Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Bye Bye May and Hello June

May has been a pretty awesome month I'd say. So I am going to recap it in this post. :) I have done recap posts in the past but I kind of failed to actually keep it up. But I am going to this time. I'm pretty sure. Maybe. Anyway let's get started!

Things that annoyed me in may

-The whole Manchester thing
-The whole Egyptian Christians (aka like me) getting killed
-The whole thing with a crazy lunatic killing two guys because they were defending two other peeps
-People saying they are bored during summer
-The heat
-The whole thing where my city currently feels like a swamp
-Me melting
-My friends being out of town
-Not being able to go to the library for some reason
-Not being able to see Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
-More exams

Things that made me happy in may

-Performing in a play for my school
-Getting into yearbook 
-Being asked to help with the announcements for my school next year
-The last day of school
-The start of summer break
-Starting a project with my friend
-A couple of really nice days weather wise
-My sister and her outfit when she graduated 

She was by far the cutest girl there

My most popular posts this month

Books I read

This has been a really slow reading month for me for some reason. I think it had to do with me like never going to the library.  Also this might look like a lot for some people but they were almost all rereads so I would call it slow. 

-Yellow Star by Jennifer Roy
-Running Out Of Time by Margaret Peterson Haddix
-Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins 
-The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins 
-Hit by Daliah S Dawson
-The Possibility of Now by Kim Culbertson

Something I learned 

-That bragging is never acceptable and that you should think about everything that you say

My June Goals

-Get all of my summer reading done 
-Post everyday
-Make a youtube video
-Hang out with some of my new friends 
-Sign up and or volunteer for something 
-Exercise everyday
-Buy my sister something for her birthday (preferably camouflage because she is obsessed with that right now)

Things in June 

-My aunts wedding in the dominican republic (which I am so excited about)
-My sister's birthday party
-My sister's birthday 
-My dad's birthday (lots of birthdays)
-The first official month of summer break 
-Other stuff

And that is all for now! If you enjoyed please follow my blog and also comment down below your summer plans or things you are excited about this summer. :)

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

27 Blog Post Ideas About Books

Hello peoples! In today's post I am listing some blog post ideas that have to do with books. If you are new here and you aren't already following my blog it would absolutely make my day if you did. :) I wouldn't say I really blog at a book blog but I like to think I do. I mean I love books. But for all of you actual book bloggers out there or or a blogger that just wants to try something new, here are 27 easy blog post ideas relating to books!

1. Just a regular book review
2. My tbr list
3. Books I read this week/month/season/year
4. Books I am exited for
5. A book tag
6. Types of bookworms
7. How to know if you are a bookworm
8. 10 books that need to exist
9. 10 things that make me love a book
10. My favorite books of all time
11. The expectations vs reality of being a book blogger
12. My favorite authors
13. Why you should read        
14. Book haul
15. Things I hate in books
16. How to choose what book to read
17. My favorite book covers
18. Books I loved as a kid
19. Books I need to see as movies
20. My favorite book titles
21. My favorite book characters
22. My favorite quotes from books
23. Books that made me happy
24. Books that made me cry
25. Favorite fictional places
26. Books that remind me of real life people
27. Stereotypes in books that I hate

And that is all for now! Comment down below if you have any book suggestions for me or if you have anything to add to the list. :)

Monday, May 29, 2017


This is a picture of my grandfather when he was in the air force. Thankfully he is still alive but I love this picture because his face just cracks me up. 

Memorial day is about remembering
About remembering the people who have given their lives to save ours
About remembering all of the people who were courageous enough to go into a fight not knowing if they will come out alive
About remembering the families who grieved for a loved one when they were taken away
About remembering what america is really about
Things like freedom, bravery, and loyalty
I feel like sometimes
In our modern society
We forget to remember things like that
Instead we remember things like our president's latest tweet or katy perry's new haircut (which I can't decide if I like or not)
We might remember wars
From learning about them in history
We might even had learned the death count and been horrified and disgusted
But did we think about the actual people??
Probably not
But we should
Because they are heroes
Personally I think war is something that is horrible
And absolutely avoidable
By talking and making agreements professionally and with care
Today I want you to just take a moment no matter wherever you live
To just sit in silence away from the barbeque and the pool
Think about some of the people who have died and think about how lucky you are that you are still alive
Or if you have a family member who has died thank them
Overall just remember the true meaning of memorial day

Sunday, May 28, 2017

101 Fun Things To Do This Summer

Hello peoples! Now I know all of us can relate to being bored during the summer. It seems like this time of awesome freedom but when it actually comes it can be quite boring. In this post I am going to list some (101 in fact) things to do this summer. Let's get started!

