Saturday, May 20, 2017

4 Nail Polishes I am Loving This Spring + Plus A Little Review Of Some Of The BlackHeart Beauty Nail Polishes

Since I haven't painted my nails in like two million years I got out my nail polish today and did my nails. When my nails were drying I was thinking of how I could make a post out of this. Then I remembered a post I did awhile ago that I titled "4 Nail Polish Colors I am Absolutely Loving This Spring".  I personally loved making that post and so I have decided to do another one. This time though all 4 nail polishes are from the same brand/company/line thing called BlackHeart Beauty. No this post isn't sponsored by them (though I wish it was) I just seriously like the nail polish. Let's get started!

First all of these nail polishes are less colors and are more what you would put on top of a color. 

Fuchsia Multi Chunky Glitter 

This is really fun and just reminds me of some kind of party. It's pink and blue and yellow and different shapes and just awesomeness. 

Blue and Black Splatter 

This is definitely my favorite one out of this list. It is this light blue color with black which is one of my favroite color pairings and on nails it makes this honeycomb effect. It's like a futuristic computer galaxy or something. 

Green Simmer
 The color is a mix between a yellow and a green. Like a yeen? I don't know. It's cute though if you are going for a simple but kind of sparkly greenish color. 

Black and White Confetti 

First so sorry for the blurry picture! Second though this seriously looks like confetti. Like no lie. 

Oh look. It's my hand. As I said above I was doing my nails and so I decided to go with the blue and black color with a silver thumb.

Also can we take a moment to admire how awesome these nail polishes look. I mean it is in the shape of a skull. How could that get any better? I mean most Nail Polishes are boring and plain but not these. 

I wanted this post to be super professional but it didn't really work. Lol. Comment down below if I should do an actual review and which nail polish color was your favorite. :)


  1. I liked the futuristic-computer galaxy one! I can see why its your favourite. Where did you get these?

    1. I got them from Hot Topic when I was there a little while ago.

  2. My fave is the Green Simmer one! So pretty x
    Morgan //

  3. Those nail polishes look really nice! The packaging is so cute ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

    1. Thanks Amy! I know right they are so adorable, I love them. :)

  4. I like the Blue and Black splatter. It's really cute :)

  5. I think the colors would look better if you put a coat of plain "boring" nail polish.
    I am going to be a cosmetologist and love reading posts on this sort of thing! You should do a hair tutorial sometime. -Paige

    1. I agree, they probably would. They are made to go on top of a color. I will try to do something with hair in the future. :)

    2. Cool, thanks! Love this blog, girl. :)

    3. Thanks paige! I am happy you like my blog. :)


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