Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Are you there?

Your physically here
Kind of
But I don't feel your presence
You're not present in your life
Or in your work
Or in your creativity
You always seem somewhere far of
In some distant universe where you are the leader
Where are you?
Because you are definitely not here with me
If you were here with me
Then we would be talking
and laughing
and communicating with each other
But we are not doing that
Instead you're on your phone
In some distant land
Probably instagram
Thinking about how to get more followers
So you can have more people to say how great you are
Technology has consumed you from the inside out
You are a different person
You tell snapchat the big news before you even mention it to me
You forgot my birthday
But you threw a party when you hit 100k followers on youtube
Please please please come back to me
I need you here
As my friend
As my ally
As my family
Live here in the present
Instead of in the future or the past
You don't need followers or subscribers to make you happy
You need to live your life for you
And nothing else
I haven't gotten to really talk to you in a month
And it's hurting me
What is happening to you?
Because I don't recognize what you have become
When you come back from this world you are in
Tell me
Because I really want to know
You are one of the smartest most amazing people I know
Don't filter that
The filter could never ever make you shine as bright as you do in real life
Something has captured you
I really want to rescue you from this but I'm not sure how
Tell me
Just let me help you
Because that's all I ever wanted to do

*this is not actually based on anyone I know or anything but I would say it is based on a lot of things and ideas and thoughts 


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