Friday, June 30, 2017


They begin like any other flower

A single seed buried under the earth

Not sure of what it is just yet

Then it grows roots and turns into a sapling

A toddler of sorts

Just beginning life but not able to do much of anything yet

It keeps growing

Until it turns into the kind of rose we recognize

The flower we have fallen in love with over time 

Standing there

With its thorns as its protector 

But then

A gust of wind flows by

And a petal falls

And you notice

For the first time

How its petals are browning at the edges


You give it more water

More nutrients

But you know that it will die in the end 

All things do

The next petal detaches itself from the only home it's ever known 

And falls like its sibling did 


And gracefully

And then 

Suddenly all at once 

All of them begin to fall to ground 

The ground that gave it life

Th ground where it first came from

It starts to decay to become nutrients for the other plants 

And it starts again

Thursday, June 29, 2017

17 Memes and Gifs You Have To Send To Your Friends On Their Birthdays

I am the queen of long titles. I just am. So if you know anything you will know that currently memes kind of rule the world. They can literally destroy a person's life. They can also change a person's life. For example that baby meme with the fist that everyone has seen. That baby will probably be famous for life. If you don't know what a meme is it is a picture usually with words on it. Google says it is "a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc., that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by Internet users". Memes are pretty cool things. You can also send memes to people. Hence this post. I am going to list 17 Memes and Gifs (which is like a moving picture for people who don't know) You Have To Send To Your Friends On Their Birthdays. So if you have a friend with a birthday you can send one of these to them and maybe make them smile.

*note none of these images are mine and if they are yours say so and I will give credit

Image result for happy birthday memes 

I'm sorry. I really am. This could be so so funny though. Just send it to a friend that will laugh instead of like hate you forever.  

Image result for happy birthday memes

This might not be actually wishing someone happy birthday but it is still very funny. 

Image result for happy birthday memes

Pretty but simple but also a compliment. Perfect.

Image result for happy birthday memes

When you can reference Adele and wish your friend happy birthday you basically have to do it. 

Related image

It was so amazing I had to do it twice. 

Image result for happy birthday gifs

I sent this to one of my online friends a couple days ago (all of you guys should go tell her a late happy birthday at her blog here) and she said it was cool. 

Image result for happy birthday gifs


Image result for happy birthday gifs

Like how cool is that cat? There are no words to express how cool this cat is. Like I want those glasses. 

Image result for happy birthday gifs

Cute and simple. 

Image result for happy birthday gifs

I seriously want a bunny. Like I saw a little witty bunny the other day and I fell in love, sadly I didn't get it. The above image is so cute though. 

Image result for happy birthday gifs


Image result for happy birthday gifs

I love this one for some odd reason. 

Image result for happy birthday gifs

Yes. Just yes. 

Image result for happy birthday gifs

It's like those candles that never stop burning. 

Image result for happy birthday gifs

Like Adele when you can use Pokemon for anything it is a lost opportunity not too.  

Image result for happy birthday memes

I will. 

Image result for happy birthday gifs

Last but not least SpongeBob.

I feel so proud of myself. Why you ask. Oh well because I said this post was going to be only 11 originally and then I got 17. I usually set a goal like that and then end up doing only 7 or 6. Any bloggers will relate to me. Also, I love how I made the whole intro about memes and then mostly put gifs. I am just so misleading like that. So did any of you wonderful people enjoy this post?? Maybe? Possibly? If you did then I would absolutely love if you could follow my blog (I no joke do a happy dance everytime I get a follower). Should I do more posts like this? Do any of you guys have birthdays coming up? What do you usually do for your friends when they have birthdays? Do you like memes and gifs? What are your favorite memes and gifs? For my birthday in 4 months if anyone comments or sends me any of these and actually remembers this post I will explode and then shout you out in a post. 

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

6 Super Cool 4th Of July DIYs

Hello, peeps! Soooooo....... It's 4th of July soon!! For some people, this could mean absolutely nothing. Actually, for all people not living in the US, it doesn't mean much. For people living in the US though it is fireworks and barbecue and watermelon and red and white and blue. It is about being proud to be an American. We are probably too proud though. Like I am not very proud to be American at the current moment. I mean if you listen to some of those songs about being a proud American and really look at the lyrics you will realize what I am talking about. Anyway, that is not the subject of this post. To be even more festive a lot of people decorate and make cool outfits and stuff for the 4th of July. What better way to do that then to DIY? In this post, I am going to list 6 Super Cool 4th Of July DIYs. This list will include food, decorations, and maybe a couple of cool hairstyles. Let's get started!

