes I had grown up hearing so, living in England myself, I found this post so interesting! Loved this x


  7. You're right. Dallas is a cool city, too. And so are the other cities like San Antonio. My dad and mom drive cars. And my family DOES NOT RIDE HORSES!!! Although my fav animal used to be a horse.

    1. Yes like THERE IS MORE THEN ONE COOL CITy IN TEXAS. Even if some people don't realize it. Yeah the horse's thing is the tiniest bit stupid. I love horses too!


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