Friday, April 21, 2017

7 Super Easy Things You Can Do To Help Save The Environment #EarthDay

Ok I wanted to post last year on earth day but I didn't have time so instead I am doing it this year! Our earth is basiclly what keeps us alive. It is literally why we are here today. The thing is our earth is kind of dyeing. With pollution and so many other things human being are doing it is really affecting our planet. I recently read the book "An Inconvenient Truth" which is by one of our former vice presidents and I really liked it. So here are 7 pretty easy things that you can do to help save our world. Enjoy!

Use reusable containers instead of plastic bags

There are way too many barely used plastic bags sitting in landfills. Like way way too many. An easy way to fix this is to instead use reusable containers. Recently for school lunches my family switched from instead using bags to using containers to hold our snacks and everything for school. It is easy and it means you won't have to keep buying bags when you run out. 

Air dry your hands

I promise it won't kill you. When there are paper towels to dry your hands I really recommend just air drying them. Don't use the like ten million paper towels I see some people use in public restrooms. I have been doing this for a while and although it won't make that much of a difference, it still helps. Or if you have a cloth towel then that is the next best thing.  

Pick up one thing of trash every day

If everyone did this the world would be a million times cleaner. Littering is such a big problem and if we all made it a priority to pick something up it would help so much. Maybe just a small candy rapper that was under the chair or a random piece of scrap paper someone forgot. 

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

In houston we have a super convenient recycling system where we just put all of our recycling into one big container thing which is the same way we do trash. I know for some other people though it is a little harder. But make sure to look up what you can recycle in your area and then make sure to recycle those items.

Walk instead of drive

If there is any time that you can walk then do it. Walk to work or school or the store. You get exercise and you don't pollute the environment. My mom always make sure that my family does this and I also always walk home from school. 

Always turn off water and lights when you are not using them

This is like a duhh but even I have a problem with this. When you walk out of a room make sure to check that the light is off. My mom is always complaining to me and my sisters that we never ever turn off the lights. She says it wastes money and stuff like that and I proably don't listen to her but she is very much right. 

Do everything that you can online instead of on paper

This is like a tip for life and helping the environment. With the internet there are so many thing from doing billing, to filling out forms, too writing that you used to only be able to do on paper that you can now easily do with a computer or phone. If you have access to the internet then save paper and do it online instead. 

And that is it for now! Tomorrow is earth day so make sure to do at least something to show that you care. Lol. Also shoutout to Asha who is a blogger who actually knows what she is talking about regarding the planet. She is a young blogger like me who blogs over at Asha For The World and I love her posts so much. Shs is extremely inspiring. :) Anyway comment down below if you have any earth day plans!


  1. Again, excellent post.

    You inspire me, though likely in unintended directions. Lately I've been thinking about making luxurious homes using novel techniques and inexpensive materials. Once upon a time, I think about age 13, I wanted to be an architect. I made no plans. It was just an unfocused desire. Maybe I'll get the chance to design something. And then find some foolish people to give me the money to build a prototype. Maybe.

    -- Ray

    1. Thanks Ray! Being an architect sounds pretty cool and you should totally try designing something.

  2. I totally agree with all your points. They are so important and valid if we are to keep the Earth alive. Though we have come along way, I find waste management still a major problem. I often see rubbish dumped in forests and rivers. It makes me angry that people think they can abuse the earth like that. Hopefully your post will inspire people and maybe change some minds! ^_^

    1. Ok same! It makes me so annoyed and angry when I see bueatiful parks or just wildlife that has trash. I try to pick it up when I see it but sometimes it is hard. It just makes me think like how could someone be so careless and disrespectful to throw their trash on the ground instead of the trash can that is literally like 5 feet away.

      I really do hope I can inspire some people. :)


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