Friday, April 14, 2017

What Would My Dream Living Room Look Like??

I don't usually talk about like housingy type stuff on my blog that often because I am a kid but I definitely don't mind dreaming about what my amazing mansion that I will have in the future will look like. It will be the biggest thing in the world because I will be like a billionaire and own the entire universe. Yep. That's totally going to happen. I was inspired by to create a mood board about my dream living room and I thought what an awesome idea that was. Here it is!

Is it ok?? I have never really created something like this before so if it is totally wrong don't judge and instead kindly tell me. 

Now I am going to tell you a little about my dream living room because why not. For the floors I would want some kind of wood and then proably a white wall with some kind of fan and maybe some skylights. If we are really dreaming I would absolutelly love if my living room could look out onto a pool that goes into a waterfall that goes into a sunset that goes into paris. 

So the number one item in a living room is normally a couch. It is the place where you sit and it is also pretty big. Right now in the house that I live in we have like the best couch in the entire world. It is blue and very awesome. Dream wise I would either want a white leather couch or some kind of super colorful super soft furry type couch. 

Now when you have a couch it is common to also have throw pillows of some kind on said couch. I would proably go all out. I love cute pillows which is probably something I get from my mom. As shown above I would proably get like ten million pillows that totally don't match all saying something about cats or being nerdy or awesomeness or polka dots. 

The color of my couch would definitely affect my chairs. If the couch is colorful then the chairs will be a black leather type thing but if the couch is white then my chairs would proably be either pink or blue or something like that. And also if I can get this without making it look horrible I want my chairs to spin around in a circle. This makes me sound like a two year old but I love sitting in chairs like that. It's not my fault!

So now that I have my couch and my chairs and my room situated I now must get a table of some kind. My favroite kind of tables that I have seen in living rooms would be those super cool glass ones. The tables where there is glass on top and it is see through but then it has like super cool legs that are gold or something. Yeah. That sounds awesome. And on the table it would be like so picture perfect with like candles and some popular girl power book. I found some cool chairs here. 

Now that I have all of that situated it is time for lights and decor. Seriously though I can not decide what my dream lights would look like. Maybe one of the ones that hang down and look like a diamond or one of the ones that ahve like ten million bulbs and look like some alien nest. Those are also very cool. Art wise I would love to have some super cool artistic photographs hanging on the wall.  

And that is all for now! Comment down below what your dream living room would look like. Thanks to for inspiring this post. :)


  1. I love that we're both trying new things on our blog.

    I really think that this is a fun, quirky and insightful post. I've never thought of designing my dream house (but it definitely looks like a lot of fun).


    1. So do I! I love trying new things as I feel like each time you try something new you almost grow as a person.

      I am so happy that you like my post Steph! I certainly had fun writing this post. :)

  2. Hmmm ... try this idea on for size - A sunken living room, lots of different levels on each floor. Indirect lighting. No visible bulbs and no glare. A geodesic concrete shell around a house of concrete, iron and glass.

    Think this sounds awful? Have a look at aidomes (dot com). Neat huh?

    -- Ray

  3. This was such a fun post! I'll possibly try it sometime :)

    1. Thanks Saanvi! Yeah you should totally do a post like this. I would love to see what you would come up with. :)


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