Monday, June 26, 2017

11 Quotes About Wonder Women That Are Pretty Awesome

I am once again back with another movie themed post. I am going to say this was because I loved Wonder Women so much. At first, I was going to do quotes from wonder women that make you laugh and then I realized that would be too hard to find so instead I am going to list 11 Quotes About/Related To/From Wonder Women That Are Just Pretty Awesome.

*none of these are my images so if they are yours just comment down below and I will give credit/take it down if you want me to

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So when you are down and need some help, draw on that inner wonder women.

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For all the princes out there, you need to remember this. Some princesses are actually capable of fighting for themselves *everyone gasps*.

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Yeah pretty much. 

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Like in real life people need to remember this. Do the least harm you can. 

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Just saying. 

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All of us are wonder women, aren't we? 

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Whether you are small or short or black or white or disabled or walking or wear glasses or not or have short or long hair you are still wonderful women. 

Does anyone actually like these quote posts? Cause I am not sure if you do. I really like making them but I will only keep making them if you guys like them. Should I make more posts like this? Have you seen the new wonder women movie yet? If so did you like it? If not do you want to? Do you like superheroes? Do you like wonder women? Which of the quote images things above did you like the best?

Saturday, June 24, 2017

4 Movies I Saw In Theatres That I Loved

I have two movie-themed posts in a row. Why? I'm not sure. Maybe because I am bad at coming up with blog post ideas. Don't judge. So today I am going to be listing some of the movies I have seen in theaters before and there awesomeness. I have actually seen fewer movies in theaters than the average person so these are most of the movies I have seen in theaters but they have all pretty much been amazing so I don't see any problem with that. Let's get started!

This was one of the first movies I ever saw in theaters and it definitely wasn't a letdown. I love the hunger games series so much and I had, of course, read all of the books already so when I heard they were making movies I pretty much had to see it. I remember I saw it with a bunch of my aunts and uncles sometime around Christmas when I was visiting my grandparents. I was the only kid that went because my siblings were too scared to see it. 

This is actually two movies even though it should have been one. It annoyed me to no end that they split it up. I had read the books so it wasn't like I didn't know what was going to happen but still. Not cool. Making people wait a whole year was cruel. My dad took me to see these movies and it made me feel really special that he would go out of his way to take only one of his daughters to see a super cool movie that she really wanted to see. It made me happy ok. Besides that though the movies were just really good although catching fire was the best one out of the 4 movies in my opinion. I did a review on Mockingjay Part two which you can find here. It is not the highest quality review in the world but it shows you how excited I was to see the movie. 

This one I saw more recently and I loved it. If you somehow don't know this wonderful movie was released sometime in March and I wanted to see it so badly. Belle is one of my favorite princesses and Emma Watson is one of my favorite people. It pretty much combined two of my favorite things. So after being super annoying I finally convinced my grandparents to take me and my siblings to go see it. If you want to read more of me screaming about it awesomeness and a little review then you can go to this post. 
I for some random reason didn't do a review on this movie. Not sure why. Because IT WAS AMAZING! If you don't know hidden figures was a movie about 3 African-American women who were part of a computing group and they worked with space and if you want to find out more about it then look it up. I probably wouldn't have been able to see this movie otherwise but my school brought about 400 girls (I have a big school ok) to go see it. It was actually on Inauguration day so when we went to the theater he was not the president and when we walked out he was. It felt very symbolic like it should mean something but I am not sure what it means yet. 

I have of course seen other movies in a theater but currently, I can't really remember any of them. I have a worse than normal memory. Like I pretty much can't remember anything. So have you seen any of the movies on this list? If so did you like them? Do you like seeing movies in theaters? What is your favorite movie you have ever seen? What is your favorite movie you have seen at a theater? Should I do a part two of this post? What kind of posts would you like to see from me in the future? If you are reading this answer one of the questions above and then comment "Unicorn". 

Friday, June 23, 2017


I had an amazing day Saturday. In the morning I hung out with some people from church (I will do a post on my trip thing later), then I went home and saw my parents, then I was surprised and we went to go see wonder women, then we went out to eat, then we saw a live beetles cover band play all of the Sergeant Pepper album. We were celebrating my dad's awesomeness and I had a lot of fun. Today though I am going to be talking about the wonder women movie that I got to go see (spoiler alert I loved it).