*note that none of these are mine and to figure out how to make then go to the site it came from.

I am seriously the worst person at nails like ever but these 4th of July inspires nails are so cute! For this, all you have to have are the 4 colors and then a star or two.


Mason jars are pretty much always cute. You can just put a simple sticker on it and it will be amazing and super easy. Mason Jars that are flag inspired though are even cooler. 

White Chocolate Dipped 4th of July Ice Cream Cones by Amy Miller Designs

This makes me want ice-cream so bad like I can't even describe how much I want ice-cream right now. These super cool ice-cream cones will definitely show how much you care and they also look absolutely delicious.

Clothespin Wreath

The first thing people see when they look at a house beside the actual house is, of course, the door and in consequence, the beautiful reef hanging there. This one looks super cute and easy because it is basically just paint and clothes pins. 

DIY July 4th Banner

I love banners as you can see here. They are a perfect way to decorate any bland space. These super cute rustic ones are adorable and easy. 

ribbon braid for patriotic hair

I said I was going to add a hairstyle so here it is. I am definitely trying to do this one this year. It is cute but actually super easy. All you have to do is get some kind of material with the colors and braid it with your hair. 

Did any of you guys like this post??? Should I do more Roundup DIY type posts? Are you guys excited for the 4th of July? Any fun plans? Any traditions you do every year? What is your favorite holiday? Have you done any DIYs for the occasion? 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

7 Tips For When You Are Packing For A Trip

I'm going on a trip to the Dominican Republic soon! Or I think I will be there when this post uploads. Lots of people travel during the summer so I thought I would make your next trip/vacation a tiny bit easier by listing some packing tips. Packing can be super hard for some people because of things like space and wanting your outfits to look adorable. Note that I am not an expert or anything so don't expect me to be. Also, a lot of these tips are geared more towards people my age (tweens and teens) but they will work for any age.

You should start packing early. The best is about a week in advance. It very stressful if you only pack like the day before your trip. Plus you need to know if you have everything like maybe if you are going to a beach and you need to buy a bathing suit but you don't realize it until you pack (aka what happened to me). 

This goes along with not procrastinating but also give yourself a good amount of time to get everything together. You can't expect yourself to pack in like 5 minutes or something like that. At least during the summer, I enjoy planning out my day so if you are like that depending on how fast you are and how many clothes you have you might want to put packing anywhere from 10-40 minutes. 

This doesn't make that much sense but what I mean in your suitcase or bag get one with multiple pockets so that you can store stuff easier. This makes it so much easier to organize all of your stuff.

Some people who probably don't travel much might not have a suitcase (my grandparents have like 30,000 though so you can probably borrow from them). You can alternatively use a backpack. Most students have one of these and if you don't you can probably find one sitting in a random closet in your house somewhere. A bag is easy to carry and it can count as a carry-on which I think costs less money or no money at all. I don't know. I'm a kid ok. Give me a break. 

This is not a very good example.

Most people fold their clothes but it has been proven that rolling your clothes takes less space. You can simply fold a shirt in half and then start at one edge and just roll it into a long cylinder. One bad thing about this is that is can kind of wrinkle your clothes so if you are going to a wedding or something don't roll up those clothes. 

What I mean by this is like use Ziploc bags or if you have those special bags type things made for packing. If you use them correctly it also makes your clothes take less space. For me, I use them to organize my clothes into bottoms and tops and sometimes planned outfits. 

You don't want to pack all summer clothes to find out it is freezing cold and you need heavy jackets when you get there. This happened to me when I got to go to Canada a couple years ago. It was summer so I, of course, packed t-shirts and shorts and so did the rest of my family. We forgot that CANADA IS FREAKING FREEZING. I kind of died but it was still an amazing trip. On whatever weather app you use, check what the weather will be in the place you are going to when you are there. 

Aren't the photos in this post just gorgeous? You guys are probably annoyed about me talking about this so much but I am so excited for my trip! I have never been out of North America. I'm excited ok. So what are you guys excited for this summer??? Any fun trips planned? What are some of your packing trips? Any weird things you do when you pack? Where is the favorite place you have ever been too? Any cool stories about a special place? Should I do more travel themed posts? Anyone like my new design type thing?

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