1. Go to the beach
2. Hang out with friends
3. Visit a museum
4. Take a class
5. Start a youtube channel
6. Start a blog
7. Babysit
8. Watch a movie
9. Read a book
10. Update your room
11. Do a photoshoot
12. Get into photography
13. Adopt a new hobby
14. Sing a song
15. Perform in a play
16. Volunteer at a homeless shelter
17. Volunteer at a food bank
18. Go to a new restaurant
19. Go to the park
20. Join a new sport
21. Join a new club
22. Start a bullet journal
23. Get an instagram account
24. Get a twitter account
25. Get a pinterest account
26. Go swimming
27. Go to a vacation home
28. Go on a vacation
29. Plan a vacation
30. Talk to people
31. Watch youtube videos
32. Go to a summer camp
33. Write a book
34. Write a comic
35. Write a webcomic
36. Write a paper
37. Watch a tv show
38. Watch a netflix show
39. Debate about something
40. Argue with your friend
41. Go to a football game
42. Go to a soccer game
43. Go to a basketball game
44. Go to a baseball game
45. Get ice-cream
46. Go to starbucks and get a new drink
47. Go camping
48. Go to a water park
49. Go to an amusement park
50. Go to Disneyland
51. Go to disneyworld
52. Attend a festival
53. Go to a concert
54. Enjoy a drive in movie
55. Watch a movie with friends
56. Build a fire and eat delicious s'mores
57. Go fishing
58. Ride on a boat
59. Visit family
60. Go hiking
61. Throw a frisbee
62. Throw a ball
63. Climb a tree
64. Ride a bike
65. Go for a run/walk
66. Play a card game
67. Play a board game
68. Play munchkin
69. Play monopoly
70. Put on a backyard performance
71. Make a lemonade stand
72. Get a job
72. Draw something
73. Visit an aquarium
74. Go on a ferris wheel
75. Sell some of your old clothes
76. Go ice skating
77. Go roller skating
78. Watch a roller derby game
79. Listen to a podcast
80. Get rid of a bad habit
81. Go to a thrift store
82. Go to your local library
83. Make a movie with friends
84. Make a music video
85. Get your nails done/paint your own nails
86. Get a haircut or dye your hair
87. Go geocaching
88. Go to an arcade
89. Watch a musical
90. Stare at the stars
91. Take your family out to eat
92. Watch fireworks
93. Bake something
94. Cook something
95. Make a new friend offline or online
96. Meet one of your online friends in real life
97. Go on a picnic
98. Take a nap
99. Go to a spa
100. Read all of my blog posts
101. Follow my blog

And that is all for now. If that was helpful for any of your make sure to follow my blog and also comment down below your favorite thing to do during the summer.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

My Thoughts During Big Tests

I had my STAAR tests a couple weeks ago and I just finished up finals. I am relieved to be done but also super annoyed at the whole testing thing. As most people do I absolutely despise tests. There just plain annoying. So as a way to maybe make myself stop thinking about the whole testing and instead the whole summer freedom thing and also hopefully make you laugh I have decided to do a post where I write down my thoughts during a test. Enjoy!