If you didn't know then congrats to you but semi-recently the new wonder women movie was released in theaters. I was just excited about the thought. I don't know much about the wonder women story but from the previews, it looked awesome. Then though it started getting amazing reviews and everyone loved it. Like more than the last movie, I saw in theaters which I also loved. This made the movie even cooler in my mind. It looked amazingly cool but I didn't think I would be able to see it because I don't get the privilege to see many movies in theaters (I mean I am super lucky just to be able to but I haven't even seen Moana yet if that says something).  My dad mentioned that he wanted to see it for fathers day and his birthday. It made me happy but I still didn't really think I would be able to see it. BUT THEN I CAME HOME AFTER A WEEK AWAY AND WE IMMEDITALLY WENT TO GO SEE IT. Because my family is just awesome like that. So I decided to do a little review post. Here it is!!

-Wonder women, in general, is just an awesome character. Her story and everything is cool to be and I think they portrayed it really well in the movie.

-Gal Godot is really pretty. It's true ok. She is a really pretty actor.

-The acting was really good. The emotion seemed real and stuff like that. 

-This isn't really something awesome about the movie but my dad said it was one of the best comic book movies ever made and he has amazing taste and he read comic books as a kid so he knows when something is good or not. 

-Wonder women is majestic when she fights and also just when she talks and everything else. Like a normal human being can't be that majestic while punching something in the face. 

-It's not as big as some of the other superhero movies. You might have noticed but with some of the other superhero movies like the Avengers they have to save the world or else it will explode and everything in it and at times the plot can get just the tiniest bit confusing. Although in this movie she is still saving the world it is more confined to one problem. Kind of. Did that make sense?  

-It pointed out the whole white people stole America from the Native Americans thing. No one ever talks about it but it is so true.  Pretty much British peeps and other people from Europe came over to what is now the US and they kicked the Native Americans/killed them/made them live on small plots of land probably in Oklahoma. It was not kind. At all. 

-In that time and still now pretty much many women weren't really seen as strong and so everyone at first thought very lowly of Diana but then she totally kicked the bad guy's butt and the men had to admit how awesome she was. 

-The camera work was done really well. Especially in the fight scenes. Sometimes it is all over the place which can get confusing but in this movie, it really wasn't. 

-It is a very emotional movie. It makes you feel stuff which I personally like and admire. 

-Pretty much everything else. Haha. No, but seriously. 

-The whole love thing kind of annoyed me. The romance thing was fine but at the end wonder women says that love is the most important thing and all that which is slightly true but it would have been so much better if she stood for something like fairness. Not love.Whatw ould have been cooler is if Steve (the pilot who she found) like flirted with her but she was strong and mighty and resisted and there could have been some cool funny moments as well. 

-There is no way they could have gotten from the island to London that fast. They don't even know where they are and they are in a small sailboat that no one knows how to use. But somehow magically they get to london in one day. I am not sure is that is even possible today on a boat even when you know where you are. 

-A bunch of other stuff wasn't that realistic either. For example how they got to the front lines so easily. That's not usually possible. Or how she got her outfit which was very much American themed even though she had never even been to the US. Just saying.

I am so bad at doing review posts. Like I just am. I kind of like this format of reviews though. I might do more in the future. Possibly. Should I do more review posts in the future? Have you seen wonder women yet? If so what did you think of it? If not do you want to see it? Do you like superhero movies? What is your favorite superhero movie? Do you like my semi-new blog design? 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

My Summer Morning Routine

Hello peoples! Good morning/night/evening! I have seen morning routine videos all over youtube but I haven't seen them that much on blogs. This might be because they don't work in word format but I think it would be cool so I'm doing it and I challenge all of the bloggers that read my blog to do a morning routine as well.

1. At around 8-9 I wake up and lay in bed for a few minutes to fully wake myself up (this might sound early to some people but my sisters always tease me about how "late" I wake up).

2. At this time I then try to make my bed but that rarely happens because I am bad at making my bed ok. The last few days I have made my bed though and I am pretty happy about it.

3.Then it's time to head into the bathroom. The first thing I do is usually splash my face with water because I am not really a morning person.

4. I then dry my face and put on some lotion that I really like although I am not sure where it is from.

5. If my face is being extra annoying I will put on some more face stuff.

6. Then it is time for hair. My hair is so annoying in the morning so with hair products and water and a brush I try to put it into a nice ponytail but I usually fail so it is more of a messy ponytail.

