Sunday, May 28, 2017

101 Fun Things To Do This Summer

Hello peoples! Now I know all of us can relate to being bored during the summer. It seems like this time of awesome freedom but when it actually comes it can be quite boring. In this post I am going to list some (101 in fact) things to do this summer. Let's get started!

1. Go to the beach
2. Hang out with friends
3. Visit a museum
4. Take a class
5. Start a youtube channel
6. Start a blog
7. Babysit
8. Watch a movie
9. Read a book
10. Update your room
11. Do a photoshoot
12. Get into photography
13. Adopt a new hobby
14. Sing a song
15. Perform in a play
16. Volunteer at a homeless shelter
17. Volunteer at a food bank
18. Go to a new restaurant
19. Go to the park
20. Join a new sport
21. Join a new club
22. Start a bullet journal
23. Get an instagram account
24. Get a twitter account
25. Get a pinterest account
26. Go swimming
27. Go to a vacation home
28. Go on a vacation
29. Plan a vacation
30. Talk to people
31. Watch youtube videos
32. Go to a summer camp
33. Write a book
34. Write a comic
35. Write a webcomic
36. Write a paper
37. Watch a tv show
38. Watch a netflix show
39. Debate about something
40. Argue with your friend
41. Go to a football game
42. Go to a soccer game
43. Go to a basketball game
44. Go to a baseball game
45. Get ice-cream
46. Go to starbucks and get a new drink
47. Go camping
48. Go to a water park
49. Go to an amusement park
50. Go to Disneyland
51. Go to disneyworld
52. Attend a festival
53. Go to a concert
54. Enjoy a drive in movie
55. Watch a movie with friends
56. Build a fire and eat delicious s'mores
57. Go fishing
58. Ride on a boat
59. Visit family
60. Go hiking
61. Throw a frisbee
62. Throw a ball
63. Climb a tree
64. Ride a bike
65. Go for a run/walk
66. Play a card game
67. Play a board game
68. Play munchkin
69. Play monopoly
70. Put on a backyard performance
71. Make a lemonade stand
72. Get a job
72. Draw something
73. Visit an aquarium
74. Go on a ferris wheel
75. Sell some of your old clothes
76. Go ice skating
77. Go roller skating
78. Watch a roller derby game
79. Listen to a podcast
80. Get rid of a bad habit
81. Go to a thrift store
82. Go to your local library
83. Make a movie with friends
84. Make a music video
85. Get your nails done/paint your own nails
86. Get a haircut or dye your hair
87. Go geocaching
88. Go to an arcade
89. Watch a musical
90. Stare at the stars
91. Take your family out to eat
92. Watch fireworks
93. Bake something
94. Cook something
95. Make a new friend offline or online
96. Meet one of your online friends in real life
97. Go on a picnic
98. Take a nap
99. Go to a spa
100. Read all of my blog posts
101. Follow my blog

And that is all for now. If that was helpful for any of your make sure to follow my blog and also comment down below your favorite thing to do during the summer.


  1. Many of these sound like lovely things to do over the summer- I know I'll be doing a few!

    Starting a new hobby will be such an enriching and rewarding thing to do!


    1. Yeah starting a new hobby does sound cool (I say as I am doing something I have done for like ever and I am definitely not trying anything new).

  2. Thanks for making me smile, girl! I will follow your blog, don't worry. I love summer because... no school, friend time, and the outdoors is beautiful! Your fave thing?

    1. I am happy I could make you smile and thank you so much for following. :) My fave things would have to be the same as yours. Just no school and actual time to do stuff that I want to do.

  3. Quick, but good tips. I'm sure they'll come in handy.
    Thanks for the bit of inspiration(and geez, wow, such typing)

  4. Here are 4 more things to do. I'm betting you won't try any of them. That would be your loss. So prove me wrong!

    1. Read the plot of "Dear Evan Hansen" on Wikipedia
    2. Listen to the original broadway cast album of "Dear Evan Hansen" on YT
    3. Watch the 1983 musical "Pirates of Penzance" on Demand (or DVD)
    4. Listen to Ricky Lee Jones' album "The Magazine" on YT

    Ah Summer! 13-Hour work days! Pills! A super-low-sodium diet! YECHHH!

    -- Ray (still annoying)

    1. So I see you are super into music at the moment.

    2. Ok boom I proved you wrong. I just read the plot of "Dear Evan Hansen" on wikipedia.