It is all ok
Breath in and breath out Nabila 
It's not like this test could totally change your life for the next few years
If I fail then I have to go to summer school
Which will make it hard to get into a good high school 
Which will make it hard to get into a good college
Which will make it hard to get a good job
But truly I'm lucky it's not like the SATs of something
It's just some big test
That I have since 3rd grade 
Where I have to sit in the same chair for 4 hours and anwser 40+ questions 
Well the teacher has passed out the test now 
I guess I better start 
It's not like I can sit here forever
Ok there
I have finished a question 
That means I am 1/46 of the way done 
And 46 is almost 50
So 1 out of 50 which means two out of 100 which means 2%
Wait why and I doing extra math that I don't have to do when I have all this other math 
I am a weird person 
There now I am done with 10 of the questions so I am a fourth or 25% of the way done 
A really good accomplishment 
But it has only been like 30 minutes
I really need to pace myself
So if there are 4 hours 4 times 60 equals.....
240 minutes
But I wouldn't mind 30 minutes to read or sleep at the end so 240 minus 30 is 210
And 210 divided by 46 is
Maybe 4
So I really have 4 minutes per question 
But I have already done 10 questions in 30 minutes 
So I used 3 minutes per question 
I am totally wasting a whole minute on this thinking about math thing 
I really need to get back to the test
Ok now I have done 20 questions so I am about half of the way done 
Why am I stopping
I do really want to read my book
Which means I need to hurry this up
I might be making too much noise breathing through my mouth
But I can't breath through my nose people
It hurts and has way too much stuff in it to do any good 
Yay now I am at question 36
Which means I only have 10 questions left
And it also hasn't even been 2 hours yet
I really need to pace myself more
Also why in the world do I keep thinking and hearing random dialogues in my head from youtube videos I have watched  
Is that normal 
I only have like 5 questions left 
5 questions left 
Because I'm amazing 
 Not realllllly
I will actually proably faaaaiiiilll
Why am I sinnnnnggggiiiinnnggg
In my heaaadddd
I should really stoooopppp
Why am I so bad at bubbling 
It is like my least favroite part of testing 
Well that's nice 
I just made a mark all over my answer document 
Now I will have to take time to erase it and redo the bubbles it has messed up
I am so good at this aren't I
Ok good
I fixed it
And now all I have to do is answer this last question 
Just one tiny more question 
About whatever the heck that says 
This is boring 
I should just finish 
But I almost don't want to
I could just sit here 
And do nothing 
Or not
Ok there I'm done 
Well no that's not true 
Now I have to check 
Or I could just not check 
I always second guess myself when I check stuff
Yeah I am just not going to check this 
Ok there 
I turned it in
And now I am done 
Wait no
That's wrong 
I have another test tomorow and then I have finals 
So fun
So very fun
I'm going to reread the hunger games and then go to sleep now

And that is it for now! If you want more posts like this then please comment down below and also your thoughts on tests. Bye!

Friday, May 26, 2017

It's Summer Vacation + My Summer Bucket List 2017

Yesterday was my last day of school before summer break!!! Which means I am now a 7th grader. Which means I am a third of the way done with middle school. Which also means I only have 6 more years of grade school. I'm pretty happy right now. This also means that I have like 2 months of summer break where I can do whatever. I'm going to try to do some volunteering and also I am super excited to go somewhere this somewhere (I might vlog it). In this post I am going to be listing my summer bucket list. I haven't really done a bucket list before but I thought it was a super fun idea.

-Make a vlog and post it about the place I get to go
-Blog at least every three days
-Have breakfast for dinner

-Get together with at least 3 of my new friends
-Make 5 videos
-Finish summer reading for school

-Do more collab posts
-Hang out with my sisters more in an environment where we don't hate each other
-Get better at making lists like this
-Add some cute diy to my room

-Volunteer 3 times at something to do with the homeless or the less fortunate
-Get back into pinterest (like the only social media my parents will let me have)
-Make cookies and then give them to someone (after I have eaten some first)

-Go camping
-Redo my blog (as in change the layout a bit and get a new profile picture)
-Visit the zoo
-Do something I have never done before
-Meet someone new
-Meet someone famous
-Go to the Holocaust Museum (this sounds really morbid but I want to go ok. There is a super cool one here in Houston.)
-Go see a play
-Perform in something

-Go to a camp or take a class or participate in some activity
-Enter a photography competition
-Be vegetarian for a week (I have done this for a month before so a week shouldn't be that hard)
-Maybe use and create a bullet journal
-Go to a concert

And that is all for now! Comment down below your summer bucket list. I am excited to see what you guys want to do! And if you enjoyed this post I would love if you could follow my blog. :) Also just side note I am praying for everyone affected by the manchester atack. It was seriously so sad.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Writer's Ink Challenge

Not my photo

Hello peoples! I am back once again on my blog. My name is Nabila and today I am going to be doing The Writer's Ink Challenge which I was nominated to do by Saanvi! Let's get started. :)


-Thank your nominator (thanks Saanvi!)
-Answer at least 8 questions about writing 
-Nominate at least 5 people

It's question time 

When did you first start writing?

