Monday, May 29, 2017


This is a picture of my grandfather when he was in the air force. Thankfully he is still alive but I love this picture because his face just cracks me up. 

Memorial day is about remembering
About remembering the people who have given their lives to save ours
About remembering all of the people who were courageous enough to go into a fight not knowing if they will come out alive
About remembering the families who grieved for a loved one when they were taken away
About remembering what america is really about
Things like freedom, bravery, and loyalty
I feel like sometimes
In our modern society
We forget to remember things like that
Instead we remember things like our president's latest tweet or katy perry's new haircut (which I can't decide if I like or not)
We might remember wars
From learning about them in history
We might even had learned the death count and been horrified and disgusted
But did we think about the actual people??
Probably not
But we should
Because they are heroes
Personally I think war is something that is horrible
And absolutely avoidable
By talking and making agreements professionally and with care
Today I want you to just take a moment no matter wherever you live
To just sit in silence away from the barbeque and the pool
Think about some of the people who have died and think about how lucky you are that you are still alive
Or if you have a family member who has died thank them
Overall just remember the true meaning of memorial day


  1. This is so beautiful Nabila. I think that people forget the true meaning of this day. They just think about where they are going for vacation on this day, or what to eat. They are wondering what to watch, or what to wear. But never do they think about those lives that were given up for their health. The people that gave their life up for the good of the country. I know it's not easy. I'm not asking you to fight. Just be thankful.

    P.S. Gosh, that was more like a comment to myself :)

    1. Thanks Saanvi. Your comment basically summarized my thoughts. :)

  2. This is a nice post Nabila. We always have to recognize our heroes once in awhile :)