Thursday, June 8, 2017

11 Things Everyone Needs To Survive Summer

Summer is officially here. That means beaches, cute bathing suits, and lots of pictures of vacations that make other people jealous. And also a bunch of new stuff to deal with the whole weather changing thing and the whole no school thing. In this post, I am going to round up some of my essentials for summer.

Flip flops

I wear flip flops all year round but most people just wear them in the summer. They protect the bottom of your feet but they don't make your feet hot and they look cool (if you get the right ones) = perfect for summer. I got these really adorable but simple blue ones from old navy for like 3 dollars or something (I don't actually remember the price). 

A good book

Lots of people complain about getting bored during the summer which makes sense. I also get bored a lot over the summer. But something like a good book can help this greatly. Pick up a book from your local library and just enjoy the joy of reading a good book. Then when your done go get another book. As simple as that. 


It is sunny in the summer. Usually. Well, at least it is sunny where I live (way too much so).  So sunglasses are a must if you want to keep the sun out of eyes. 

Bathing suit

I love swimming and the water so much. It cools you off and it is a really fun activity. To get in the water though you need a bathing suit. You can easily get some online or in stores and a lot of times you can find adorable ones which are a total plus. Look cute while doing something fun. That sounds like a win-win to me. 

Cute coverup 

But with a bathing suit a lot of times a coverup is needed when you are out of the water. It could be a simple dress that you don't wear or one of the waterproof ones you can find at the store. 


As I said above it is very hot in the summer. With sunglasses, you protect your eyes but with a hat, you can protect your whole face from basically burning off. 


Very very very important peoples. I seriously hate getting sunburned. Like majorly hate it. I got sunburned when I went to the beach this pass spring break and my back did not look good for like a month and people seriously asked me what happened. It was not pretty. Make sure you have your sunscreen and keep applying it if you are outside on a sunny day for a long period of time! 

Mosquito repellent

Sometimes I feel like mosquitos love me and I kind of hate it. Like I have seriously gotten 10 bites on my foot alone before. Again it was not pretty. The last few days in Houston at least it has been super swampy and it has annoyed me to no end. If it is the same way with you then definitely get something that makes the evil creatures stay away. 


I pretty much only wear shorts during the summer because of a) they are easy to wear b) they don't make you hot and c) you can walk around in them. Pretty much they are the best thing during the summer time.  

Cold drink/fruit

Maybe some juice or ice tea and then some wonderful watermelon. These things number one wake you up and number two are delicious and last but not least number three just feel good when you eat them during the summer. I have seriously eaten more watermelon in the last few days then I have eaten like all year. 


To carry all of this stuff though you need a bag.

And that is all for now! If you enjoyed make sure to follow my blog and comment down below the things you can not be without during the summer. :)


  1. "your local tragedy" huh? Is that any way to speak of a library?! Librarians need love too. So, please, when you speak of them, be kind.

    Be VERY serious about wearing sunscreen. Being foolish now can lead to great sadness later. Likewise for your eyes, choose quality UV-blocking sunglasses.

    At your age, a girl needs 2.2 liters (about 75 ounces) of fluid per day. THIS IS IMPORTANT! And if you're working (or playing) hard, you'll need more. Water is cheap. Kidney disease isn't. So DRINK!


    1. Wow. I did not know that my spelling and grammar skills were that bad. How did library even turn into tragedy I have no idea. I did not mean to say that. I love libraries. Sorry

      Also yes sunscreen and water are very important.

    2. I thought you were kidding, really. Libraries are often starved for funds, particularly (and deliberately) in Red states. The less you know the more lies you'll believe. The love of money and the hatred of education often go hand in hand.

      Ah Summer! Everyone but poor, pitiful Ray will dance, laugh and sing till Fall. OH WOE WITH ME!

      --Ray (chained to a stone)

    3. This has made me realize how much more I need to edit my posts. Haha. But yeah libraries are not very appreciated and not funded that well even though they are incredibly awesome.

      I hope you have a good summer. :)

    4. I know you're a perfectionist, but everyone makes mistakes. I'd much rather read honest thoughts dashed off in haste than do without because the author feared the occasional typo.

      I've failed too often to tell you how excellent your posts have been. Keep them coming!


  2. The mosquitoes where I live are HUGE. It's kind of annoying, because I end the summer with at least eight mosquito bites, but it could get worse!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    P.S. We're still doing the collab; something in life just popped up so I wasn't able to reply to your email. >.<

    1. Yeah mosquitoes are so incredibly annoying!

      P.S. Ok

  3. These are nice tips! I'm actually craving now for fresh fruit drinks ugggh *drooling* :)

  4. I'm loving your idea about sunscreen. I go to my local pool a lot and a few times, I didn't wear sunscreen. You can't see the sunburn (if I even got one) I have really tan skin so it's good if you have tan skin. My point is, your idea about sunscreen is great I wear sunscreen all the time now. Thanks for the tip! :D

    Plus, go check out my new blog.

    1. Yeah sunscreen is really important. Totally!


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