Saturday, May 27, 2017

My Thoughts During Big Tests

I had my STAAR tests a couple weeks ago and I just finished up finals. I am relieved to be done but also super annoyed at the whole testing thing. As most people do I absolutely despise tests. There just plain annoying. So as a way to maybe make myself stop thinking about the whole testing and instead the whole summer freedom thing and also hopefully make you laugh I have decided to do a post where I write down my thoughts during a test. Enjoy!

It is all ok
Breath in and breath out Nabila 
It's not like this test could totally change your life for the next few years
If I fail then I have to go to summer school
Which will make it hard to get into a good high school 
Which will make it hard to get into a good college
Which will make it hard to get a good job
But truly I'm lucky it's not like the SATs of something
It's just some big test
That I have since 3rd grade 
Where I have to sit in the same chair for 4 hours and anwser 40+ questions 
Well the teacher has passed out the test now 
I guess I better start 
It's not like I can sit here forever
Ok there
I have finished a question 
That means I am 1/46 of the way done 
And 46 is almost 50
So 1 out of 50 which means two out of 100 which means 2%
Wait why and I doing extra math that I don't have to do when I have all this other math 
I am a weird person 
There now I am done with 10 of the questions so I am a fourth or 25% of the way done 
A really good accomplishment 
But it has only been like 30 minutes
I really need to pace myself
So if there are 4 hours 4 times 60 equals.....
240 minutes
But I wouldn't mind 30 minutes to read or sleep at the end so 240 minus 30 is 210
And 210 divided by 46 is
Maybe 4
So I really have 4 minutes per question 
But I have already done 10 questions in 30 minutes 
So I used 3 minutes per question 
I am totally wasting a whole minute on this thinking about math thing 
I really need to get back to the test
Ok now I have done 20 questions so I am about half of the way done 
Why am I stopping
I do really want to read my book
Which means I need to hurry this up
I might be making too much noise breathing through my mouth
But I can't breath through my nose people
It hurts and has way too much stuff in it to do any good 
Yay now I am at question 36
Which means I only have 10 questions left
And it also hasn't even been 2 hours yet
I really need to pace myself more
Also why in the world do I keep thinking and hearing random dialogues in my head from youtube videos I have watched  
Is that normal 
I only have like 5 questions left 
5 questions left 
Because I'm amazing 
 Not realllllly
I will actually proably faaaaiiiilll
Why am I sinnnnnggggiiiinnnggg
In my heaaadddd
I should really stoooopppp
Why am I so bad at bubbling 
It is like my least favroite part of testing 
Well that's nice 
I just made a mark all over my answer document 
Now I will have to take time to erase it and redo the bubbles it has messed up
I am so good at this aren't I
Ok good
I fixed it
And now all I have to do is answer this last question 
Just one tiny more question 
About whatever the heck that says 
This is boring 
I should just finish 
But I almost don't want to
I could just sit here 
And do nothing 
Or not
Ok there I'm done 
Well no that's not true 
Now I have to check 
Or I could just not check 
I always second guess myself when I check stuff
Yeah I am just not going to check this 
Ok there 
I turned it in
And now I am done 
Wait no
That's wrong 
I have another test tomorow and then I have finals 
So fun
So very fun
I'm going to reread the hunger games and then go to sleep now

And that is it for now! If you want more posts like this then please comment down below and also your thoughts on tests. Bye!

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