I'm not sure. I have always written little story lines or verses of a song in my head but actually writing them down would proably be some time in 4th grade. 

Have you always been interesting in writing?

Actually no. I have always called myself a "writer" but I just started getting interesting in it. When I was learning to read I hated it and so I didn't start reading for fun (and loving it) untill around 3rd grade so writing wasn't even a thing I really wanted to do. 

Why do you like writing?

I guess because it just makes you so free. You can write and express what you think in any way you please. It is an amazing privilege that not everyone has that amazes me every day. 

What genre do you write in?

I guess mostly realistic fiction, sci-fi (kind of), fantasy, and a much of other stuff. 

Do you write poetry?

A little bit. I have posted some stuff on here that is kind of poetry though it is extremely horrible. I dare you to go try and find the posts but remember that I am not a professional and I really don't know how to write. 

Have you ever written a story with a friend?

I am pretty sure I have I just forgot what. Like I remember maybe talking about this and then not doing it or something like that. 

How do you write your stories (fisrt or third person, past or present tense)?

I am so weird because I usually write the exact opposite of what I actually like reading. I seem to always write (other than my blog of course) in this third person past tense but reading wise I really only like reading first person present tense. 
Where do you see yourself writing-wise in one month, one year, ten years?

In month proably doing nothing or writing some sort of short story. In a year maybe possibly planning some kind of book. In ten year hopefully I will have written a full book that I will love and charise. 


And that is it! I nominate all bloggers who want to do this tag. Comment down below your answer to one of the questions above and if I should do more tags like this. Bye!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

4 Nail Polishes I am Loving This Spring + Plus A Little Review Of Some Of The BlackHeart Beauty Nail Polishes

Since I haven't painted my nails in like two million years I got out my nail polish today and did my nails. When my nails were drying I was thinking of how I could make a post out of this. Then I remembered a post I did awhile ago that I titled "4 Nail Polish Colors I am Absolutely Loving This Spring".  I personally loved making that post and so I have decided to do another one. This time though all 4 nail polishes are from the same brand/company/line thing called BlackHeart Beauty. No this post isn't sponsored by them (though I wish it was) I just seriously like the nail polish. Let's get started!

First all of these nail polishes are less colors and are more what you would put on top of a color. 

Fuchsia Multi Chunky Glitter 

This is really fun and just reminds me of some kind of party. It's pink and blue and yellow and different shapes and just awesomeness. 

Blue and Black Splatter 

This is definitely my favorite one out of this list. It is this light blue color with black which is one of my favroite color pairings and on nails it makes this honeycomb effect. It's like a futuristic computer galaxy or something. 

Green Simmer
 The color is a mix between a yellow and a green. Like a yeen? I don't know. It's cute though if you are going for a simple but kind of sparkly greenish color. 

Black and White Confetti 

First so sorry for the blurry picture! Second though this seriously looks like confetti. Like no lie. 

Oh look. It's my hand. As I said above I was doing my nails and so I decided to go with the blue and black color with a silver thumb.

Also can we take a moment to admire how awesome these nail polishes look. I mean it is in the shape of a skull. How could that get any better? I mean most Nail Polishes are boring and plain but not these. 

I wanted this post to be super professional but it didn't really work. Lol. Comment down below if I should do an actual review and which nail polish color was your favorite. :)

Thursday, May 18, 2017

17 Cool Quotes About Best Friends

Hello peoples! You guys seemed to have liked these quote type posts in the past so I ahve decided to do another one. In this post I am going to be sharing 17 Quotes About Best Friends That Are Absolutely True. None of these images are mine, if they are yours and you would like me to give credit please comment down below. Hope you enjoy!

Image result for 100 amazing quotes about best friends

Image result for 100 amazing quotes about best friends

Image result for 100 amazing quotes about best friends

Not those people who have bad things to say. Those people are just bullies. 

