Friday, May 5, 2017

A post about friends and how to know when a friend is not really a friend

Friends are one of the most important things in life hand down.

These are the people stand by you when all else fails.

When you are obsessing over a crush.

When you have 3 essays that you have to finish by tomorow.

Or just when you need a hug.


Into the things you are into
Except you the way you are
Notice when you are sad
Don't judge you
Sacrifice is commen

A friend by definition is "a person with whom one knows and has a bond of mutual affection."

So a person you know who you like to be around and hang out with.

If any of my friends are reading this Thank You because you are awesome. I am so so so lucky to have some amazing friends who support me and even though they know me they love me just the same.

Too often though there are fake friends.

Friends who just want to be friends with you so that they can be "popular".

People who just want to be friends with you to steal your homework or get on the teacher's good side.

Friends can also cause quite a bit of drama.

Am I her friend or am I not?

Does she think I am weird or would she be cool if I asked her to hang out?

Does she not want to be friends anymore?

Why has she been avoiding me????

Yeah that happens too.

Some friends can also just be a super bad influence.

If they get in trouble a lot.

It can make teachers not like you.

Or if they were exposed to more stuff than you were.

Then there's the friend that is just annoying.

The person who you would rather just not know or for that matter the person you would be fine with if she moved across the planet.

Don't ever keep being friends with someone who doesn't bring out your best self.

Someone who tells you you are ugly

That is not a friend.

That is a bully.

What is a friend to you?


  1. I like your definition of a friend "someone that brings the best in you". I think that is the most important thing one should realize. There are people who would tell you "You look ugly with that dress" but sometimes, this kind of people intentionally just wants you to change that clothes you're wearing and find one better. This is also an indication of a good friend :) Those who criticize you because they want to you to be better than that, are friends for keeps.

  2. I really like you're definition of a friend! And I think that this is such a brilliant post, especially when it's so easy for someone to pretend to be someone else's friend, while really using them for their own benefit.

    1. Oh my gosh thank you so much! It makes me happy that you like my post. :)

  3. This was such a nice post Nabila :-)

  4. That was so nice, Nabila! I noticed that on your page it says you're following my blog! I am so happy to see that, however, there is a way to follow my blog on my WordPress blog by clicking the Follow Button on the bottom of my blog! That should make it easier :)

    1. Ok I will check that out and make sure to follow you through WordPress. :)

  5. to me, a friend means:
    ~someone to cheer you up when you feel down
    ~someone who helps you with grades and all.
    ~someone who makes you laugh until you think you're going to pee your pants in french class.
    ~someone you can come out to (if your like me who has only come out to 3 of her friends yee)
    ~someone who is just there fore you, thick and thin.


    1. I so agree with everything that you said! Wonderful list. :)

  6. this is such a cute post <3 fake friends suck, you just have to find the right friends, they always come around :)

    ~ noor

    1. Thanks Noor! Fake friends are incredibly annoying but yeah good friends come around occasionally.

  7. When I need something to brighten my day I read your posts. Whether I comment or not, I read and think about what you've said. This post caused a delayed reaction.

    Someone called YOU "ugly"?!

    That's absurd. Then again, I suppose it must hurt to think that it was meant to be insulting. It sounds to me like it might have been motivated by jealousy. Have pity.

    Go to youtube and listen to Bill Withers sing "lovely Day".


    1. I am pretty sure that when most people are mean it really has nothing to do with you. Someone has caused me ugly before but it wasn't a friend or anything. The ugly thing was just an example of a bad friend. :)


    France said "Non!" to Putin-backed Fascist Le Pen! This is a great day!

    -- Ray

    1. When I saw this comment I immediately looked it up and saw that he won and was cool. Then I asked my mom who she thought won the french election and she turned her head in what seemed like a 360 degree angle and was like "who??? It wasn't her was it?". I told her no and the relief on her face was really interesting. Then she made the observation that french seems to be a lot smarter than the US. Lol.


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