Friday, May 26, 2017

It's Summer Vacation + My Summer Bucket List 2017

Yesterday was my last day of school before summer break!!! Which means I am now a 7th grader. Which means I am a third of the way done with middle school. Which also means I only have 6 more years of grade school. I'm pretty happy right now. This also means that I have like 2 months of summer break where I can do whatever. I'm going to try to do some volunteering and also I am super excited to go somewhere this somewhere (I might vlog it). In this post I am going to be listing my summer bucket list. I haven't really done a bucket list before but I thought it was a super fun idea.

-Make a vlog and post it about the place I get to go
-Blog at least every three days
-Have breakfast for dinner

-Get together with at least 3 of my new friends
-Make 5 videos
-Finish summer reading for school

-Do more collab posts
-Hang out with my sisters more in an environment where we don't hate each other
-Get better at making lists like this
-Add some cute diy to my room

-Volunteer 3 times at something to do with the homeless or the less fortunate
-Get back into pinterest (like the only social media my parents will let me have)
-Make cookies and then give them to someone (after I have eaten some first)

-Go camping
-Redo my blog (as in change the layout a bit and get a new profile picture)
-Visit the zoo
-Do something I have never done before
-Meet someone new
-Meet someone famous
-Go to the Holocaust Museum (this sounds really morbid but I want to go ok. There is a super cool one here in Houston.)
-Go see a play
-Perform in something

-Go to a camp or take a class or participate in some activity
-Enter a photography competition
-Be vegetarian for a week (I have done this for a month before so a week shouldn't be that hard)
-Maybe use and create a bullet journal
-Go to a concert

And that is all for now! Comment down below your summer bucket list. I am excited to see what you guys want to do! And if you enjoyed this post I would love if you could follow my blog. :) Also just side note I am praying for everyone affected by the manchester atack. It was seriously so sad.


  1. This summer I am looking forward to softball, hanging with cousins + friends, and marching band. BTW, what is your favorite summer outdoor game?

    1. Cool Paige! My favorite summer outdoor game? Like sport? Or just game you do outside? Either way I am not sure. I am not the most athletic person in the world. Lol. I do love anything to do with water though so I like things like swimming, water guns, water balloons, and stuff like that.

    2. Oh, I meant any activity outside. I love water as well, but don't have a pool or water close enough to swim regularly. God bless! (BTW, I am commenting as Paige May because people get me confused as Paiges Pages 4 the Lord.)

    3. I also don't have a pool so I usually just swim with my friends at their houses (it is weird like all of my friends have pools).

  2. This is a great list! It seems like you'll have an eventful summer :-)

  3. This is a cool bucket list, Unfortunately for me my holidays ended a few weeks ago.
    Have fun!
    PS Where do you post videos?
    PPS I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blogger Tag

    1. Thanks TargetGirl!

      PS I post videos (meaning two that are very bad) at or my channel name is Nabila // Hot Town Cool Girl

      PPS Thanks!

  4. Wow congrats Nabila! Good luck on achieving your bucket list! :)

  5. Wow, I'm so excited for you! Looks like you have an awesome Summer planned! Good luck!
    I do not have an epic summer planned like you, I think maybe I'll go out of town once or twice, but other than that it shall be filled with dolls, internet, photos, and reading!
    Yep. I'll be satisfied. XD Oh, I guess I am going to a volleyball camp, so that should be fun.

    My school lets out on June 8th, so I still have a few days to go. *sigh*

    1. Thanks Samantha! Ok that sounds pretty awesome as well. Like what is better than the internet??? The answer is nothing. A volleyball camp sounds cool! I wish you luck getting through the last few days. :)

  6. Is that last picture you in a play? For pity sake, couldn't someone have ironed that table cloth?!

    1. Well the play was during school and it wasn't really high production and the picture is really bad. Just saying.

      Ok that sounded super sarcastic and mean but no seriously the thing wasn't big or anything and the tablecloth was fine. :)

    2. Ah but that's just the thing! I'm an incredibly mean person! I've been known to bite the tails off small animals that get too close. However, had I been there, I would have stopped the play, ironed the table cloth and killed the director before allowing you to continue.

      Just imagine what I'd have done if you'd forgotten a line!


    3. This comment made me laugh a lot more probably more than it should have.