Thursday, June 15, 2017

11 Fun And Easy Things To Do With Friends

I'm doing another friend post! Why? I'm not exactly sure. Just go with it. So at least for me even if I am with a friend that I love and is super cool sometimes we get bored and just run out of ideas of what to do. This might be because I am awkward and most of my friends are awkward or maybe because I have absolutely no imagination whatsoever. But I know it is not all that and sometimes you when you are with a friend/friends you might have no idea what to do. I am here to fix that *I say in this heroic knightly voice*. Haha. In this post, I am going to list 11 Fun And Easy Things To Do With Friends. Let's get started!

Also like a side note, these are more for teens and tweens but if you are younger and older you can do these things as well.

Have a little photoshoot 

I do this with my friends sometimes when they let me and I definitely love having a photoshoot. It doesn't really matter if I am the one taking the photos or the one being taking photos of. You could put one some cute outfits and have fun. Maybe find a cute background in your house or some place near you. Then if you get some cute pictures you could post a couple on social media like Instagram. 

Make friendship bracelets

This is kind of old fashioned but it is still super fun no matter what age you are. I kind of love making bracelets out of beads or string and braiding it and all of that kind of stuff. The materials you would need are easy to find and always cheap. 

Play a two person game online

There are a bunch of two+ people games online that are super fun. A couple weeks ago at school, there was no teacher and so we got to play on the computers the whole time (It was quite awesome) and me and three of my friends just played a bunch of games. Games like Fireboy and Watergirl or g-switch are always super fun. 

Have a movie marathon 

Because there is never not a reason to not have a movie marathon (and yes I do realize there were three negatives in that sentence). If there is a common movie interest then you can either buy the movies, see if there is a marathon on actual tv, get them from the library, rent them, or see if the movies are on Netflix or Hulu or HBO or something like that. Then just watch them. You can maybe add some popcorn and it will be a super fun and easy thing to do with a friend or two. 

Play or board game or card game

I sound so old I know but I love board games and card games and I play them with my friends a lot when we can't use electronics. Maybe monopoly or some other game. My dad taught me and my siblings a card game called spoons (it sound weird I know but it is really fun) and I then taught some of my friends and we played that for like a whole hour the other day. Also, Munchkin which is loosely based off of D and D is a super fun game that like everyone should own. I played it with one of my friends like 3 years ago and then I went home and immediately told my dad we needed it and to my surprise he actually got it. 

Play some video games 

If you have a Wii or an Xbox or a PlayStation or something like that then it is a perfect thing to do with friends. My family owns an Xbox 360 and I kind of love that thing (although I haven't played on it that much recently). So find a game and then you can compete against each other and there can be prizes and everything. 

Bike around the neighborhood 

If you and your friend/friends own bikes then you guys can say to bring bikes to wherever you are meeting and then just ride around, You could go somewhere on your bikes and then feel awesome about it because you exercised and also didn't pollute the environment by using a car. I love riding bikes with my friends. 

Make a fun but easy dessert

Cooking with friends is totally a thing ok. Pick out a recipe online and see if you have the ingredients and then create. If you both like cooking then this is an enjoyable activity and you get amazing delicious at the end. Like what is not like????

Go out and get some ice-cream

I am thinking about food right now ok. Don't judge me. Ice-cream is amazing any time of the year but especially in the summer. Ice-cream is by far my favorite dessert because of its AWESOMENESS. A super fun thing you can do with a friend is going to an ice-cream shop near you and having fun and eat ice-cream because fun and ice cream always go together. Fun fact my favorite flavor is cookies and cream.

Paint your nails

Doing your own nails is hard and having a friend do them for you is a million times easier (at least for me). You can have a little spa day and paint each other's nails. This is also a perfect time to talk and laugh and just have a nice time. Plus you get your nails painted so that is a cool bonus. 

Just talk

You didn't think I would include that in this list I bet. But seriously the easiest and funnest thing to do with a friend is just talking to each other. Ask each other about the other person's lives and hang out. Maybe get some soda or a cool drink and talk about everything and nothing at the same time. Sound pretty fun to me. :)

And that is it for now! In the comments down below comment what you like to do with your friends and also any posts you would like me to do (I always appreciate feedback).  


  1. I agree with all of these. These are fun to do :D My squad would always like to have photoshoot and I'm not really good at it. Still have to do it for them :D

    1. I'm happy you agree. Yeah I love photoshoots. :)

  2. A lot of the sound like a lot of fun.
    Playing a two person game online, ice cream, nails and dessert sounds good.


    1. Those are like some of my favorite things ever. Haha. Thanks for commenting!

  3. ME and my best friend always make brownies together and watch movies whenever we don't have plans on the weekends! :)

    1. Because that is like the perfect thing to do. I love brownies so much it might be a problem. :)

  4. I really like your idea about board games! :D Also, you can buy Spoons at the store! (just in case you forgot about it) (there's nothing on it yet but check on it later today)!


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