Friday, April 28, 2017

the Cramm award

There was like a couple months where on my blog I like only did tags and awards. I loved doing them but they weren't the best posts in the world. Recently though Rukiya who is awesome and just started blogging again nominated be for this award so I was like "why not?".  So here is it!


Mention the person who nominated you + link their blog/site
 Include a bit about the person who created this award + link to their site
 Share 3 people who inspire you to blog
Answer your challenge question
 Nominate bloggers and give them a cool challenge question

Yes I do relize that the text changed but I didn't want to retype the rules so deal with it. 

3 People Who Inspire Me To Blog

1. My mom and dad for being like the best people ever. Not trying to brag but they are sometimes a lot cooler than some other parents. Just saying. The only time they are slightly annoying is when they are making me do like ten million chores but other then that my parents are kind and inspiring people who fight for what they believe in. They tell me to follow my dreams and they some how make me think of myself as not a complete loser which is kind of hard to do. They might just be better than Emma Watson which in my book is incredibly hard to do. 

2. My amazing readers and commenters definitely have to be one this list. I blog because it is insanely fun to me but I have to admit that if no one actualy read my blog I might just kind of give up. I actually do have at least some awesome people who read my blog and give amazing heartwarming comments that make me smile so much. Shoutout to Ray for commenting on like all my posts with actual opinions and stuff like that. I see you and I apreciate it. :)

3. I relize this isn't an actual person but just the world around me. It is a very very inspiring place.

The Challenge Question

Ok so Rukiya's question was "What is one thing you love about our generation and why?"

Ok wow. This is hard. And kind of deep. I would say one thing that I think I love about our generation is how deeply we think about things. This doesn't mean everyone but I feel like there is a lot more thinking and analyzing going on. Does that make sense? Probably not. 

Ok so my challenge question for all of you guys is this

If you could change one thing about our world and community and society what would it be?

I nominate:

Everyone who reads my blog!


  1. It's lovely that you appreciate your parents so much. Unfortunately, many only learn that lesson later on in life!


  2. You've made my day, and not for the first time. I've come to feel tremendous admiration for good parents. What an amazing achievement you are!

    Sometimes when people say something they're not really talking to you so much as to themselves. It's like the overweight dieter who walks up to strangers, looks them square in the eye, and says sternly, "Stop thinking about donuts!". So let me address one of your readers directly. I won't use his name (he knows who he is).

    Define your goals more clearly. Then stop wasting time trying to determine the most efficient path to achieve them. Just do the work. You waste ridiculous amounts of time and effort taking "intellectual joy rides". They might be challenging and interesting, but if they impede your progress, and we both know they do, your work suffers.

    Maybe you think you can do without the money you COULD be making. Remember those who can't get by, and can't help themselves. Imagine what you could be doing for them. You've received many gifts .. from God ... from family. Stand yourself up and do what you can. GET TO WORK!

    To you and all who read this - Have a great day.

    -- Ray


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