7. After I do my hair I brush my teeth. My teeth are extremely annoying because it seems that no matter what kind of toothpaste I use or how much I brush them they will still be this yellow color and I slightly hate it. Just a bit. I also have that annoying gap in my teeth. This is why I don't show teeth in photos.

8. Once that's done I will put on deodorant and some chapstick if I remeber/if my lips are dry before heading back into my room.

9. In my room I will make my bed if I haven't already and pick and change into my outfit for the day.

And that is my morning routine! I don't really have a solid routine so I might skip something one day or do it in a different order. Comment down below your morning routine. :)

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Don't Apologize

Don't apologize for being you
Don't apologize for your race
Don't apologize for your face
Don't apologize for your body
Don't apologize for your color

Don't apologize for your family
Don't apologize for your hair
Don't apologize for liking someone
Don't apologize for your gender
Don't apologize for your religion
Don't apologize for saying no

Don't apologize for liking a song/movie/show/anything else
Don't apologize for your imperfections
Don't apologize for being scared
Don't apologize for not knowing
Don't apologize for being bad at something you can't help but be bad at
Don't apologize for telling the truth

Don't apologize for your country of origin
Don't apologize for your mental illness
Don't apologize for your disability
Don't apologize for being you
Don't ever ever apologize for something you can't change or have no control over

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

My Blogging Secrets/Confessions

All of us have secrets. Every single one of us. You can't really deny it. Maybe a little white lie like saying your friend's outfit looks gorgeous when you think it looks like a trash bag (fun fact one of my friends put on a trash bag after I dared her too) or maybe a bigger lie like telling your mom you were studying when you were really hanging out with a friend she doesn't approve off. Today I am going to list some of my blogging secrets and confessions or just things I do related to blogging that is kind of weird. This is for people who don't blog to learn more about blogging are also for other bloggers who can maybe relate to some of this stuff. I hope you enjoy!

When I don't have any blog post ideas I write posts listing blog post ideas

This is probably just me but I seriously do this. Like when I did that post about blog post ideas about books I just couldn't think of anything else to write. Also when I have writer's block the only post ideas that I can think of are posts about writer's block. It is extremely weird. 

Sometimes I add images just to make the post longer

Most of the time I put images because the post needs it and it makes it a better post but sometimes not. I have this thing where unless it is some kind of thing where it is supposed to be short I don't like short posts so once or twice in the past I have added more images to make the post a little bit longer.

I will clean a space just for a picture

I am almost certain everyone has done this once or twice before. When there is a really good background or you see a really good shot but the place is too messy. So instead of finding a different picture or maybe cleaning the whole house to be helpful you clean up the one area, take the picture, and then walk away. 

I care way too much about what people think 

This is true for real life as well but especially online. Every time I post something that someone might think is offensive or uncool I get scared and almost don't publish it. Every time I read a comment I almost hold my breath. I have this problem where when people say something I either take it to heart or just ignore it. 

I think about blogging more than things like school

I think about blogging way too much. I am literally 12, I don't make any money off of this, and I am still in school but I take blogging way more seriously than I should and so I think about it all the time. My friends are probably really annoyed with me by now.  I talk about my blog way too much. 

I look at my blog stats

A lot of people say to "not look at your stats" and "it doesn't matter". I have a hard time listening to those people. Yes, it can be bad to look at your stats because it can "make you feel bad" but it can also make you happy sometimes. Alos stats do matter. Just saying 

I will read other people's blogs just to get blog post ideas 

I am bad at coming up with blog posts ideas ok. Most of the time I read posts because they are awesome, amazing, and/or helpful but sometimes I will go through all of the blogs I follow just to get blog post ideas. No this isn't called stealing it is called gathering inspiration because I never do the exact same post as another blogger (that would be unoriginal and boring) but I make my own version that is very different and also some other stuff  (it make sense in my mind). 

I have thought about quitting blogging before

But so has every other blogger. This isn't a recent thing but in the past when I didn't have you amazing readers and followers I didn't really see the point of blogging if no one would see my work. I quit a couple times but I never deleted my blog which has to lead me to where I am now.

Sometimes my favorite part of blogging is reading/hearing you guys say how awesome my posts are

I admit that I thrive on compliments. The way to make me like you is to compliment me. Say how good my outfit is or even better compliment my personality. My mom says my love language (it's a thing ok) is I think she says words of affirmation (whatever that means).  Reading your guy's kind comments makes me really happy (probably way more than they should). 

