Saturday, May 13, 2017

3 Super Easy DIYs For Tweens

Hello peoples! Today I have a DIY post! I have done DIY posts in the past and I liked doing them but I am seriously not that good at making stuff but I have decided to do another post like this and I am kind of proud of the things so let's get started!

Easy Jean Choker 

First up I have a super easy choker! Chokers are such a thing right now it is really interesting. Like it is just a piece or some kind of material strapped around your neck. Anyway for this DIY first you need old jeans or jean like material. Once you have that just cut a small strip about 2 times the size of your neck. After that you are pretty much done and all you have to do is clasp the ends together or what I did and tie it.  

Desk Decoration (because I am not sure what to call it)

This DIY is super easy and simple but also so adorable. For this you need a jar, some washi tape, and sticks of some sort. In the pictures above I actually used chopsticks but ideally you would have those stick things that you find in stores. So first you have to put the tape on the sticks which you can do by cutting a small piece or washi tape and putting it near the end of the stick. Then you must do that again and again untill you have the amount you want. I recommend using different colors of tape to make it more colorful. After that all you have to do is place it in the mason jar. If you want you can decorate the edges as I did in the above photograph. 

Letter Board 

*note I made this at a party
For this you will need a couple more things consisting of a wooden board of some sort, yarn, and pins. The back you can buy at various stores. As you can see I did the letter n for my name but you can do any letter you want. All you have to do is put the pins in the design of the letter you want to do and then have fun with the yarn twisting it all over the place. It is super fun to make and a cool activity to do with friends 

And that is it for now! Comment down below if you would like more DIY posts and also what DIY was your favorite. Bye!


  1. Those diys look cool, You should do more posts like them!
    x TargetGirl

  2. A fellow does without internet for a week and THIS is what happens!

    Great posts Nabila. Since I'm back to bed rest soon. I'll just say ...

    To Nancy, to Nabila, to all the mothers, daughters and (someday) moms ... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!

    -- Ray


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