Image result for 100 amazing quotes about best friends

This is when you know you are friends.

Image result for 100 amazing quotes about best friends

"This is poetry right here. Poetry." -my friend

Image result for 100 amazing quotes about best friends

It's amazing how many times I have stolen my friends food/my friends have stolen my food.

Image result for 100 amazing quotes about best friends


Image result for 100 amazing quotes about best friends

Image result for 100 amazing quotes about best friends

When you can call a friend in the middle of the night they answer and then don't scream at you you know you are friends.

Image result for 100 amazing quotes about best friends

Image result for 100 amazing quotes about best friends

Image result for 100 amazing quotes about best friends

Image result for 100 amazing quotes about best friends

Image result for 100 amazing quotes about best friends

Image result for 100 amazing quotes about best friends

Image result for 100 amazing quotes about best friends

And that is it! If you enjoyed please follow my blog and comment down your favroite best friend quote. Bye!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

A little story type thing

She wakes up
Happy and content
Yesterday was her birthday
She turned 15
There was a big party and all of the aunts and uncles came
A break from chores
It was magical
Today though everything is back to normal
Some of the family stayed over night so she is helping make some tea
"Aly!" Mom calls
She calls back annoyed because she was just about to sit down to read a new book her cousin gave her
"What mom??" she says
"Go get some of the fresh lettuce from the garden out back for our salad tonight."
"Yes mother!"
Although she loves nature the garden is not her favroite place in the world
With the dirt and worms it is not the most appealing thing
She would much rather be reading
She reluctantly gets off of the couch, puts on shoes, and grabs the cutters and a basket
The backyard looks amazing this time of year
The flowers are blooming and happiness just seems in the air
She breathes in the sweet scent
There is a small hint of mint
She surveys the yard and notices a can from last night party
She picks it up and then throws it in the trash
Some people just have no manners she thinks
Realizing there is nothing else to distract her she goes over to the small patch of garden and starts getting some lettuce
"Hurry Ali!," Mom calls
Uggg she thinks
I was trying to be careful but I guess I should just hurry up
She comes in the house and sets down the bowl of lettuce breathing in the smell of whatever mom is cooking
Maybe soup
From being outside she has gotten quite dirty so she takes a shower and lounges on her bed tired from the night before
All of her friends had come to her party
They has danced and opened presents and so many other things Mom usually didn't allow
She was surprised when Mom said she could have a party in the first place


Not sure what that is but roll with it. I was in the mood to write something ok. If you want to see some of my actual writing then please comment down below. Bye!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

3 Super Easy DIYs For Tweens

Hello peoples! Today I have a DIY post! I have done DIY posts in the past and I liked doing them but I am seriously not that good at making stuff but I have decided to do another post like this and I am kind of proud of the things so let's get started!

Easy Jean Choker 

First up I have a super easy choker! Chokers are such a thing right now it is really interesting. Like it is just a piece or some kind of material strapped around your neck. Anyway for this DIY first you need old jeans or jean like material. Once you have that just cut a small strip about 2 times the size of your neck. After that you are pretty much done and all you have to do is clasp the ends together or what I did and tie it.  

Desk Decoration (because I am not sure what to call it)

This DIY is super easy and simple but also so adorable. For this you need a jar, some washi tape, and sticks of some sort. In the pictures above I actually used chopsticks but ideally you would have those stick things that you find in stores. So first you have to put the tape on the sticks which you can do by cutting a small piece or washi tape and putting it near the end of the stick. Then you must do that again and again untill you have the amount you want. I recommend using different colors of tape to make it more colorful. After that all you have to do is place it in the mason jar. If you want you can decorate the edges as I did in the above photograph. 

Letter Board 

*note I made this at a party
For this you will need a couple more things consisting of a wooden board of some sort, yarn, and pins. The back you can buy at various stores. As you can see I did the letter n for my name but you can do any letter you want. All you have to do is put the pins in the design of the letter you want to do and then have fun with the yarn twisting it all over the place. It is super fun to make and a cool activity to do with friends 

And that is it for now! Comment down below if you would like more DIY posts and also what DIY was your favorite. Bye!

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