And that is all for now! If you can relate to any or these or if any of these surprised you then comment down below. Also if you are a blogger I would love to know some of your blogging confessions/secrets. :) Bye and have an amazing rest of your day/night!

Monday, June 19, 2017

3 Trends Right Now That When You Think About It Are Just Weird

I am the boss of this whole make the title as long as you possibly can thing. I mean I feel like I should get the award for making my post titles so long. Truly. OK now on to the post.

Trends. It doesn't matter if you love them or hate them. They will always be there. The things that are popular that everyone has. The things on Instagram that look so cool. The things talked about in that article in that magazine. A couple years ago things like (at least for me) rainbow loom and those bracelets that made shapes (I was obsessed with those things). A lot of times trends can be quite weird. Not that anyone really notices. In this post, I am going to round up 3 trends/things that are super popular at the moment that when you think about it are quite weird. Note this is not be hating on any of these things because I love them as well just pointing out there weirdness.


Just the name. Like chokers? I feel like it would choke me. Let me remind you to choke is supposed to be bad. Like extra bad. Like you can die from it bad. Like hands around neck suffocating bad. I mean think about it. If you don't know chokers are basically necklaces that go really lightly around your neck. They are very adorable I must admit but also kind of weird.

I legit only have one/kind of two chokers and I am kind of annoyed about it. 


If you asked anyone 10 years ago what they thought about slime they would say how disgusting it is. Slime is supposed to be that icky stuff that you find on animals skin or in other parts of nature (I think). My sisters are seriously obsessed with slime. I guess I kind of get it. It is fun to make and then fun to play with. But it is also very messy and gets stuck like everywhere. A better thing would be to get some thinking putty from the store and play with that. 

This is my sisters and their friend making slime.


You know that prickly stuff you find in the desert that you are not supposed to touch? Yeah, people really love those things. Like in their homes. I love the little succulent plants as well. They are cute and look nice. They can grow pretty much anywhere and multiply really fast and they need almost no maintenance. They are the perfect plant is our world where people want fast and easy plants to make a place look good and green. Yes, they are cool and practical but still weird. Although not all of these plants are pokey a lot of them are and you could literally get hurt. 

My mom loves all of these types of plants so we have like ten million of them. 

This post was so short. Sorry. Like I thought it would be cool post idea but then when I went about writing it I had fewer ideas of what to put in the post but because I am me and I lazy I just went with it. Sorry. Comment down below a trend as of right now that you find really weird or peculiar or just a trend that you are super excited about/like at the moment. I'm excited to read your comments!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Charis Rae Blog Launch Tour

I have never participated in a tour. Like ever. Book wise or blog-wise. Sooooo...... I AM SUPER EXCITED RIGHT NOW. Grace (or I guess Charis now) is a super cool blogger who used to blog over here at her blog The Girl Upstairs.  I found her blog about a year ago from I forgot where but I loved it the moment I saw it. Her writing style is super cool and I like how she blogs. So when she announced that she was getting a new more professional blog and she was having a launch tour that she wanted her readers to participate in I immediately signed up.  If you want to find out a little bit more about her blog and just her then read on. :)

How would you describe yourself?

"Among many things, I am a dreamer, dancer, writer & photographer, blogger, bibliophile, and daughter of the King."

What are some things you enjoy doing?

"I enjoy blogging and am excited to move my blog to the next level."

What is Charis Rae?

"Charis Rae is a self-hosted, more professional version of my former blog, The Girl Upstairs."

What will Charis Rae be about?

"After blogging for quite a while, I decided to switch to a more professional platform and share more about me, my life, and my name. ;) On Charis Rae, I’m going to be sharing my interests, abilities, and journey through life and blogging, with all of you along for the ride."

How did you begin blogging?

My journey in the vast universe of the World Wide Web began at about age 9. My dad set up a private, Blogger-hosted blog read only by my friends and close family. I loved blogging, and although I wasn’t consistent, I enjoyed creating content.

Now, several years later, I am creating my own self-hosted, professional blogging platform.

What are some of your hopes for Charis Rae?

I hope that Charis Rae will become just as successful as The Girl Upstairs, but will reach more people, and eventually grow into something beyond my wildest dreams. I’m also excited to “learn the ropes” of self-hosting, coding, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store!


If you enjoyed that check out her old blog and then when her new one launches make sure to check it out its awesomeness (I have seen it so I can say it is pretty awesome).  Also, I would love if you could follow my blog from more content from me.