Sunday, May 14, 2017

A little story type thing

She wakes up
Happy and content
Yesterday was her birthday
She turned 15
There was a big party and all of the aunts and uncles came
A break from chores
It was magical
Today though everything is back to normal
Some of the family stayed over night so she is helping make some tea
"Aly!" Mom calls
She calls back annoyed because she was just about to sit down to read a new book her cousin gave her
"What mom??" she says
"Go get some of the fresh lettuce from the garden out back for our salad tonight."
"Yes mother!"
Although she loves nature the garden is not her favroite place in the world
With the dirt and worms it is not the most appealing thing
She would much rather be reading
She reluctantly gets off of the couch, puts on shoes, and grabs the cutters and a basket
The backyard looks amazing this time of year
The flowers are blooming and happiness just seems in the air
She breathes in the sweet scent
There is a small hint of mint
She surveys the yard and notices a can from last night party
She picks it up and then throws it in the trash
Some people just have no manners she thinks
Realizing there is nothing else to distract her she goes over to the small patch of garden and starts getting some lettuce
"Hurry Ali!," Mom calls
Uggg she thinks
I was trying to be careful but I guess I should just hurry up
She comes in the house and sets down the bowl of lettuce breathing in the smell of whatever mom is cooking
Maybe soup
From being outside she has gotten quite dirty so she takes a shower and lounges on her bed tired from the night before
All of her friends had come to her party
They has danced and opened presents and so many other things Mom usually didn't allow
She was surprised when Mom said she could have a party in the first place


Not sure what that is but roll with it. I was in the mood to write something ok. If you want to see some of my actual writing then please comment down below. Bye!


  1. That was pretty random, but quite nice to read.

  2. I'd very much like to read your work.

    I recall your post about how to tell if a friend is real. I have a great answer. Unfortunately, it's not a happy story. I found out 6 months ago that I don't have any friends. Simple as that. Then again, that means I don't have any false friends either. So ... all good!

    -- Ray

  3. It seems that it's the duty of every home-schooled girl to write a terrible novel about the "virtues" of growing up without an education. Of course it's "self-published" - meaning that she literally has to pay someone to read the thing. This apparently passes for an "accomplishment" among the flat-earth crowd. Call me cruel, but having written more books than you've read is nothing to brag about.

    Yes, the above IS a misplaced comment. But saying it here gets it out of my system while sparing a fragile ego.

    --Ray (5/16 was the start of Trump's end. Now it's a matter of time)


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